Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 51 “Dead Man Sword”

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Chapter 51: Dead Man Sword

As the black mist scattered clearing the view.

One Imperial Guard Army swordsman suddenly found a Wuzhi cultivator dressed in wolfskin robes at his side. He stabbed across almost instinctively. With a pop, when this sword pierced through the Wuzhi cultivator’s left side and came out his right abdomen, this Wuzhi cultivator suddenly tensed and screamed. This Imperial Guard Army swordsman suddenly realized that he had wounded an extremely powerful cultivator with one blow so easily.

A black hiltless sword fell to the ground with a whimper from the air.

The cultivators deep into the enemy formation had countless things that could kill them around them. When they were facing fatal threats, any sudden change could decide their life and death.

For the overall battle, the deaths of some people were only to achieve an important goal.

Just like this moment. This Wuzhi cultivator was pierced through the stomach with one blow. His intestines would undoubtedly spill out. Yet in the last moments of his death, he did not mount a fatal attack towards the ordinary swordsman who had killed him, instead pouring his last power into the falling hiltless black sword.

The black sword almost seemed to be revived, furiously flying up and knocking away a crimson flying sword. This red flying sword fell towards the back of a falling Wuzhi cultivator.

Time seemed to have almost stopped at this moment. The black mist dissipated, and the last lights of dusk had disappeared. But under the illumination of the lights given off by numerous swords on the battlefield, a bright rainbow appeared in the mist.

The Wuzhi cultivator seemed to fly by stepping on the rainbow and falling towards Ding Ning on the rock.

Unlike ordinary Wuzhi cultivators, this one wore a grey cotton robe and looked much lighter. His hair was a natural grey and untied. As he looked up aloofly at Ding Ning above, he inwardly thought-

A person who can possess such a palpitating presence is not pretending to be the commander of the army. So many people died to get near you, so you should die.


“Water Cloud Gauze!”

Ding Ning looked at the Wuzhi cultivator descending from the formation and smiled self-deprecatingly as he spoke to Nangong Caishu.

Nangong Caishu was confused but did not hesitate. Her longsword drew out numerous glowing lines against the incoming cold wind.

Layers of watery mist appeared in the sky. The water mist was like a gauze, reflecting the light of the battlefield and formed rainbows. This Wuzhi cultivator danced through the air, and his body was level with the rock Ding Ning was standing on.

Motionlessly, hands behind his back, Ding Ning calmly eyed the Wuzhi cultivator through the air.

This Wuzhi cultivator looked at Ding Ning. His vital energy wildly came through his skin. An arc-shaped grey light appeared in front of him like a crescent moon and continued to expand.

Guo Feng, behind Ding Ning, sensed the power within. He could not understand why Ding Ning would have Nangong Caishu use such an attack, and Ding Ning did not act himself to stop this. If no one stopped this, Ding Ning and Nangong Caishu would be killed in the next moment. So he had to act.

A black sword three feet broadsword flew from his waist. With a boom, it headed towards the descending Wuzhi cultivator with a direct path that Changling cultivators liked the most.

The incoming Wuzhi cultivator looked coldly at the black broadsword. The grey arc in front of him suddenly bloomed.

Another explosion rang through the air.

With this Wuzhi cultivator as the center, the exploding energy formed a round sphere to protect him. In front of him, a visible wave exploded forward.

Guo Feng grunted and he was thrown backwards with the black broadsword. Ding Ning and Nangong Caishu’s bodies were blown by the strong winds until they swayed.

This Wuzhi cultivator did not retreat. His feet landed firmly on the ground, the tips of his feet on the stone.


Having thrown back the Imperial Guard Army’s commander with one blow, this Wuzhi cultivator appeared extremely powerful in everyone’s eyes. Yet when his feet landed on the ground, the cultivator made a slight sound of surprise. He felt that his attack just now was enough to kill Guo Feng, not just throwing him back and injuring him.

“Water Cloud Gauze.” Ding Ning repeated.

Nangong Caishu attacked.

This Wuzhi cultivator coldly raised his head slightly. When he saw the patches of watery cloud out of the corner of his eyes, he understood why his attack had been weakened so much. He wanted to ask that strangely calm youth with his hands behind his back how he knew this sword essence would influence the primal energies of the universe he had gathered so greatly. But now he had something more important to do … he must kill this strange youth immediately.

Taking a deep breath, right hand hanging from his side, he trembled violently. His fingers quickly tapped through the air, and dotted the vital energy flowing out from his fingertips. The primal energies of the universe in the air gathered rapidly, colliding and creating powerful but odd power. Dozens of grey vortexes appeared in front of him like numerous spinning grey spears.

Ding Ning was still standing with his hands behind his back. The Last Flower remnant sword strangely and silently flew out from a patch of cloud behind the Wuzhi cultivator, and maliciously and gently fell towards the neck of the Wuzhi cultivator.

This Wuzhi cultivator showed slight disdain with a curve of his lips. He did not turn, his right fingers quickly tapped more quickly.

With a hiss, one of the vortexes in front of him flew backwards, and accurately hit the Last Flower remnant sword. In the Wuzhi cultivator’s imagination, this attack was enough to make Ding Ning lose control of his flying sword. His powerful strength would also seriously injure Ding Ning.

Unexpectedly, his attack seemed to have missed. The Last Flower remnant sword was sent flying by his grey vortex as though it had no power, and turned into a dim meteor. In his sight, Ding Ning did not change at all and he was not affected. But there seemed to be minute air currents drifting to the sides in the surrounding wind. The only possibility was that Ding Ning abandoned his sword just now, cutting off his connection to this flying sword.

Abandonment of his sword meant that this sword was only a lure to attract his attention. Then where was the killing move?

He sensed the cold murderousness behind him, the source was a crimson flying sword..

From the intelligence passed out of Guyu Pass, he knew that the master of this flying sword was one of the masters of a merchant caravan who had come here from behind Yin Mountain. This master came from the Liang Mountain Sword School and was one of the strongest cultivators of Guyu Pass at the moment. This cultivator, and the other hundred cultivators who were stopping them from their charge had originally been inside Guyu Pass.


Many thoughts flashed through his mind in this moment, but he had no time to think. He only knew that while this flying sword was strong and fast, it could not stop him from killing the youth.

Then, was the youth daring enough to use his life as bait?

He could not understand. The fingers on his right hand did not stop moving. Numerous grey vortexes formed and charged out. without paying attention to his feet, he stepped on hard mountain earth. There were no vital energy vibrations, however, he failed to sense the fine cracks in the hard mountain earth. These cracks could only allow one sword to pass through.

At this time, an extremely steady sword which did not create any friction within the crack stabbed out from below. As this sword stabbed through the sole of his shoes and into his flesh, there were no vital energy vibrations. There was no heat or life signs in the rock below that he could sense either. This sword was like one that a dead man had stabbed.

The moment the blade pierced his flesh and the pain passed into his mind, as he realized what was happening, sharp and cold sword essence and killing intent erupted along with vital energy. With a puff, the blade moved up. This powerful Wuzhi cultivator only heard strange sounds coming from inside his body.

He instinctively wanted to shout, and kill the cultivator who had hid in the rock below and assassinated him. Yet he immediately lost consciousness.

He instantly died!

This attack crisply pierced through multiple vital blood vessels and caused instant death.

This was the Dead Man Sword of Shao Sharen of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

The sharp blade erupted out of the body of the Wuzhi cultivator, appearing slightly green and emotional. This Wuzhi cultivator fell forward. The numerous grey sword lights turning into loose energy dozens of feet away from Ding Ning and causing his clothes to flat.


This Wuzhi cultivator fell in front of Ding Ning.

The fiercely fighting armies below paused. Time seemed to have stopped.

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