4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter 44 “The Predicted Disaster”

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Last chapter recap: Lin witnesses fish mate and spawn after their migration to the river.

Chapter Forty Four: The Predicted Disaster

The detection tentacles of the base seed could feel all kinds of changes, including tsunamis, earthquakes, lava eruptions, and ice formation. Lin knew the pattern of these phenomenons. They would always produce some small vibrations in the water beforehand. Lin’s detection tentacles were used to sense this kind of vibration. Even when Lin was asleep, this ability had continued to evolve. The tentacles had become more sensitive to these vibrations, and could feel phenomena even years beforehand.

A kind of minor vibration came the moment Lin’s base seed touched the muddy sand at the bottom of the lake. This feeling was unique. Lin had never experienced it before, but it could calculate the effect of this vibration in the future.

According to Lin’s records of the changing environment over the past one hundred million years, this minor vibration would suddenly grow stronger in about a year. This would not cause a normal vibration, but the movement of an enormous area.

Wait … this was not the ocean. This lake was deep inland and several kilometers away from the ocean. So … .. this vibration affected land? If land started to move, how would it affect the ocean?

This was something that had not occurred in the last hundred million years. In Lin’s memories, the land would move in an extremely slow process. A sudden change like this had never occurred before …

Why? Lin did not know. This environmental change was unlike anything in the past. If the enormous land pressed towards the ocean, it could cause large-scale destruction. Lin had to prepare.

Other organisms would also have this predictive ability. However, they would usually only react within three to seven days, and not a year before like Lin. Otherwise, the helmet fish would not have spawned here.

Lin left this base seed here to observe the situation. At the same time, Lin had to check the main base seed. While that base seed was far from here, such a major vibration would still have effects.

Lin first directed the Leviathan leave this lake and follow the path to return to the river current to the ocean.

The main base’s location was originally exposed, out of the water, but because of the increase in water level, it was submerged back into the ocean. Just like the other bases, the main base was surrounded by the green carpet. However, the core organs shoved inside the rock were still present. Lin had it create a detection ball to swim towards land.

The detection ball swam as fast it could to the nearest land. When it touched the rock wall of land, Lin felt a similar vibration.

An earthquake would also occur here?

The land might move hundreds of kilometers towards the ocean. If that was the case, the green carpet Lin spread here would all be destroyed, and so would the organisms here.

Lin had to leave … within the year.

Lin did not have any ways of stopping the change in the environment. It could only flee.

Lin acted immediately, having the green carpet start to deconstruct themselves. These cells had stored the excess nutrients remaining after basic needs into some hard spheres in the green carpet. This would stop other organisms from stealing them.

Lin created a kind of unit similar to the devourer to gather these small spheres and the light cells which were deconstructing themselves. Another kind of cell was responsible for dissolving the outer shell of the green carpet, and then creating enormous transporters. All the nutrients would be moved inside.

These transporters could move and carry away all of the nutrients Lin had gathered.

The green carpet spanned such a vast area. If not for any accidents, Lin calculated this plan could be completed in a year. However, unpredictable things could occur in this year.

Lin could not care so much. It would do its best to put away the green carpet within the year.

At this time, the Leviathan swam back to the ocean at top speed. Lin did not need the Leviathan to go to the main base, but needed Leviathan to go into more distant waters in search of a safe area Lin could spread the green carpet.

This had to be completed in a year…

Leviathan swam towards the part of the ocean with deeper depths. Lin had never come to these waters before. The area the green carpet covered was the shallow waters near land. If it continued any further, there was no light at the bottom of the water.

Maybe … … Lin could create a floating green carpet on the water surface? The ultraviolet light was not strong any longer.

However … … ice frequently formed on the water surface. It was easy to freeze to death on the water surface. The light cells had evolved specially to absorb large amounts of light and had low resistance against the cold.

However, Lin really had to go far from land.

Leviathan swam along the water surface. It could not see the water bottom any longer, only blackness. This was a part of the deep ocean. Nearby, on the water surface, large patches of ice appeared.

Ice … … it felt troublesome.

Leviathan swam near the ice. Lin found the ice was extremely thick. Lin did not know how long it would take but the ice would not melt within a year. Lin had to detour around them to find another place.

Leviathan swam along the border of the ice layer. Lin found that this patch of ice was large and difficult to swim around.

Since this was the case, Lin would swim underneath the ice layer.

AsLin thought of this, it suddenly saw an organism slowly float down from the sky.

This organism looked like a jellyfish with a sac-like round body two meters wide. It also had slender tentacles one meter long below it but it was floating on the air on top of the water!

Floating! Where there was no water?

It could move in the air?

At this moment, Lin had a thought, it had to obtain this “air jellyfish” and deconstruct it! See how this was accomplished!

Leviathan aimed an opening at the air jellyfish and suddenly shot out an exploding bomb.

The floating jellyfish did not have eyes but seemed able to detect this attack. It immediately rose up and dodged the exploding bomb.

It was much smarter than ordinary jellyfish. Then Lin would use this.

Leviathan had a new cell type called the “charger”.The charger had a streamed body and a long sharp horn at the front. It could suck in water, then swim speedily through the water, and even jump several meters out of the water.

Lin quickly created the charger as the jellyfish slowly floated and then had the charger sink to a certain depth before charging!

The charger’s water spout system moved rapidly, causing it to immediately charge out of the water. Before the jellyfish could react, it shot through the jellyfish’s sac-like body.

Very good … ah?

The moment it was penetrated, the jellyfish’s wound opening suddenly sprouted a great amount of gas. This blew away the charger stuck at the wound, and the jellyfish flew away using this gust of gas.

… The Leviathan could not keep up with that speed.

Pity. Lin had not expected that it was empty? This appeared to be a kind of gas that allowed the jellyfish to float in the air.

While Lin had not successfully captured the jellyfish, Lin could guess the body structure. But that was not of any help, and Lin did not know what kind of gas was inside the jellyfish.

Right now, the Leviathan had an more important matter. It had to pass through the ice layer and find a suitable place. However, since Lin did not know how long it would take to go around the ice layer, so it wanted to try passing through it.

Leviathan sank under the ice layer. The surrounding light grew dimmer, and many sea stars were gathered here.

They were all sticking to the ice layer, and moved on the ice upside down. In one hundred million years, the sea stars did not appear to have changed other than in their colors. There were some exceptions but there were none of those exceptional sea stars around.

Just as Lin thought about this, a large piece of ice fell off the ice layer and immediately wrapped around Leviathan completely.

… … What was this? Ice piece? No … …

Lin found the “ice” slowly changing color. The crystal-like color slowly faded. It turned bright red, and then transformed into an enormous sea star … …

Translator Ramblings: I realized I previously got a hundred million and a billion mixed up (yes, it’s a whole 10x difference) so Lin previously hibernated for one hundred million years, not a billion.

There are no flying jellyfish I know of in real life but I don’t think we’d know if there really was one that could fly. Jellyfish fossil are rare since they are pretty much all soft tissue and are hard to fossilize. And since fossils are on the ground and not in the air, we won’t know if a jellyfish fossil used to be a flying jellyfish or not.

But here’s a nice video of a man-made jellyfish robot flying.

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