Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 75 “Defeat With The Sword”

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Chapter 75: Defeat With The Sword

This sword was likely the weakest attack that Shen Xuan mustered since his reaching realm seven. Yet when his three sword energies flowed out along Ding Ning’s three sword lights and spread through the entire valley, it was like a tear suddenly being torn through the storm with endless wind and rain pouring out.

The middle aged man’s stark white serpent spine was still moving through the air with peerless sword essence but with a clang, the sweeping serpent spine was blocked by Li Xixing’s sword.

Li Xixing looked at the vibrating Fang sword in his hand and then at the enormous spine he had driven back. He thought of that peerless sword essence and did not believe it was real.

Hu Jingjing looked dazedly at Ding Ning, not daring to believe her eyes.

A strange hissing sound came from in front of the middle aged man. Even he appeared to feel it was incredible and was furious that his attack had been defeated.

As the strange hissing sound occurred, the white serpent spine’s surface was covered with black rain drops. The black rain drops flowed along the bone until they formed powerful seal scripts.


The wind and rain disappeared from the world. But a storm gathered on the bone spine like all the wind and rain had been sucked onto the bone.

The serpent spine, harder than steel, cracked and popped, crushed into powder in the air before being drawn into new black swords by the primal energies of the universe. Hundreds of black swords, with terrifying killing intent, filled the air in front of them. This was another peerless sword essence.

Shen Xuan stood up. Facing this sword, he was still confident he could not stop it. But at this moment, Ding Ning calmly swung his sword. His Last Flower remnant sword and his arm were absolutely straight. The sword energy gathered into a ray that stabbed towards a point in the air ahead. There was nothing there, not even a black sword.

This was still an ordinary sword move, called “Cave Metal”. This sword move just had slightly stronger penetrative power and no other effects. On the battlefield, ordinary swordsmen used it to penetrate heavy armor.

Shen Xuan still did not understand but he had no other choice. He also attacked using “Cave Metal”.

Ka, ka, ka, ka!

Two ruler-straight sword essences broke through the air. Many cracking sounds occurred in the seemingly empty air.

Shen Xuan could clearly sense the impact of power. He seemed to feel there was a rope connected to many kites being cut off by his and Ding Ning’s sword essences.

This kite string was a seal script made from the other’s vital energy and the main channel to controlling the flow of primal energies to the hundreds of black swords. If this seal line snapped, the hundreds of black swords would immediately fly away like kites with snapped strings.

Li Xixing held his sword across his chest. There was an invisible wall-like sword energy. The white bone powder and black watery mist washed onto his sword energy in waves but could not cross over.

This kind of scene caused Li Xixing to have the illusion that he was very strong.

The wind and rain faded.

Shen Xuan found he was still alive. Yet the wind and rain seemed to have moved into his mind and made him more shocked.

This was purely defeating the sword with the sword, the move with the move. One had to immediately sense the enemy’s sword essence and defeat it with the most appropriate sword move. He had only seen this ability from one other person. That person had studied all the sword moves in the world and fought with numerous powerful swordsmen before he could merge tens of thousands of swords together.

How could Ding Ning possess such a state of many swords into one?

In the midst of his shock, Ding Ning attacked again. His Last Flower remnant sword swept out, trembling. Dozens of sword energies swayed, manipulating the primal energies of the universe to form powerful gusts of wind.

This was a simple sword essence called the “River Defeating Wind”.

When Ding Ning was moving, the middle-aged man’s left hand reached out straight. His lifeless left hand gave off a powerful lifebond presence. The purple jade-like tree he was connected with shook violently and the sky above the Mountain of Ancestors roared. The seal essence came from a high and cold altitude.

A true rain started to fall down on the grassland. This was no longer white spirit rain, but a rain containing a cold and fiendish wind. It was like countless daggers were falling down.

The middle-aged man was no different from a true grandmaster. After Ding Ning defeated his first two moves, he forced his vital energy and gathered primal energies into the air.

When this attack appeared, the sword essence had formed, and it could not be defeated by a method of cutting it off at the root. Even if there were realm seven cultivators other than Shen Xuan here, they would not feel that Ding Ning would be able to defeat this move.

But at this moment, Ding Ning’s left hand reached out and pointed at three places.

“Blood Sea Flower.”

“One Man Blocks The Pass.”

“Luminous Light.”

He made three urgent calls.

Shen Xuan, Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing stopped breathing and attacked at the same time. Ding Ning had called out the names of three sword moves. These three moves had been ones that the three of them had learned and belonged to each of them respectively.

To their confusion, Ding Ning did not just exude vital energy at the three places he pointed to mark the location but even created some of the sword essence for these moves so the trio immediately understood he wanted them to use those three attacks separately!

The other two could not compare to Shen Xuan’s cultivation. While they all attacked at the same time, his sword essence formed first. Pure lifebond presence surged endlessly out of his body at his thought. There seemed to be a bloody red flower forming in the ocean-like red sword light.

The second sword essence was not Li Xixing’s, but Hu Jingjing. A pure and transparent light burst out with a presence that could dilute all filth.

Li Xixing’s sword was originally faster than Hu Jingjing, but he seemed to struggle with the attack as though under a great weight. His sword tip seemed to move through the air like he was carving something.


An invisible wall came down from the sky. The power of these three attacks could not block the endless wind and rain of the middle-aged man. Their power was not on the same level. But the sword essence of these three moves finally vented out. The entire valley bottom seemed to vibrate and tilt.

Ding Ning only used the simplest of sword moves. Yet the valley seemed to freeze into a crystal, and then was levered by his Last Flower remnant sword to tilt to the side. The rain and wind falling down from high with terrifying sword essences charged onto the mountain slope at the side, not a drop landing at the valley bottom.

Pew, pew, pew, pew …

The hard wall and the swaying green grasses were shattered like paper, leaving behind deep gullies. The sap of the grass mixed with the stone dust and flowed down like a waterfall. Even the middle-aged man connected to the tree seemed unable to comprehend how Ding Ning, Shen Xuan and the others could block such a blow. He paused in a slight daze.

Ding Ning took a casual step forward. He seemed to be dodging the flow of grass and dust washing down the slope, but at the same time, he called out the names of three sword moves, and his left hand flicked three times.

“Leaf not Flower!”

“Heaven Punishment!”

“Bright Candle!”

As he pointed, Shen Xuan, Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing’s figures seemed to be unconsciously driven along. Three different sword essences did not merge together but oddly collided in the air.

A dust-like mist spread out.

The middle-aged man suddenly sensed danger and shook slightly. With a soft sound, a glowing light appeared behind him. Then the flesh tentacles connecting him to the giant purple tree were cut off. Odd purple fluid sprayed through the cut of the flesh tentacles.

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