Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 79 “Spin Silk”

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Chapter Seventy Nine: Spin Silk

Both the moon and the endless wind and rain were stopped by the sword essence he formed. Yet it was only the moon, wind and rain that was unable to get near him, the powerful impact when forces collided could not be blocked and passed on to him.

Because of this, Gu Huai gave a shout of anger.

As he shouted, his body gave off an enormous boom like two great waves crashed together in his body and then burst out. Countless wrinkles suddenly appeared on his face. Crystal light flew out of his wrinkles, each ray like a shattered blade essence and sword essence.

Gu Huai’s eyes were filled with disbelief and pain. He looked down at his body. A wound appeared on his abdomen. Blood surged out and it was possible to make out his internal organs. Debris formed on the surface of the organs, flashing with some black light like a sandstorm on the plains. The wound that split from inside to out was not caused by any one present but from Tang Xin from the previous battle.

He had borrowed Zheng Xiu’s power to kill Tang Xin and caused Tang Xin to look like a passerby he had just encountered on the street. Yet, in both resolve and physical body, the other had left great wounds.

Even though he had absorbed some of the spirit rain, the rain had stopped when he reached the center of the ancestral lands. So under both internal and external forces, the wounds created by Blade Emperor Tang Xin broke out first.

Zhan Moke’s eyes were full of pity when he looked at the screaming Gu Huai. When the peerless wind and rain appeared, he knew that Gu Huai would undoubtedly die. He found it hard to believe that a legendary member of Ba Mountain Sword Field would die like this, so simply, and even felt some sympathy.

But he still remained wary.


Gu Huai knew better than anyone present, but other than the anger filling his body, he still was in disbelief. Just like many people on the verge of death, he did not believe that he was about to die. But regardless of whether or not he believed, he knew he was about to die.

He looked up at Ding Ning.

Other than the odd middle aged man connected to the purple tree who had fallen back on the ground after his attack, everyone understood his intentions before death.

A black dot appeared in the sky. Then there was a mountain. There were shattering sounds along the way, but not one knew if it was the palace being crushed or the air being torn apart.

Following his gaze, the sword mountain fell towards Ding Ning.

“The thing you want to do most before death is wanting me to be buried with you. May I ask who does this benefit?”

“Was it me who had you come here to kill me?”

“You are about to die, do you still care about her and Yuanwu? Do you still care that I may be stronger than you in the future?”

“You do not want to keep me and see what I can do against her and Yuanwu?”

Ding Ning looked up at that sword mountain. The shadow of the sword mountain tightly enveloped him.

This sect master of Spirit Void Sword Sect, at this moment before death, even without Zheng Xiu’s help, was still unimaginably strong and even stronger than when he first faced Tang Xin. This attack was all focused on Ding Ning yet Ding Ning just looked calmly at the falling sword mountain as he continued to speak.

Gu Huai’s body trembled inexplicably. Not due to his wound, but due to the intensity of his emotions. Just Ding Ning’s first words had influenced him greatly and caused his sword essence to fluctuate. The sword essence in this attack was no longer perfect. But no matter how imperfect, it was still an attack from the master of Spirit Void Sword Sect, and this was still this Sword Mountain Sword.

Zhan Moke’s gaze was on the Sword Mountain Sword.

Just as the Sword Mountain Sword appeared in the sky and the killing intent locked on to Ding Ning, a black blade appeared in his hands. This curved blade had countless mottled marks like weathered agate. Yet every curved mark seemed to shine with holy moonlight.

When Gu Huai’s sword essence started to waver, Zhan Moke made a choice. His hands gripped the hilt of his blade and he screamed. The attack seemed to awaken and absorb the soul of the indigo serpent that had just died here. Within the wild wind, the shadow of a dragon charged up the sky and hit the side of the Sword Mountain Sword hard.

He did not want to face this sword head on, just try to change the landing place of this sword. Just as he expected, the Sword Mountains Sword gave an unimaginable boom in the air. It started to drift in the sky. Numerous booms sounded in the air, and countless black dots fell like rain from the side of the mountain wall.

This was only just the start.

The Sword Mountain Sword fell diagonally and the blade collided with the slopes. The entire ancestral mountain started to shake and a crack started to appear along the slope.

But no one noticed.

The Sword Mountain Sword was tilted, but a sharp killing intent flowed along a seal script of the sword and still fell towards Ding Ning.


Li Xixing paled immensely, he knew he could not withstand such a sword essence. In the face of this sword essence, he was as small as a fly under the sword tip. Even his death could not change where the sword would fall. But he still lifted his head and swung the Fang sword upwards.

An invisible wall carried all of his power and resolve flew up.

At this time, there was one person around Ding Ning faster than him.

This person could only be Shen Xuan. Because of Zhan Moke’s obstruction, he even had time to think for a moment. He knew he could not stop this attack, and his injuries would worsen, and even die. But if he did not agent, no one present could stop Ding Ning from being killed.

So this was a great gamble. A gamble where he bet with his life.

The Li Family? He considered for a moment and decided to gamble. Because if he lived like this … there was not much meaning.

He attacked.

A bloody mist rose upwards, like all of the blood that had floated in the Great Floating Water Prison for many years were caught up in this attack and surged towards the falling sword essence.

Li Xixing’s body shook. He did not sense too much pressure due to the power because this sword essence collided with Gu Huai’s sword essence before his.

Crack crack crack …

Multiple sounds of bones cracking occurred inside of his body accompanied by the finer sounds of flesh tearing.

Shen Xuan laughed miserably. He felt that he had lost his gamble.

The sound of bones breaking did not mean death but tearing of the organs and meridians was something that not even an expert like Gu Huai could survive. An expert like Gu Huai, even with his imperfect sword essence, could kill him like he would take on the last killing intent on Ding Ning’s behalf.

He smiled dismally and looked at Ding Ning, starting to feel that everything was Ding Ning’s perfect plan. Because Ding Ning’s performance before all this had been too perfect like everything was going as he thought.

“You won,” Ding Ning said to him at this moment.

He said softly, “Whether or not we will die here in the end, at least you will not die here now.”

Ding Ning’s hand landed on his body. Shen Xuan heard many soft sounds. This seemed like an auditory hallucination before death, but this sound came from inside of Ding Ning’s body. Then he felt countless threads float into his body. This felt like many small things in Ding Ning’s body were spinning threads into his body.

In the next moment, these threads all turned to rain.

“This is?”

He was extremely shocked, not just because of the great vitality in the rain, and also due to these threads themselves.

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