Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 84 “Door Broken”

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Chapter Eighty Four: Door Broken

Hearing the story, Ding Ning did not immediately speak, and just stood there silently.

Hu Jingjing did not know what Ding Ning was waiting for, but her gaze unconsciously fell towards the spring behind the stone stele. After experiencing the healing from the Fountain of Eternal Life, the spring was greatly attractive to her.

“So we are in a kill trap now?”

Shen Xuan’s voice sounded from behind her.

Hu Jingjing’s body trembled slightly, and she turned back in confusion. She saw Shen Xuan look at Ding Ning, waiting for a response.

Ding Ning nodded.

Hu Jingjing still did not understand. Li Xixing glanced at her from next to her and said, “Did you not sense a special presence?”

Hu Jingjing nodded.

Li Xixing said coldly, “If there is no killing intent, then killing intent is everywhere.”

Hu Jingjing’s body stiffened slightly. She immediately understood why Ding Ning was unmoving. Maybe just a small change could change the space they were now in, and activate a terrifying killing essence.

“Killing the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword may be difficult, but not impossible. Zhan Moke had to take along the royal bloodline of the Wuzhi. That means the kill trap here must be more powerful than the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword.” Shen Xuan looked at everyone and said, “And now we are in this kill trap.”

Hu Jingjing unconsciously swallowed, and her gaze moved down. Even something like swallowing seemed to become difficult. The ground a foot this front of her seemed to be plain, yet it now seemed to be covered with countless needles, making her unable to move her feet.

Zhan Moke could use Wu Lianzi to directly surpass the kill trap and obtain the elixir of life, but they were trapped here.

Shen Xuan’s gaze once again landed on Ding Ning’s face. “Are there any other solutions?”

Li Xixing did not appear to have lost confidence. He looked at the frowning Ding Ning whispered, “Can this be solved?”

“Too strong, cannot be broken.” Ding Ning shook his head and said, “But we can tie Zhan Moke to us.”

This time, even Hu Jingjing understood his meaning immediately. This kill trap that contained the efforts of many Tianliang cultivators could not be comprehended by Ding Ning alone. But he could damage some parts and change the shortcut that the Wuzhi royals had left behind. If Zhan Moke could not use the shortcut left behind, he would be dragged into this kill trap as will.

“The Peerless Wind and Rain Sword was a careful person, and also a vicious person. A person who can be so vicious towards themselves will not have set up a simple final kill trap.”

Ding Ning did not look at Hu Jingjing and Li Xixing. He turned to Shen Xuan. “But the key is how you think about this elixir.”

Zhan Moke walked calmly on the cracked coffins. Wu Lianzi’s body was wrapped in his energy and floated behind him, following in his footsteps.

“Do not look at me like this. If the Wuzhi ancestors were not less noble than you imagine, this would not be the result today.” He did not turn to look back at Wu Lianzi, saying coolly, “This is karma.”

He stopped in front of a coffin. In reality, there were some unnoticeable marks on each stone coffin. The marks were the names of the people in the coffins.

“What wrong did the cultivators who protected the Tianliang emperor commit? But the rebels succeeded, so they can rest in the coffins while others are exposed to the elements. Was the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword so noble?” He sneered and gently pressed down. His movement was very soft like he was caressing a lover.

The cover of the stone coffin and the bones inside all turned the dust and were blown away. Many faint lines of light appeared on the surface of the stone coffin. As his vital energy flowed in, the lines of light gradually connected together to form dozens of seal scripts.

Before his voice faded, dozens of wounds appeared on Wu Lianzi’s body. The crimson blood flowed out of the wounds, like dozens of keys into the dozens of seal scripts. An inexplicable boom suddenly sounded into the world. An energy that had been sealed for a long time suddenly surged out of the coffin.

In the next moment, all the stone coffins shattered. Debris flew up like rain, turning to stars and then burning up. The burning starlight brushed past Zhan Moke’s skin, leaving behind burnt marks. The black scorch marks seemed to permeate through his body, but Zhan Moke’s eyes burned with hotter flames.

The stone coffin in front of him had turned into countless stars but the dozens of seal scripts were still in the air. They grew brighter, and as Wu Lianzi’s energy flooded in, the seal scripts cut through the air like blood blades. In his senses, these seal lines seemed to cut aside the energy that had been imprisoned for many years, like a door had opened.

An unknown number of years of effort and planning in return for today’s achievement. Even if his heart was like stone, he was still full of joy at this time. The world behind the seal scripts was a new world to him.

Yet in this moment, he looked down in shock, and his face paled. A flower bloomed on his chest.

A flower of blood.

In the next moment, he gave a scream worse than that of a wild beast. His vital energy surged out furiously. The crescent blade madly buzzed, with gold flames burning on it. The blood colored seal lines started to fall apart.

In the space cut through by the blood seal scripts, gold lines containing terrifying kill intent appeared. These gold lines cut through his lifebond item, creating marks on the surface of the crescent blade.

When anyone’s lifebond item was damaged, it meant a decrease of cultivation and power, and any cultivator would be in pain. Even more heartbreaking was that the opening door had disappeared. He seemed to have entered an ocean.

A raging ocean.


Ding Ning looked up. The moment he did, countless gold falling stars appeared above his head.

He, Li Xixing and the others were not far from the stone coffins above. Yet in his sight, the falling stars seemed to be falling down from distant realms. He immediately frowned.

The Last Flower remnant sword which had gone somewhere unknown appeared in the air in front of him. Then this sword light carved three light marks in the air. With the appearance of each mark, Ding Ning coughed up blood … three mouthfuls.

The gold falling stars suddenly ignited. They started to burn in the space of only a few feet above their heads, turning into hot light and floating away.

“Do not move.” Ding Ning’s face was bloodless, yet he spoke firmly.

Two figures appeared above the flying hot dust. They suddenly flew towards the spring like they were attracted. The flying dust was burning, but quickly cooled. When it landed on the ground, it had turned into cold snow.

Hu Jingjing saw the landing place of the two figures and suddenly gasped.

Everything suddenly had changed. Where the cold snow landed, the writing on the stele in front of her and Ding Ning seemed to float. The stele was surrounded by spinning characters and gave off increasingly strong kill intent.

The spring giving off white spirit energy turned black when the cold snow landed. It also did not have the scent she was familiar with. It seemed to be a giant opening to hell waiting for the two falling shadows.

Translator Ramblings: The need for so much of Wu Lianzi’s blood is a really good reason to have taken him along all this way. Otherwise, if only a drop or two was needed, Zhan Moke could have just asked Wu Lianzi for the blood and the other would have given it for the shaman.

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