Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 86 “Die Together”

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Chapter Eighty Six: Die Together

“You are more injured than I am.”

A cold and confident voice sounded among the shrill scream.

Shen Xuan found it hard to believe that he had managed to survive the kill trap just now. But he was really alive. And he knew the biggest reason he was alive was not Zhan Moke, but because of Ding Ning’s attacks. He was alive now, but from when he entered the ancestral lands until now, he felt he had died many times.

Coming back from the dead gave him unimaginable confidence. He had no hesitation. He attacked.

His lifebond sword of gray and red disappeared into the air as he slashed. But in this moment, a gray layer appeared on the pieces of the shattered crescent blade. It looked like gray moss growing on damp tiles, but there was some red on the gray moss, like red cores growing out of the moss.

Shen Xuan was seriously injured, yet because he had great confidence, the sword essence of this attack became the most perfect attack after he became the master of the Great Floating Water Prison.

The gray moss contained endless darkness, but also a soaring and unrestrained essence. These two different presences, in the moment of Zhan Moke’s lifebond item’s destruction, before it had cut off its connection with him, it hit Zhan Moke.

Zhan Moke swiped with his finger, and as he screamed, a sharp blade essence flew from his abdomen, and the thin primal energies of the universe in his meridians were squeezed out.

Pew, pew, pew, pew …

The broken pieces of blade seemed to burn, shining with gold light, and burning away the moss-like gray marks.

But at the same time, Zhan Moke gave a louder cry. His eyes showed a layer of gray. Like thick gray moss had covered his eyes.

His eyes went blind. In this space where one’s perception may not be accurate, the loss of sight in both eyes meant losing sense of the outside world completely, especially when Zhan Moke had used up almost all of his vital energy and primal energies of the universe.

At this moment, Ding Ning who had struggled to sit up also shouted. He created a sword essence with his hand and said, “Eclipse!”

This was Shen Xuan’s strongest sword move. When he used it, it would definitely affect his wounds, and create more damage to his body. Yet sensing the direction of Ding Ning’s sword essence, Shen Xuan did not hesitate. With a low shout, his lifebond sword reappeared in the air and flew straight following Ding Ning’s sword essence.

The red and gray blade suddenly showed uneven mottled marks like time had corroded the sword. With a soft pop, a visible ring of energy spread from before his sword. First was white energy, and then it became a gold circle of light.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing raised their heads with difficulty. They watched in shock, before the gold light, in the air that seemed to have nothing in it, something was falling.

That was the mouth of a well, the one under the giant tree that had already disappeared. It was shining with gold light, like the legendary magic weapons used by Buddhas to suppress demons. It had a vast and unstoppable presence.

There was no sound.

Shen Xuan’s lifebond sword passed through the center of the well, and the two did not seem to touch.

Yet as the sword tip passed through the upper well mouth, the mottled marks on the blade seemed to fade in segments. It seemed to have been cleansed, the entire blade looking like new as it vibrated countless times in one second.

The mouth of the well fell, the gold light quickly faded to gray like moss.

Shen Xuan’s body fell back. He sprayed a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, unable to keep standing.

The attack, which had been slowly moving through the air, fell to the ground in this moment, right where the spring had disappeared. With a great loud sound, all of the fine white sand at the bottom of the spring and the pieces of the crescent blade swept out in waves. The wave spread until it was just several meters away from them before losing power and falling to the ground.

Shen Xuan coughed violently. Blood foam came out with each cough through his lips but he laughed when he saw Zhan Moke at the bottom of the gold tower.

Each person could hear the meaning in Shen Xuan’s laugh. Scornful, but also rejoiceful.

In this space, other than Shen Xuan’s laughter, there was no other sound and it suddenly became quiet.

Zhan Moke did not look at Shen Xuan. He leaned back against the gold tower, unable to stand, and looked oddly at Ding Ning like he was seeing a freak. He suddenly said, “What are you?”

In the next moment, he suddenly laughed wildly, louder and louder.

Ding Ning did not respond.

Zhan Moke was at the end of his rope now. He was not able to even swing his sword, but Ding Ning sensed danger from his laugh.

He unconsciously frowned. The Last Flower remnant sword lying powerlessly by his side struggled to create fine white flowers, trembling and wavering as it flew up towards Zhan Moke like a dragonfly. No matter the meaning in Zhan Moke’s laugh, he wanted to kill the other immediately.

“Defeat the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword … Separate Zheng Xiu’s energy from the Sword Mountain Sword, use the restrictions here to seal the mountain… Kill Gu Huai and then destroy the shortcut the Wuzhi left behind…then displaying Wang Jingmeng’s sword essence … Is Wang Jingmeng’s heir so strong, stronger than all of Tianliang?”

Looking at the remnant sword flying towards him, the madness in Zhan Moke’s eyes did not change. He laughed madly, looking at Ding Ning. “But you think that you can really win like this … Since I am done and cannot get the elixir of life, then let’s die together!”

When the Last Flower remnant sword was a feet away from him, his energy sea suddenly made a cracking sound. The last wave of his destructive power charged out his back, snapping his spine and taking along his flesh and bone to hit the gold tower behind him.

There was a vibration.

A hole appeared on the gold tower he was leaning on.

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