Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 27 “Punish the World”

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Chapter Twenty Seven: Punish The World

There were countless famed swords in the world. In the Min Mountain Sword Valley, there were countless swords from the former Han, Wei, and Zhao dynasties. But in his eyes, the only enemies were Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu. Compared to enemies like that, famed swords of that level were not enough. Even a powerful Ba Mountain Sword Field sword like the Sword Mountain Sword was not enough in Ding Ning’s view.

Just like what the old woman in charge of Wuzhi said, he was most different from others in his unimaginable insight. Yet only he knew that what was most different about him compared to the other cultivators of the world was his cultivation experience.

He possessed a lot of cultivation experience that the cultivators of the world did not have. Experience, or rather lessons, told him that in order to get a foolproof victory over someone, he did not just have to surpass the other in cultivation, but also understanding primal energies of the universe, how to use sword manuals, and even his weapon itself.

Before Gu Huai died, as an exchange of secrets, he asked him once, “Where is the Great Punishment Sword?”

This was actually a stunning secret, one that even concerned Gu Huai’s life.

In the past, Gu Huai managed to become the sect master of Spirit Void Sword Sect due to his own cultivation and the Changling imperial power factions, but even more importantly, he had hidden his status in Ba Mountain Sword Field, and joined Spirit Void Sword Sect before that. His true reason for joining Spirit Void Sword Sect was to search for the whereabouts of the Great Punishment Sword.

Almost all cultivators in Changling had never heard of the name of this sword because this sword was one of the legends. This was the sword of the strongest swordsman in the history of Spirit Void Sword Sect. The records described this sword as able to punish the world, and split apart the void. This meant the sword could easily defeat the other swords in the world, and was powerful enough to open up the void.

In the past, when Ba Mountain Sword Field fought the six dynasties and tried to conquer the world, they needed the strongest sword. But before the Great Punishment Sword could be obtained, Yuanwu started his mutiny and that person died. Afterwards, Ba Mountain Sword Field was wiped out by the army, and there were only a few people in the world that remembered to search for the traces of this sword.

Before Gu Huai’s death, he confirmed this sword was not in Spirit Void Sword Sect. Now, An Baoshi’s corpse appeared in the furthest part of Donghu, the glaciers of Donghu. It was very far from Spirit Void Sword Sect.

An Baoshi’s body appearing unharmed meant the void realm was extremely stable. The lifebond sword left behind by that grandmaster of Spirit Void Sword Sect was able to create such a stable passageway just through communicating with lifebond energy with the formation in the Spirit Void Sword Sect. That sword was highly likely the Great Punishment Sword. Even if not, it was just a difference in the name, and not in power. That should be a sword that could punish the world.

Ding Ning silently calculated time. He calculated that when the snow melted, he should be able to return to the Qin-Chu border. He looked up at the old woman who was waiting for him to speak. “How long until she arrives?”

The old woman heard that his voice was not as calm as usual and was slightly surprised. “She should arrive the day after tomorrow.”

Ding Ning nodded and said, “Then the day after tomorrow, arrange for us to head to Donghu.”

The old woman was very high in status, but like Jing Liuli, she treated Ding Ning like a teacher. She knew that every one of his actions had deeper meaning. When he said so, she turned and looked at the wind and snow outside. She was confused. If he wanted to conceal the news he was alive, why would he spend so much effort to get that woman to his side, after being in Chu. This woman appeared to be the only flaw in Ding Ning’s plan. While Consort Zhao Xiang was stronger than she had imagined, and Wuzhi was completely in her grasp, a flaw was a flaw.

Also, Ding Ning clearly was in a hurry to go to Donghu. Why did he have to wait for that woman to arrive before leaving?

In the wind and snow, it was hard to distinguish the direction on the plains. When the snow on the ground was thick, it was hard for ordinary carriages to move. Extreme cold and the long travel were things that even cultivators found hard to endure.

In the snow not far from the Wuzhi camp, there was a pack of indigo wolves pulling multiple tented sleds and travelling against the wind.

In one of the tents, there was the woman that Ding Ning was waiting for. This woman had an unforgettable beauty. This was naturally Zhangsun Qianxue.

Ding Ning calmed down, and watched the snow with the old woman.

She was coming through the wind and snow.

He was waiting for her to arrive.

A yellow-robed man was standing next to the spirit spring shrouded in white spirit energy. He was very nervous. His nervousness came from the fact it was the first time has standing in the empress’s study. And also because his predecessor had died less than ten days ago.

“Let them go!”

A cold and simple voice came from the other end of the spirit spring.

The voice caused him to shake, almost instinctively lifting his head to look directly at the empress’ face.

“Let them go?” He thought he heard incorrectly.

He was the person from Jiaodong who could talk directly with Zheng Xiu and knew more than most of the powerful in Changling. Ever since the start of the Min Mountain Sword Trials, Jiaodong Commandery had suffered great losses. The Great Floating Water Prison had a breakout, Lin Zhujiu successfully escaped and got together with Bai Shanshui and the other great rebels. Jiaodong Commandery started to feel terrified at this, much less the Spirit Void Sword Sect rebellion that came next.

Now, they finally found the whereabouts of the orphaned Shang daughter related to the Great Floating Water Prison. In his view, there were things that could be done, or use this as an opening for a counterattack. But the empress said to not do anything? He could not understand but the empress’s meaning was definite.

“Let them go. ”

A cold voice came again to his ears.

The yellow-robed cultivator did not dare to say anything. He bowed, and withdrew, looking at the ground.

“Tell the family, even if Ba Mountain Sword Field has done so many things in the shadows, they are still ants that fear to see the light.” The cold and majestic voice sounded again. “Even if they are afraid, it is too early. They do not need to doubt and suspect my decisions.”

“Do not do anything against my will. Otherwise, no matter who it is, I will kill them.” The mistress of Changling said slowly and clearly, “Tell them, they should know, I have killed people from Jiaodong before, and I have killed people from the family before.”

The yellow-robed cultivator withdrew, his footsteps even trembling with terror. The passageway to the study, the copper and stone beasts on the two sides of the path were also trembling.

Clearly, this woman who came out of Jiaodong Commandery was no longer suppressing Changling, and was starting to do the same with Jiaodong Commandery.

But could she win?

This yellow-robed cultivator did not have any confidence in her, and the war she decided to start in the spring.

Translator Ramblings: I sometimes hate how all the powerful weapons are from the past. Can’t you make a new one with the technology from the last thousand years? You wouldn’t bring a sword from the Bronze age to an Iron age fight, would you?

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  1. Thank you for the chapter 😀
    I also agree with the translator, it’s one of the things that have bothered me in cultivation and martial arts novels. Why are they always so obsessed with weapons and cultivation techniques from the past? You would think that by cultivating they should have evolved more and developed as a whole and not be stuck on those from the past?

  2. Ironically, your example was one of the few cases where the older technology was actually better. Iron replaced bronze because it required less skill and precision to forge; it was more brittle and corroded badly. It wasn’t until steel was developed that tools based on iron were better for most purposes.
    There have been quite a few contradictions in this story, though. I’m pretty sure 8th stage cultivators were stated to be semi-mythological until Yuanwu broke through, but here we have 8th and even 9th stage cultivators dominating the history of only a thousand years ago or so.

    Oh, and thanks for the chapter!

    1. Thanks for reading! Hmm, I did not know that iron was more brittle than bronze. Qin Dynasty is in iron age China which is why I liked the metaphor I used.

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