Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 32 “Unlucky”

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Chapter Thirty Two: Unlucky

For the herdsmen of the plains, the more difficult their lives were, the more they revered the world, and thought that gods existed. Those unsurmountable giant mountains and glaciers gods’ abodes and the snowy plains behind the glaciers the kingdom of heaven.

No one knew just how large the icy mountain range in the northwest of Donghu was. Even the high elevation pastures on the mountains were much higher than most mountain peaks in the world. These Wuzhi wolves were unable to move forward because the primal energies of the universe were so thin that ordinary people could not move at all.

Between two almost straight snowy peaks was a glacier that looked like a stretched demon’s tongue. The surface was stained blue-black by the wind and sand, the dust stuck in the ice was like rust.

Ding Ning slowly walked up the glacier holding the wood staff of the old monk. He was not slow because he wanted to see the sights, but because it was truly difficult. Even a realm seven cultivator could not breathe normally here. They needed to use the primal energies of the universe in their bodies to maintain their own consumption.

He had used the spirit rain of the ancestral mountain, and the help of the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art, and the Human Sovereign Jade Annulus to silently reach realm six, and had the feeling of the void realm so he found a shortcut to occasionally used power of realm seven, his state right now was not a true realm seven. Because he was returning to a path he had been on before, the breakthroughs that were so hard to other cultivators did not exist to him. His true cultivation had been far above realm seven. But right now, his body could not keep up. He was even worse than many of the cultivators who had slowly reached realm six after many years.

His breathing was like the bellows, yet his body could not get enough air. His face grew redder, lips turned purple, and head felt a swelling pain. But his resolve was far beyond ordinary people, even now, most cultivators could not imagine. So walking at a place of this, he borrowed the old monk’s staff, and maintained absolute clarity.

The old monk walked by Ding Ning and Zhangsun Qianxue like an attendant. He was even bare foot. His feet and legs looked as though there was not much blood and flesh, blackened, but containing an indescribable power, as though a hard step from him could crush the glacier.

A glacier like this contained countless dangers. Below the ordinary-looking flak ground, there were sometimes thin ice shells that covered bottomless ice cracks. So his attention was highly focused.

Yet as the trek began, shock appeared in his eyes. He sensed that Zhangsun Qianxue was a realm seven cultivator, and surpassed normal realm sevens, but to his shock, she seemed to have an easier time walking at a place like this than he did. Her vital energy was lesser than his, and he cultivated the secret method of the Vajrayana. His physical body seemed to have been squeezed out like dry wood by his needs, but the greatest potential had been activated from each bead of his blood, and sliver of flesh. He was much more coordinated than most cultivators could imagine.

So his body contained terrifying physical power, and he used up less energy in each movement than cultivators of his level. Not just the use of primal energies of the universe, but mental power, endurance, heat, and even the needs for water and air. All of his uses were far lower than other cultivators of his level.

He had only gone to Changling in his life. He spent the rest of his time in cultivation. He did not know Zhangsun Qianxue’s history. He only knew that to be able to walk more easily than him in an environment like this, it meant that the lifebond item in this woman was the king of the icy world. It was so strong, and far better than ordinary lifebond items in rallying the energies of this place. He should be the cultivator most suited to this place in the world, but now there was a powerful female cultivator who was better than him. This old monk even felt if the three of them could not find the sword hidden by Spirit Void Sword Sect here, then no one could.

At this moment, he, Zhangsun Qianxue and Ding Ning sensed a threat of a dangerous presence.

There were some strange cold currents in the glaciers that appeared to be cut into pieces of stone. Many cold lights wailing like the cries of ghosts came at the three.

This urgent time seemed to be very long in the old monk’s perception.

These were five arrows, extremely thin. But the tails and the shaft were all made of metal, and inscribed with seal scripts from the tip to the tail. The simple scripts caused these arrows to be faster than most flying swords.

The old monk’s wood staff was in Ding Ning’s hands, but it was impossible that he could not deal with five arrows like this. So he just reached out with his right hand, and flicked his fingers.

The snow sand in the air was flicked out by his fingers, turning to snow dust with terrifying power that hit the five arrows. These five metal arrows suddenly stopped in the air, and there was a terrifying explosion. Then the arrows shattered into countless pieces, and flew backwards at a speed faster than when they came.

The shadows of many people appeared behind glaciers. They held strange longbows, but before they could shoot again, their bodies were penetrated by the metal pieces that flew backwards.

These pieces shot into the glacier behind them, carrying their warm blood. Each piece created an enormous explosion. The giant waves of air created by the explosion threw the archers who were bleeding forward.

When Ding Ning narrowed his eyes, these archers fell in front of him like stones.

The old monk had terrifying cultivation to throw these assassins in front of him with flicks of his fingers. These archers were shattered, unable to move, but not dead. This displayed the old monk’s power even further.

Ding Ning leaned forward, wanting to look closely at the archers’ attire and other details. But in this moment, these archers made small sounds in their throats. They surged with black blood at the same time. A powerful stench charged out, and these arches stopped breathing at the same moment.

Translator Ramblings: They are not going to get to their goal without a struggle.

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