Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 50 “Swan”

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Chapter Fifty: Swan

“What should we do?”

A grave voice sounded on the Changling turrets, and caused the copper bells hanging from the eaves to jingle.

Many of the guards on the turrets were looking at Huang Zhenwei and waiting for his answer.

Shen Xuan’s courtyard was located in one of the hardest places to see from the turrets, but there were realm seven grand masters fighting now. Shen Xuan was moving through the streets, destroying walls and roofs as he fled towards the Wei River. The rain water trailed like serpents, and how could this escape the sight of the many guards on the turrets.

The enormous turrets that were set up in Changling were used to find the powerful cultivators in Changling as fast as possible. Then they could stop and kill enemies of the Qin Dynasty.

Including Bai Shanshui and the cultivators of the Zhao Sword Furnace, they had fear of Changling and were not willing to enter the city mostly because of the turrets that could quickly detect their movements. If they fought in this capital, they had to quickly kill their way out of it. Otherwise, they could never leave.

There were powerful weapons on each turret, and the guards were not weak cultivators. Shen Xuan was an important official of the Qin. He was being assassinated, and the guards on the turrets should be assuming their duty as protectors. Also, after Mo Shoucheng’s death, when the City Guard was given to Huang Zhenwei’s hands, who along with Shen Xuan became the new powers in Changling.

In the view of these guards loyal to Huang Zhenwei, since Shen Xuan and Huang Zhenwei were the new powers that Zheng Xiu was nurturing, her present right and left arms, then since Jiaodong Commandery’s people would assassinate Shen Xuan now, they may assassinate Huang Zhenwei next. This was a matter of without the lips, the teeth would feel cold.

But Huang Zhenwei, silently looking at the water serpent in the rain, heard the words, and shook his head. He said, “Do not move.”

“Why?” the leader who spoke before asked again. These guards did not understand.

Huang Zhenwei said, “I am not the same as him. Jiaodong Commandery kills him, the emperor will not have any objections, but the emperor will not allow them to kill me.”

The guards all thought of what had happened during the Deer Mountain Conference, and understood Huang Zhenwei’s meaning.

“Just this?” The guard was silent for a moment and then said, “The emperor would not always need, and cannot always rely on a person.”

Huang Zhenwei nodded. “But even if they want to touch me, they will be a more suitable time.”

In the watery mist, intangible long swords constantly formed. These swords attacked Shen Xuan who was in the water serpent, creating blooms of rotten grayness, and blood.

Zheng Bainiao was flying through the wind and rain. He was very content.

In the sight of the cultivators who saw this scene, and in his own perception, Shen Xuan was like a dragon’s head at this moment, and he was like the cultivator standing casually on the dragon’s head.

This dragon was undoubtedly very strong, but unable to fight back against his sword essence. The more casual he seemed now, the more powerful he would appear.

Even more importantly, countless cultivators in Changling saw this battle. Strength that everyone knew was more enjoyable and satisfying than thinking that one was strong by oneself.

There was a small boat in a small river of the suburbs of Changling. A Taoist in indigo robes was sitting in the small boat. The river water rippled lightly, the boat brushed against the reeds. He was waiting for the dragon of rain to charge out of Changling and pass by this place. Since it was still far away, he still had some idle time.

Abruptly, the indigo-robed man changed expression. In his perception, there was a presence shooting at him like a meteor, much faster than the dragon of rain coming out of Changling. Just like drawing the sword, regardless of the cultivation of the cultivator, when one came so quickly, this meant that they would have no more power after this, but this also meant that there was no room for retreat.

The man in indigo robes did not hesitate. He had no sword in hand, but the sounds of swords being drawn came from inside his body. A jade-like sword light appeared in his hand. The small boat he was sitting in turned to pieces and flew out like butterflies.

As his sword presence came out, there was a boom in the sky like a large landslide. All the reeds in this region of water were cut down, and they shot out like thousands of arrows, carried by his sword move.

These reeds had already dried up during the winter. When they were cut down now, they had no more life. But as they passed through the air faster than arrows, they brushed against the primal energies of the universe he had attracted, and formed frightening vitality and greenness.

The primal energies of the universe that came like mountains caused the reeds to magically turn green. Like they were growing in the soil, they formed a green curtain in the air. At the same time, the jade-like lifebond sword in his hand gave off countless indigo sword lights that grew towards the sky like vines.


The cultivator who was coming down from the sky broke through the green curtain, and met the lifebond sword with a violent shock.

This Taoist grunted. Half of his body smashed into the water below. But he managed to fend off this attack, and with a swing, he pushed away the cultivator who had attacked from above.

“Why determine life and death with me?”

The Taoist’s energies were in chaos after using two secret arts to stop this person’s attack. His body was numb. But he forced himself to speak, not asking the other’s identity, just shouting, “Regardless of your connection to Shen Xuan, you should know that today, there are more than just me waiting for him here! You came here, and used up half of your vital energy. Even if you can kill me, can you escape?”

“The spring is strong. You are He Chunyi of the Li Marquessate Establishment.”

Wu Guang’s figure remained anchored in the flying indigo debris. His clothing was torn apart by the powerful primal energies of the universe, and were more tattered than a beggar. But his sword was dazzling, and completely golden.

He frowned as he looked at the harshly talking Taoist. He did not disguise his disdain. “Marquis Li, in order to gain favor with the powers, even sent his son to the forts in the past. Now, he has fallen on the side of Jiaodong Commandery. He is the most spineless marquessate establishment of the Qin’s thirteen.”

The indigo-robed Taoist was He Chunyi of the Li Marquessate Establishment. He had been in the military and grown up together with Marquis Li to become a grandmaster. He was the strongest of the realm seven cultivators that Marquis Li left in Changling to guard over the marquessate establishment.

Hearing the other’s words, He Chunyi’s eyes burned with anger. He sneered. “You think the other marquessate establishments have spines? If they did, will Changling be so quiet, and why should I wait here then?”

“Watching is better than being an accomplice.”

Wu Guang stepped on the water with his feet, and held his sword across his chest. He looked at He Chunyi and said solemnly, “Please.”

In Changling, this was an invitation to fight. The corners of He Chunyi’s mouth jerked. He did not hesitate and directly attacked.

His vital energy surged like a lake bursting through a dam into his jade-like sword, but the sword essence that came out of the sword was very gentle, and had an unique harmony. The primal energies of the universe booming in the sky fell in the distance, but charged to his side through the ground. Hundreds of indigo sword lights spun around him, weaving like growing vines.

His sword was to defend. He was a rare realm seven expert. But today, he was just an unimportant pawn. In his view, even if he stayed here and fought with the other, there still would be people who would stop Shen Xuan. The other had burned up half of his vital energy to get here, and could not fight for long. From all points of view, he could use his strongest defense. This was the best choice. But the key was he had to be able to hold on.

But before he had moved, Wu Guang also moved. As the indigo vines wove a cocoon and securely protected him, he saw two golden lights fly off Wu Guang’s sword like two giant wings. They grew larger in his sight, taking over his senses, covering the sky, and filling the world around him.

Two giant golden wings slammed down.


The water in the river dried up. Even he, and the sword lights surrounding him were pressed down into the ground. In a breath, he went down an unknown distance.

“Such vast sword essence!”

He Chunyi’s expression changed. Just as the thought appeared in his mind, the sword lights around him could not hold against the pressure, and broke apart. After the sword lights broke apart, what broke after was his body.

Crack crack crack …

His body, like a stone, cracked open, and smashed into the surrounding soil.

“Swan Sword?”

Zheng Bainiao narrowed his eyes, his expression growing serious. He, like many of Changling’s cultivators, saw the light that was like two giant wings.

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