Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 27 “Borrow Hand”

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Chapter Twenty Seven: Borrow Hand

The Donghu monk did not think at all. After comprehending this sword move, or rather, at the same time he learned this sword move, he raised the staff in his hand and attacked with this sword move.

Previously, when Emperor Yuanwu said that the Donghu monk could not win against him, he had said that it was not certain. The most important reason was that he had Ding Ning’s guidance and comprehended some usually powerful sword moves. So he felt that it was possible because of Ding Ning. In this world, only he and Zhangsun Qianxue knew Ding Ning’s true identity, so he had absolute confidence in him.

But even so, he had not expected Ding Ning to teach him the sword right here and now. One would not just be able to teach him the sword right during battle just because of familiarity with an opponent like Emperor Yuanwu, he had to also be very familiar with his cultivation and body condition.

A teacher could not be as familiar with a student as their own skin, much less that he had only come with Ding Ning this way, and experienced several battles. Ding Ning was able to pick out the sword moves suited for him to use, and the ones that he could comprehend immediately. Such a state surpassed all the grandmasters in the world.

This staff made out of old wood looked like an ordinary staff, but this was the lifebond item of his cultivation, and the lifebond item of many monks before him. There were many powerful presences that had seeped into the staff. For a cultivator like him who cultivated such methods, this was a divine item. He used this most very smoothly.

His staff stabbed at an angle towards the sky, and at the tip of the staff, a bright flame flashed and bloomed. At this time, the sky was obscured by the coldness of the Nine Hell King Sword, the ice and snow angry, and the heavy black clouds having been pulled over from distant mountains. As the battle truly started, Zhangsun Qianxue’s killing intent had grown. Feather sized snowflakes had started to fall, hitting the ground like heavy tiles with loud bangs.

When the Donghu monk used his sword move, the layers of black clouds and the heavy snow seemed to have been penetrated by countless lines of flame. Bright golden fire fell from high up in the sky and caused explosions as they brushed against the cold clouds.

In the sky, there were countless fireworks.

The golden flames madly sucked in the energy of the swords like seal scripts on seal weapons. As they passed through these cold clouds, they had become thin but penetrating thin gold swords.

For any cultivator, if such a sword stabbed through their body, then their flesh and bones would be corroded, and turn to nothing.

Thousands of swords stabbed at Emperor Yuanwu from all directions. This scene was like a miracle.

This sword essence was not unfamiliar to Emperor Yuanwu. It had once appeared in Changling, in that battle when the experts in the world had gathered together to kill Wang Jingmeng.

Wang Jingmeng had once used this to kill many cultivators. Even though he was now realm eight, he did not dare to be careless. His bright yellow lifebond sword slashed upwards. The dazzling rays of light, brighter than the golden fire, were released from his sword with a pure and powerful aura.

These dazzling bright lines of light formed an enormous phoenix around him, a legendary beast of myth. But in the next moment, the vast energy of a realm eight exploded out of his body. The sword phoenix was shattered by the power coming out of him, turning in finer sword threads and bright lines of light.

This power caused the world to shake, like the divine Mountain Meru pressing down.

Zhangsun Qianxue’s eyes flashed. Her right hand was almost uncontrollably flowing with deep blue black lifebond energy. The Nine Hell King Sword automatically appeared and slowly formed in her hand.

Ever since the start of the Deer Mountain Conference, she knew that Yuanwu was not the Yuanwu she was familiar with. But now when she saw him in person, she still found it hard to believe.

In this monument, Yuanwu used his lifebond sword to create a sword phoenix, and then used his body to form the Great Meru Sword of the Ba Mountain Sword Field. These two sword moves, in Yuanwu’s hand, became a new sword move, one that was invincible to all attacks in the world.

“Abyss Of Misery!”

Back when the Donghu monk was performing the “Corrosion of Heaven” he had just comprehended, Ding Ning shouted in a low voice. Then he used his right hand as the sword, and performed another sword move.

The “Abyss of Misery” as a secret sword of the Donghu monk’s sword, like it was inscribed into his life. Hearing Ding Ning shout like this, he followed his body’s instincts, and casually performed this move.

A gray staff shadow was like the sails of an enormous ship cutting apart the wind and waves, passing through the intangible and divine Meru Mountain, and heading at Yuanwu. Then the Donghu monk performed his third sword move, the one that Ding Ning had just shown using his fingers.

This was a new sword move. As the surrounding air flowed, this sword move seemed to naturally flow through the Donghu monk’s mind. His staff shook again in his hand. Three swords formed one after another.

There was a very strange buzz. There was a while ball above Emperor Yuanwu’s head that exploded outwards. A hole seemed to appear in space. The tip of the Donghu monk’s staff seemed to become blurry, but at the center of that white ball’s explosion, there was a clear sword tip attacking his enemy’s head.

Other than Ding Ning and the Donghu monk, everyone changed their expression.

Emperor Yuanwu’s body seemed to form countless heads and arms. Such a scene was because his movements were too quick, faster than what the eyes and senses could catch.


A ball of golden flame shattered the scene everyone was seeing.

There was a low grunt. Emperor Yuanwu’s body retreated out of that ball of golden flame. A faint bloody mark flowed down his forehead.

Gasps sounded.

The grandmaster level people present were certain that Emperor Yuanwu was not seriously wounded, but after the Donghu monk’s three moves, he had not gotten the advantage, and actually bled.

“Neither Arise Nor Cease.” As the gasps sounded, Ding Ning’s voice sounded by the Donghu monk’s ear.

Ding Ning’s expression was very solemn, his eyes seeming to flash with stars. Each time, the flash represented a thought flashing through his mind. At this time, it was like he was using the Donghu monk’s hands to control the sword. The Donghu monk was close to a realm eight breakthrough, and his mental state was at the most perfect time of his life. Were Yuanwu’s injuries more serious than the outside world had guessed after the Deer Mountain Conference?

But all this did not form the possibility that they could win or escape the death trap today. In reality, what affected Yuanwu the most right now was Yuanwu’s own mentality. It was his shock at seeing the sword moves being performed. The more he was unrestrained in using these sword moves, the more shocks Yuanwu received, the more Yuanwu could not focus.

So when he shouted the name of the “Neither Arise Nor Cease” sword, Ding Ning performed another sword. This time, his sword gave off the sword light of his lifebond sword.

A simple, straight, and open sword essence stabbed forward, but this sword essence was very perfect, so much so that all the swordsmen present felt that they were unable to match this.

The Donghu monk was slightly confused. This was a move of the Ba Mountain Sword Field that had no finesse, the “Army Breaker.” Anyone could learn such a sword move, and the more simple a sword, the more talent it took to make it perfect, and it had nothing to do with one’s hard work. The power of this sword was not great. Could it have an unexpected effect?

He did not understand, but at this time, he sensed the disturbance in Emperor Yuanwu’s mind. Between cultivators of such level as him and Emperor Yuanwu, they seemed to know each other’s minds. He sensed an opening in Emperor Yuanwu’s energy.

The Donghu monk suddenly understood. Only Wang Jingmeng had been able to perform such a perfect sword move in the past. But now, such a sword essence appeared again. How could he not be shocked?

This sword was not for him to use, but to bring him a chance. His staff disappeared from his hand. His “Neither Arise Nor Cease” It meant that there was nothing in the world that would appear for no reason and nothing that would disappear for no reason. Neither arising nor ceasing, neither increasing nor decreasing.

The staff that disappeared from his hand appeared in front of Emperor Yuanwu’s chest. And the primal energies in the space in front of Emperor Yuanwu had come to his hand, becoming a transparent long sword.

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