Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 38 “The Same Choice”

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Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Same Choice

For the many grandmasters, their determination to eliminate a powerful realm seven enemy for the Qin empire surpassed their need to protect Fu Su. But when this sword light that was so fast it could not be described appeared, as the grandmasters shouted, they fled up into the air. This was a natural deterrent.

“Tantai Guanjian!”

The grandmaster who had been blocked by the sword light was the first to howl. But when he shouted the name of the incomer, his tone contained complicated emotions.

Where two sword lights had disappeared, one indigo figure appeared. The handsome man who appeared had an otherworldly presence and stood with his hands down.

There was only a person in the world who had such a fast sword. Only the Min Mountain Sword Sect method he cultivated could change paths of the flow of the primal energies of the universe, breaking through the resistance of the air. The primal energies gathered and formed a strange driving force creating a speed that other cultivators could not imagine.

This was the “Zero Gap Sword Manual.” Only Tantai Guanjian in the Min Mountain Sword Sect knew such a method. This person was naturally Tantai Guanjian.

As the grandmaster shouted, Tantai Guanjian did not look at this person. He looked at Ding Ning, and said first with an unspeakable emotion, “Long time no see.”

Other than Zhangsun Qianxue and Ding Ning, everyone else stilled. They could not understand the meaning in Tantai Guanjian’s words.

After a moment of silence, Tantai Guanjian took a deep breath and said slowly and softly, “I had not expected it was you.”

Fu Su was stunned. In his mind, Spirit Void Sword Sect and Min Mountain Sword Sect were the two great pillars of the Qin Dynasty. Tantai Guanjian was one of the most important people supporting the Qin Dynasty. He had not expected him to stand on the side of the Donghu monk, Ding Ning and the others.

He stood very close to Tantai Guanjian, so he could clearly see the minute change on Tantai Guanjian’s face.

Tantai Guanjian looked at Ding Ning like he was looking at an old acquaintance.

Among these people, Ding Ning knew the emotions in Tantai Guanjian’s words the most. While he was wearing the black mask skill, he knew that such a means could not disguise his unique presence, much less that he was not trying to conceal at this time.

“I saw you block that sword for her, your sword essence is too perfect.” Tantai Guanjian looked at Ding Ning, still ignoring the grandmasters. To everyone’s shock, his voice was trembling. “Did Yuanwu speak the truth?”

Ding Ning smiled bitterly and softly said, “You should know. Otherwise, why would you have acted?”

Tantai Guanjian said, “Hereafter, there will be many battles now, I do not want to split my attention.”

Ding Ning nodded, his lips moving slightly, and he said words that only he and Tantai Guanjian hear.

Tantai Guanjian took a deep breath again, pressing his lips together and did not speak.

“Tantai Guanjian, you are siding with the enemy, you are going to betray the Qin Dynasty?”

Seeing Ding and Tantai Guanjian speak, and sensing the profound energy changes of the Donghu monk, the many grandmasters were even more anxious, and the grandmaster who had shouted first spoke again.

Feeling that such words were not harsh enough, this grandmaster master shouted coldly, “Is this your intention, or Baili Suxue’s, or all of Min Mountain Sword Sect’s!”

“The news has not passed back to the sword sect, and this is naturally my own.” Tantai Guanjian looked as humble as usual after he calmed down. He said, “But I think if this is Senior Sect Brother Baili, he will make the same choice.”

Hearing such an answer, the many grandmasters in the sky suddenly lost their anger which was replaced by a sincere iciness, so cold that even their hearts and energy seas were about to freeze over. Especially the grandmaster who had shouted at Tantai Guanjian before who felt an unreal dizziness.

If Min Mountain Sword Sect betrayed… What about the Qin Dynasty?

This grandmaster had dared to ask in his anger, but did not dare to think right now.

Tantai Guanjian slowly looked up. He saw the swirling night demon apes, and the many grandmasters flickering among the apes. He said, “I do not want to start a slaughter, but I hope that you are able to leave.”

When he said this, his indigo robes were trembling in the wind. His expression was very humble, but his stance and words were extremely proud.


The many grandmasters changed expressions. Before one person’s shout broke the peace, many sword lights lit up the sky, all of them heading at the Donghu monk who had his eyes closed.

All of the restless night demon apes howled and dove down.

These many grandmasters knew the power of Tantai Guanjian, yet they did not believe that Tantai Guanjian could not prevent them from killing the Donghu monk on his own power. To them at this time, even if they had to die, even if Tantai Guanjian would kill them all, then before their death, they had to kill the Donghu monk.

Among these many sword lights, the fastest light was pure white, like it had formed right above the Donghu monk’s head. As the energy rapidly gathered, the white energy falling down was like star light, and even fell on Tantai Guanjian.

This sword came from the Mind Chamber Sect.

The Mind Chamber Sect had always been one of the most powerful cultivation sects in Changling. The grandmasters who came from there were naturally among the top of the world.

But in the next moment, Tantai Guanjian’s figure faded. The white light falling on his body like star light faded in the shadow as his body disappeared. Not just his body, even the body of the Donghu monk turned faint.

He could not be so fast to block all the sword lights, but he was fast enough to take along the Donghu monk out of the range of the sword lights, and then there was his counterattack.

There was a splitting sound.

The air in front of the Mind Chamber Sect grandmaster turned to terrifying sword essence. Tantai Guanjian’s figure appeared in front of him, and the sword light in his hand stabbed at the energy sea.

This grandmaster of the Mind Chamber Sect could clearly feel everything in his perception, but regardless of his vital energy flow or his body reactions, they could not keep up with Tantai Guanjian’s speed right now. When this sound tore into his ear drums, his energy sea was already penetrated. The primal energies of the universe and the vital energy surged out from his abdomen as the sword energy flowed in.

This grandmaster of Mind Chamber Sect had eyes wide to their limits. The world in front of him was wildly spinning. In this moment, he was like a leaking balloon, spinning and dancing through the air.

Tantai Guanjian’s body disappeared again in the air. When he reappeared, his figure was behind a Jiaodong Commandery grandmaster, but his sword had penetrated the energy sea of another grandmaster dozens of feet away.


The vital energy of this Jiaodong Commandery exploded towards the back.

Tantai Guanjian used a defensive move for the first time, his sword crossed before his chest as his body shot back.

The vital energy inside the Jiaodong Commandery grandmaster was almost all used up, and he fell, his face pale.

Another grandmaster pressed on his sword, then putting back, drew a rainbow in the air.

Tantai Guanjian landed on the ground. His face turned paled. Ripples appeared on his indigo robes. Clearly, a counterattack like this had used up a lot of his energy, and it was not easy.

But piercing the energy sea of two grandmasters, forcing one grandmaster to explode his primal energies of the universe and vital energy in order to protect himself, such results were terrifying and beyond words.

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  1. Huhuhuhu, got it right last chapter!

    Wonder what Min Mountain will do now… They should make a run for it, no?

    Zheng Xiu will be super mad after this whole affair. The return of Wang Jinmeng, her son being taken hostage, her crazy actions to bring the sects under her thwarted, with the Spirit Sword Sect decimated from the inside and the Min Mountain Sword Sect rebelling.

    Fucked up thing is that she has real time updates on what’s happening here, while it’ll take some time for the info to reach Baili Suxue and co. She has such a head start that she can carefully spin a net on them before taking action. Unless there are even more spies in the imperial forces…

    Now that I think about it, there are. Quite a few at that, and very high up in the ranks: Shen Xuan, Huang Zhenwei, Pan Ruoye… The later two have been primed for treason for a while now…

    Anyways, very interesting situation, this rebellion by a top dog from Min Mountain brings Changling very close to the tipping point. The last time Zheng Xiu went mad was epic too…

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