Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 40 “Sword Servant”

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Chapter Forty: Sword Servant

There was a calm lake deep in the Yin Mountain, high up on the mountain, the waters blue and milky, surrounded by trees on all sides.

Like there was an echo, as a soft sound occurred in the Donghu monk’s body, this quiet lake made a soft sound. A unique presence was released. A crystal bubble rose slowly from the bottom of the lake, and then exploded the moment it left the water, turning into a wisp of indigo energy.

This lake was hundreds of miles away from the Donghu monk, but at this time, he sensed it.

This wisp of indigo energy appeared in his energy sea. It was like a seed. Countless indigo energies formed in his energy sea, seeping out of his body, and carrying his consciousness to spread out, going high up in the air, and passing out of the world.

The Donghu monk reached a place where he had never been before, into a dry desert thousands of miles wide, and then he was deep into a volcano, or deep down in a cold lake. He saw many lives and deaths he usually did not see, the astounding reproduction of the insects, the energies and effects some powerful beasts left behind when they died. In a flash, he seemed to be deep among the stars, seeing star fire and star light fall through his body like they were piercing his soul.

Passing through the unknown, he instantly saw countless things. There were countless terrors.

But the Donghu monk still sitting on the ground felt endless joy. He knew very well what had happened. In this moment, he had a face full of smiles, very benevolent. While he did not open his eyes, he knew that his face was no different from the faces of the great sages drawn in the records.

“How does it feel?” Ding Ning knew what had happened right now. He turned to look at the old monk and felt joy on his behalf.

The old monk opened his eyes in happiness, and bowed to Ding Ning, his palms together. He said softly and simply, “I saw all beings.” Then he added, “Like I saw gods.”

Just these words were very accurate descriptions to Tantai Guanjian and Zhangsun Qianxue. Both, naturally thought of some scenes, and felt something.

“All things are relative. When too fast and too slowly, it is like changing time, and you will see different worlds.” Ding Ning nodded to the old monk and answered softly.

There were countless opportunities in the words of the old monk and Ding Ning. After speaking, they smiled at each other.

The old monk stood up.

When he stood up, the sky seemed to grow brighter. His figure seemed to expand endlessly, and a transparent and holy light filled this world.

The thousands of night demon apes were furiously fleeing away. The Jiaodong Commandery grandmaster did not want these beasts raised by the Jiaodong Commandery to die needlessly after seeing Min Mountain Sword Sect interfere, and wanted to leave them to the best time.

But just like how the distant lake in the Yin Mountain had quickly returned to eternal peace after a bubble rose, this chaotic world became absolutely calm at this moment. Light and time seemed to freeze in this moment.

The thousands of night demon apes flying in the sky were all frozen. The old monk’s body shook. Bright light fell down from high up in the sky and entered his meridians that had seemed to expand manyfold.

Much of the light did not fall directly but twisted in the air. Only by looking from far away could people see that there seemed to be the shape of an enormous staff in the world.

The thousands of night demon apes were pressed down dozens of feet in the air. They seemed to have just been pushed down by this staff of light, but with this press, these night demon apes were turned to bloody mist. The most fragile organs in their bodies were crushed and seeped out from their noses, mouths and skin. The vicious beasts in the dark night became balls of blood, blooming in the air, and then fell down.

This was a hellish scene. Yet in this moment, the perfect energy flow and the profound changes were very beautiful to all the cultivators present.

Such power to upturn the world came from the perception and change of the Donghu monk when he had his realm eight breakthrough. In this moment, the light seemed to follow the will of heaven. It was so perfect that even now the old monk was truly realm seven, he could not grasp such great power.

“Supreme One.”

There were many eyes in the dark night watching this great scene. When the thousands of night demon apes were crushed by the enormous staff into blood mist, a cultivator carrying a sword box called in worry to Ye Xiao.

There were many cultivators behind him and Ye Xiao who were also carrying sword boxes. The chaotic sword essences were ringing as they collided. Each of these cultivators seemed to be carrying a storm.

“Supreme One” was an ancient name among the old nobility, representing absolute respect and submission. In the past dynasties and the old Changling, in the old nobility, there were many cultivators who were not retainers who came from outside, but were always servants. These cultivators were the sword servants of the old nobility, similar to death warriors. They never had a second master. They were extremely loyal, and when their masters died, they would frequently comment suicide.

“No problem.”

Ye Xiao knew better than this sword servant what change had occurred in the Donghu monk. He knew what his sword servant was worried about, but he still coldly shook his-head. His usually calm and deep eyes burned with a mad right. “From the start, I did not think I had the ability to kill them by myself. I just need to trap them. And then people will naturally come to kill them.” Saying so, he reached back with a hand.

At this time, he was still standing far from Ding Ning and the others, and because he was hiding his presence, even the Donghu monk did not feel the threat from him. But at this moment, the Donghu monk reached Heaven Opening, sensed the heavenly light, and there were primal energies from outside the world flooding in. So he could use this to confirm where the Donghu monk, Ding Ning and the others were.

When he reached back with his hand, his vital energy flooded out from his fingers. His jade like skin exploded, the ribbons of blood and energy passing through all the sword boxes like red strings.

At this moment, the boxes carried by all the sword servants behind him exploded, and all of the swords flew out.

At this time, the Donghu monk felt it. The figures of countless swords appeared in his head. Each sword was a famed one, and gave off different but stunning sword energies.

“What is it?” Ding Ning, Zhangsun Qianxue and the others all sensed him growing serious, and Ding Ning could not help but ask.

The Donghu monk did not answer, but he did not need to answer.

Dozens of sword servants fell to the ground. When the sword boxes they were carrying split apart, all of their energy flooded into the swords they had carried.

Other cultivators only nurtured one lifebond sword in their lifetime, but these sword servants used their lives to nurture these swords. At this time, they seemed to pour their entire lives into these swords.

All of the swords started to fly.

They followed Ye Xiao’s gaze, and fell towards where the Donghu monk and Ding Ning were. Almost a thousand swords were flying in the sky. The energies between the flying swords were rippled like they were tangible, like a sword mountain falling down from the sky.

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