Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 50 “Great Means”

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Chapter Fifty: Great Means

The Wei River went through all of Changling. When Fang Xiang was taking his last breath, outside Changling, beside a branch of the Wei River, there was a patch of wildflowers in bloom.

These flowers were a natural deep purple, and very interesting when blooming in the sunlight. It was even possible to see the tender petals slowly open. The buds were very small, but had an enchanting fragrance, and during their blooming process, the pollen kept on spreading. The fine pollen was a crystal silver color in the sunlight, causing the blooming flours to look like silver powder that flashed with mysterious light under the sunlight.

These were the magnolias, unique to Changling, but very rare. They could not be transplanted, and they would only bloom for a few minutes

One middle-aged man was silently standing in front of this patch of flowers, and watching them bloom.

When these flowers finally opened, he bent down to pick up the brightest. His face was very handsome. He had a strong nose, and his features were clear and fine like they were carved by a knife. His figure was up right. His light gold armor was slim and he appeared even more handsome. His fingers were covered by light gold metal armor. The coldness of the metal contrasted with the deep purple flowers.

He had an inexplicable presence.

Not far behind him, there was a marching camp.

In the black camp, all the soldiers were wearing pitch black metal armor. Most of these soldiers were standing straight and not moving, like they were metal puppets. Not far behind him, there was also a cultivator in yellow robes waiting for him.

“If I wanted to enter Changling, I would have done it long ago, why bother to do it now?”

The cultivator dressed in the special dirt yellow robes represented Jiaodong Commandery in the Qin Dynasty. Around Changling, this color represented the mistress of the imperial palace. However, this middle aged man in the flowers did not even look at him, just saying coldly, “I have trained armies for the Qin Dynasty outside for many years. This Nether Armor Army has followed me north and south for many years, and I trained them up myself. I rarely participate in the struggle for power in Changling. Even if my son Li Xixing made a mistake when young, I exiled him to the border. But he is my son and has done very well at the borders, even making me a bit proud.”

This middle aged man was naturally one the of thirteen marquises of the Qin,Marquis Li. He paused, turned around, and looked at the yellow robed cultivator with narrowed eyes. Then he put the flower into his mouth and chewed it. Drops of purple fluid fell from his lips, leaving behind a faint purple track on his white skin, even more startling to see than blood, and gave a strange feeling.

“I want to train him, but not for him to die. But she set up a trap at the Wuzhi border. My son has disappeared. Based on the military intelligence, he is likely dead. Now, she wants me to lead an army back to Changling. Does she not need to give me an explanation?”

Hearing his cold and scornful tone, the yellow-robed cultivator bowed his head deeply, appearing more suspectful. But his response was in a slow and calm voice. “The empress thinks that people like you care the most about what is left behind in the history books. She thinks that you are a person for great things and will not care about the minor things. For the great accomplishments of the dynasty, you will not care too much about these things.”

“Really?” Marquis Li could not help but laugh.

“Also, she has given you an explanation as well. If a sacrifice for the dynasty is needed.” The yellow-robed cultivator felt killing intent and shrank slightly, quickly saying, “She has made the same sacrifice as you.”

Marquis Li stilled and then understood. “Fu Su?”

The yellow-robed cultivator nodded.

The killing intent in Marquis Li’s eyes slowly faded. But when he turned to look at the black camp, his eyebrows rose again.

“General Bai’s God Killing Army has been killed.”

But before he could speak, the yellow-robed cultivator continued on. “So your Nether Armor Army is the strongest army of the Qin Dynasty right now. Also, your way of making the nether armor comes from the past You dynasty, and is the best to deal with cultivators. The empress knows that this is not enough to explain to you, so she told me to tell you, after the Min Mountain Sword Sect is defeated, you can choose some of the sword manuals or the swords first. Also, she tells you that the God Killing Army and General Bai were killed when going to Donghu to get a legendary sword of Spirit Void Sword Sect. That legendary sword is likely the strongest sword in the world right now, and was fallen in the hands of the heir of the Nine Death Silkworm. If the Nine Death Silkworm heir is killed this time, then that sword will be yours.”

“Do you know a saying among the Wuzhi tribes on the border?”

Marquis Li coolly said, “The meat in your mouth is meth. Otherwise, even if it is meat that has been put on your plate, it does not count as meat.”

“You do not have to go on the Min Mountain Sword Sect.” The yellow robed cultivator seemed to have predicted he would say this. Or rather, the mistress of Changling knew that Marquis Li would say this. He just faithfully described, “You just have to send the army to surround half of Min Mountain, and stop some people from leaving the mountain. Other people naturally will go up to Min Mountain Sword Sect.”

Marquis Li’s eyes flashed and he said, “Who will go up the mountain? Who will lead the army up to surround Min Mountain Sword Sect?”

“Marquis Dugu will be with you at the base of the mountain,” The yellow-robed cultivator said respectfully. “As to going up the mountain…I do not know, but the empress just has made arrangements.”

Marquis Li took a deep breath and his brows furrowed deeply. He had thought of many possibilities, but not that the Dugu Marquessate establishment would take such a role at this time.

He was silent for many breaths and then asked, “What will the Dugu Marquessate Establishment gain?”

The yellow-robed cultivator did not hesitate and quickly answered in a soft voice, “Half of Guanzhong.”

“Half of Guanzhong” were three simple words but caused Marquis Li’s hands to tremble imperceptibly.

Marquis Li could not help but inhale deeply again and then said, “Such great means.”

But when he heard his own words in the air, he thought back to each step the Jiaodong woman had taken. All of them seemed to be shocking, and each one was stunning in their greatness.

He stopped speaking, and waved his hand impatiently at the yellow-robed cultivator. Then he walked to the black camp.


On the other end of Changling, an army was moving.

This army was unlike the dark and black army in his sight. These were all in bright robes and had spirited horses. This army was rapidly moving to Min Mountain Sword Sect and were all dressed in bright red armor. The armor was not made from metal, but a unique kind of leather armor. There were unique seal scripts on the armor with flames and bright flowers flowing within.

There was a carriage in the middle of the army, pulled by a dozen strange beasts.

Sitting inside was a general dressed in red armor. His face was sickly pale, his figure thin. But he carried many swords on his back outside his armor. These swords were lined up neatly on his back like a peacock’s tail.

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  1. Moment of truth for the Min Mountain Sword Sect!

    Though it seems a pretty precarious balance that Zheng Xiu finds herself in. Yuanwu is far away, and his return is uncertain (cause he’s injured at that paints a target on his back), Marquis Li’s loyalty is dubious at best (what if Li Xingxing comes back just in time to explain his allegiance to Ding Ning?), the eccentric Fang brother is called to make an appearance and he could be late level 7 (like Zheng Xiu) for all we know…

    Plus the potential rebels in her ranks. And MMSS aren’t powerless sheep either, I really want to see what Baili Suxue can do, and Ding Ning’s “disciple” should be powered up in the meantime too…

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