Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 64 “Waves”

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Chapter Sixty-Four: Waves

Zheng Xiu looked at Baili Suxue, the fire in her eyes slowly going out and turning to coldness. She finally understood that any topic of the past would not make Baili Suxue waver at all, because the other was someone who would not waver because of anyone or anything. His mental state was perfect.

Just like right now. No matter how many cultivators were gathered outside the imperial palace, it did not affect Baili Suxue’s mind at all because he seemed to be nonexistent. His killing intent was full, and his mental state perfect. He only cared about the part of the world where he and she were in.

“There is a saying in Changling you can see someone in their old age from then they are three years old.”

Baili Suxue looked at her and said coldly, “This means that people are hard to change. If you felt back then that my judgment of you was wrong, then you should have taken the right actions and I would have been wrong. Pity, you proved what I said, becoming the person I spoke of. How can I think highly of you?”

Baili Suxue was very calm when he said such words. From when he appeared in front of her, he had sneered, been full of scorn and disdain and coldness, but there was not a lot of anger because she was not worthy of his anger. She was the person who he had thought she was. She was not his friend, how was she worth his anger?

So his expression right now was very calm, and his tone unaffected. Yet everyone could sense the scorn and disdain in these words were stronger than at any time.

*I look down at you. No matter what kind of existence you become, no matter if you were the Jiaodong Commandery genius back then or the empress of the Qin Dynasty now, I still look down at you.

“You have always been waiting for a chance to kill me, but have you ever thought I also need a chance to see all of the people in Changling clearly.” Zheng Xiu was not angry and said calmly, “You have come with such pomp to kill me. Changling is in such chaos right now, all the little fishes and prawns will appear. I will be able to see who is on the side of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, and who is on my side.”

Baili Suxue sneered and said, “The key is whether you will live.”

Zheng Xiu said without hesitation, “I will live.”

Baili Suxue sneered. “Even if you live, so what if the people in Changling show their true intentions? The people who oppose you will be killed or they will flee to become great rebels like Bai Shanshui. How much power does your Qin Dynasty, your great empire, have left to wage war against all sides?”

Zheng Xiu suddenly smiled. Her smile was very cold, but filled with a thrilling power. “What if I tell you that we will soon win against the Chu, and the Chu will be destroyed?”

Baili Suxue suddenly frowned. Everything in the past, including the situation he was in could not affect him, but Zheng Xiu’s words created great waves in his mind. He suddenly realized that Zheng Xiu’s last words were to bring out the last statement.

The war between the Qin and Chu appeared to everyone to have been settled. The hundred thousand troops of the Qin Dynasty retreated, and the only result they got was to trap Ding Ning, Zhangsun Qianxue and the others.

The Qin Dynasty had suffered a great defeat in this battle between these two dynasties. Even if he could not kill Zheng Xiu today, Changling and the Qin Dynasty’s strength would suffer greatly.

But Zheng Xiu said now that they would quickly win against the Chu, and the Chu would be destroyed. He could not think of what would cause this possibility, but he sensed Zheng Xiu’s confidence.

For cultivators such as him and Zheng Xiu, the mental effect was more important than energy vibrations. The battle had started from when he appeared in front of her. His words had disturbed her, but as she spoke, her mind recovered, coming back to perfection, and her presence reached a peak.

At this time, a thread of pale white star fire appeared suddenly in the sky. It was like a cold eye had opened in the endless space.

Such a head on battle was a very rare thing for Zheng Xiu. In most battles in the past, she just controlled the star energy from afar to fall as a sword. The star fire sword that she created was cold, destructive, and also felt devious and strange. But at this time, in her star fire sword, there was something that she did not have before, an upright flavor.

“You steal things from the Min Mountain Sword Sect to fight me, do you not feel it is laughable? Do you only know to steal in your life?” Baili Suxue said expressionlessly.

He knew that Zheng Xiu’s star fire was strong right now. Other than her mental state being perfect, half of the power came from the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

When he said such words, a cultivator appeared on the rear of the stone path he was on. He had a very ethereal feeling, very similar to him when he had been standing at the peak of Min Mountain.

This cultivator was Huang Daochen of Spirit Void Sword Sect.

After Qi Jinshan and Yi Xinyi left Spirit Void Sword Sect, he naturally became the sect master of Spirit Void Sword Sect. At this time, other than Zheng Xiu, he was the one closest in power to Baili Suxue.

The moment he appeared, the power in his body surged out wildly. Terrifying energy vibrations caused the ground of the entire imperial palace to tremble anxiously. Yet the blue sword like that merged with this power was unable to be tracked, pointing at Baili Suxue, but could not be caught.

Everybody did what they needed to. Baili Suxue did not have any extra thoughts in mind at Huang Daochen’s appearance.

Facing these two powerful enemies, he ignored the pale white star fire coming down from the sky, pointing his fingers together in a slash. A light blue sword light was forced out of the void and appeared in its true form in the air dozens of feet behind him.

At the same time, a golden sword light came out of Baili Suxue’s fingertips and hit the light blue sword light. This golden yellow sword light was very bright, and carried a domineering presence even stronger than Zheng Xiu’s star fire, a kingly presence.

Huang Daochen’s eyes flashed with disbelief. This was an ear-piercing sound. His body could not help but take a dozen steps back, and the ground where he stepped was crushed into dust.

A light blue lifebond sword appeared in his hand. At this time, this sword was shrouded in a powerful presence, and in everyone’s perception, it felt like an enormous mountain.

But Baili Suxue had managed to cut off the tip of this lifebond sword. This was a sword move of Yuanwu’s Phoenix Defeating Sword Manual. Yet he was able to use it casually.

Huang Daochen and Baili Suxue were close in cultivation. This attack had cut off a part of his lifebond sword, and naturally had taken Baili Suxue’s full power. Baili Suxue could not have any extra power to deal with Zheng Xiu’s star fire.

The pale white star fire was very close to him now. The destructive and cold presence pressed around his body and caused many crystals to appear in the air around him.

But at this time, a tender green leaf charged into this space and fell on the white star fire.

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