Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 1 “In The Water”

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Chapter One: In The Water

The dust mountains started to dissipate. The sword essences which had existed for many years in the world started to dissipate. The threads of pure energy that once belonged to past experts started to dissipate, creating waves of dust, releasing multicolored flames in the air.

The last bits of Ye Xiao’s consciousness started to dissipate. He looked at the sword formation which started to prematurely dissipate. In his blurred sight, the figure of the old woman of the Jiaodong Commandery did not appear.

He felt great disappointment, and faintly felt that the matter had not developed in the direction he had hoped. The disappointment in this moment caused him to be unable to keep on supporting himself. The last breath in his chest moved out of his body.

This king of the old nobility who moved in the darkness fell into eternal darkness.

On a distant hill.

Yuanwu looked silently at the dissipating dust mountains. The beautiful flames which rose and fell in the sky represented the end of an expert like Ye Xiao who could affect the situation in Changling. There were many endings like this in past years, and only he still existed.

The cultivator with the yellow umbrella stood behind him, and said softly to Yuanwu at this time. “That person has left.”

Yuanwu did not react greatly and just made a soft sound of acknowledgement.

Then the cultivator with the yellow umbrella said, “It is Zhao Si of the Zhao Sword Furnace. In the end, she could not stop herself, and revealed a hint of sword essence to test, but I ignored her.”

“She is a hero,” Yuanwu nodded and said.

The talk between him and the cultivator with the yellow umbrella was very calm, but if someone heard this, they would be very shocked inside.

So Zhao Si had arrived here. The only reason she had not gone to the dust mountains was for the opportunity to assassinate Yuanwu, or rather, stay here to watch this cultivator next to Yuanwu and not let him enter the dust mountains. But she had watched for so long, still wary of the cultivator with the yellow umbrella and did not act.

Hearing the words said by the cultivator with the yellow umbrella, even after the last test in the end, Zhao Si still did not benefit.

What kind of existence could frighten the lofty Zhao Si?

“We exchanged many pieces,” the man with the yellow umbrella said coolly.

Yuanwu nodded and slowly said, “When all these people die, then the world will be at peace.”

“In reality, I do not know what the mission is. The Qin call me a great rebel. In reality, I do not like to kill the Qin people. But I know very well, even if I want to stay here and live in peace, the Qin will not spare me.”

There was a large river around the Chu capital, with rich and lush fields on both sides of the shore. At this time, there was fierce fighting on the Chu Qin border, but here in the Chu capital, it was quiet.

There was a medicine hall next to a cliff by this great river. It was famed, and there were many people who came to visit each day. By the shore below, there were many inns and wine shops, and even a wharf.

But today, this place was taken over due to an imperial decree. Other than the healers, there were only two guests, and one of which was the patient.

A woman in white robes stood by the window to look at the scene. She looked at the rich soil on the shores of the river and said to the patient on the bed. “But you, you live for Chu and die for Chu. If you are given a chance to redo this, will you sink to the bottom of the water?”

This woman was tall. While she had a small frame, she felt very tall and unruly. When she spoke, the surface of the river sparkled and the waves seemed to fawningly gather towards her.

In the world, there were only two women who cultivated special methods that gave them the presence of the ruler of the water. One was Ye Celeng and the other was Bai Shanshui. Ye Celeng was short, and Bai Shanshui was tall and usually dressed as a man. The woman by the window was naturally Bai Shanshui. The patient on the bed was Li Yunrui.

The torture endured in the Great Floating Water Prison was so severe that even now, Li Yunrui was unable to completely recover. He needed the best healer of the Chu capital to slowly help him recover.

He and Bai Shanshui had retreated from Changling to here. After traveling together, they were familiar with each other, and the feelings between them were not very different from that of a couple.

Hearing Bai Shanshui’s seemingly grave question, Li Yunrui gave a faint smile and said, “If there is another chance, of course I will not let myself sink into the water.”

Bai Shanshui turned and gave a rare bright smile. “Why?”

Li Yunrui pretended to sigh. “In the past, I had no concerns, but now it is different. I have concerns and so I feel fear.” After a pause, he looked at Bai Shanshui and said, “In other words, I do not bear to do so.”

Bai Shanshui shook her head and said, “You have a cunning tongue.”

Li Yunrui smiled and said, “This is because I have a beauty by my side. In the past, I was not like this.”

Bai Shanshui smiled and turned around to walk and pick up a bowl of medicine that was at the right temperature. She took a jade spoon and handed them to Li Yunrui. He reached out his hand, but at this moment, she suddenly frowned and turned around.

“What is it?” Li Yunrui looked at the bowl of medicine and saw drops started to shake out of the bowl. He instantly felt something was wrong and grew nervous.

Bai Shanshui was silent. She focused on the distant river. There was nothing on the surface of the river, but she sensed many unusual water currents moving deep.

There were extraordinary energies in these currents. In her perception, they formed many enormous shadows. She had a bad feeling about these enormous shadows like there were many enormous beasts moving into her heart.

“Be careful.”

Li Yunrui heard Bai Shanshui’s words.

In the next moment, the bowl was in his hand and Bai Shanshui was on the surface of the river.

There was a splitting sound. A violent cry sounded in the air. A sword light shot into the sky like a ribbon.

Bai Shanshui stood on the surface of the river like she was standing on flat ground. But her expression was very grave.

In the next moment, the water under her feet started to sway violently.

The water of the entire river started to sway like it was water contained in a basin. There were many loud sounds of collision from the bottom of the river. It was like the turbulent water currents hit a giant bell at the bottom of the water. There were many unique metal sounds accompanying the sound of the water as enormous waves formed.

How could Li Yunrui have the peace of mind to drink his medicine?

He stood by the window. In the next moment, his breathing was thrown into chaos.

From the river surface where the sounds came from, there were waves dozens of meters high. Mud and pieces of shrimp and fish were sprayed out. Then, there were enormous shadows of iron ships.

These ships flashed with cold light and caused Li Yunrui’s eyes to hurt.

Volume 7 Chapter 95 |  Table of Contents | Chapter 2


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