Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 3 “Emperor Weep”

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Chapter Three: Emperor Weep

“I know that you were born here and grew up here, but there is no meaning.”

Bai Shanshui’s face turned pale. She shook her head. “Even if we can delay for a while, the Chu capital cannot muster a resistance.” Pausing, her voice turned heavier as she said, “At this time, I have more experience than you. The nobility in the capital have not prepared to fight at all. They have experienced war, but they never thought that one day, the place they lived will become under siege. You can never imagine, when they see the army flood in, how despicable and cowardly they will be.”

“The ones who will go to their deaths will be the soldiers and some cultivators but these important people… they will beg to be spared in order to keep living their superior lives.”

Hearing these sincere words, looking at Bai Shanshui’s face which turned pale at thinking about the past, Li Yunrui tried to breath and said, “The country is about to be destroyed. After this, there will be no more Chu. I want to put in my final efforts.”

Bai Shanshui shook her head and said stubbornly, “You still have me.”

Li Yunrui stilled.

“Even if the country is gone, with me, you have a home. So if you want to die, do not die meaninglessly like today,” Bai Shanshui looked at Li Yunrui and said.

Li Yunrui felt coldness rise in his stiff body. He wanted to laugh but could not. “You speak sense.”

Bai Shanshui’s expression grew colder. She looked at the “Nether Float” fleet which had appeared completely and filled the river. She said, “What I say always is sense.”

Li Yunrui no longer hesitated and nodded saying, “Then we will return to the Chu capital, and then lead some people to fight our way out.”

“You take me to the Chu capital, and then lead me and other people to fight our way out.” Bai Shanshui looked at him and corrected his words.

Li Yunrui was stunned for a moment and could not understand.

“The ships travel on the water. They want to enter the Chu capital. At least, we cannot let them enter so easily,” Bai Shanshui said.

“We will leave after an attack,” Li Yunrui understood and said to her solemnly.

Bai Shanshui nodded. Then she looked up.

A transparent water bead fell from high up. When this pure water bead formed out of thin air and fell down, there were countless ripples which formed on the surface of the river she was stepping on. The light green river water under the sunlight suddenly grew dark. Then many straight white lines appeared in the ripples. Her vital energy surged out completely, falling into these straight white lines and merging into the river water.

There was a thud.

That water bead smashed into the river. Many raindrops appeared in the originally sunny sky. The energies of the world were gathered by these raindrops and turned to violent power. The entire river seemed to become solid, cut into countless pieces which were thrown into the air like they were going to be rebuilt into something else.

She and Ye Celeng were the best masters in the world at controlling water. At this time, when she used her full power, the scene was divine. Even Li Yunrui felt suffocated, like the entire world was shaking.

The steady iron ships on the river jumped up like they were pushed by countless pillars. These ships themselves were tens of thousands of catties heavy. If they crashed together, then the damage would be stunning.

At this moment, there were howls sounding from each of the ships. Transparent sword energies surged out of the ships, and formed a vast sword river. At the same time, many doors opened on the ships which appeared to have been seamless. Stunning amounts of gray black yin energy surged out of each door.

These yin energies pulled up like mountains. Each Nether Float turned into a mountain in their perception. The sword energy formation and the yin energy formation managed to suppress the collision and press the river water down.

Bai Shanshui’s proud eyes filled with inconceivability. This sword energy formation came from the material of the ships and the seal scripts. She did not know how many crafters were needed to make this. At the same time, they needed stunning numbers of swordsmen to channel in their vital energy.

To her shock and fury, the yin energy was filled with the presences of different realm sevens. This meant that her and Li Yunrui’s previous conjecture was correct. The Qi had stabbed the Chu in the back. Maybe there were many realm seven Qi grandmasters in these giant ships.

She could not help but grunt. Her body was levered up by an enormous force and bounced into the air.

In this moment, all of the yin energy coming from the ships formed into thirteen strands. There were many whines in the air. The thirteen strands of black gray yin energy formed cyclones which crossed the sky and smashed towards her!

Li Yunrui’s pupils contracted.

With a shout, his energy surged out, wrapping around Bai Shanshui and retreating many dozens of feet in a flash.

But they were still unable to escape the thirteen cyclones.


The black cyclones hit him and Bai Shanshui like black dragons, crushing them under the water and creating countless waves.


When the sky changed color, the energies changed, and the storm came, the cultivators in the Chu capital saw the Qin Dynasty fleet on the river. Just like Bai Shanshui had predicted, the capital fell into chaos.

Crying started.

Most of the cries were not from the courtyards of the common people, but from the ones of some nobility. Many of them were important people who appeared lofty, invincible and aloof, who would never cry in front of others.

The imperial palace was in chaos. Many officials and consorts were like headless flies.

“I reminded you before. Now, you should understand why I reminded you like that.” In the majestic hall, the official who had warned Li Lingjun on behalf of Zheng Xiu looked at Li Lingjun on the throne and said sincerely, “Now, it is time for you to make the correct choice.”

Li Lingjun’s body twisted anxiously on his throne. He suddenly started to cry. He had never thought that he would cry like a coward like this. This was a feeling of all his previous efforts being crushed.

“If you are willing, you will still be the Chu ruler.” The official standing in front of him did not change at all and kept on speaking sincerely. “I have brought the empress’s decree. If you send the order to submit, you do not have to fear the Chu people here dying. You will still be the Chu ruler.”

“Otherwise, you will die, and your corpse will be hung on the city gates.”

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