Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 5 “The Young Person On The Ruins”

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Chapter Five: The Young Person On The Ruins

In the Yin Mountain.

The strongest emperor in the history of the Qin Dynasty, Yuanwu, started to travel back to Changling. His carriage was very simple, just one coach with many horses.

It was no longer raining. The cultivator who had held the yellow umbrella was no longer holding it, and sitting at the head of the carriage. The black clouds over Yin Mountain had dissipated, the bright sun shone down on his face.

This was a man in his fifties, his face clear, and with a long fine beard. The procession for Yuanwu’s return to Changling was very simple. But with him as protection, there would not be a problem. Because his surname was Xu, and he was one of the bureau chiefs of the Qin Dynasty.

In all of the records and military intelligence outside, he was overseas searching for spirit medicines for Emperor Yuanwu. But his enormous fleet had taken terrifying power and arrived at the Chu capital. And he was here.

Even more importantly, since many years ago, he had been one of the top cultivators of Changling, the elder of the other bureau chiefs. After Mo Shoucheng’s death, and the Donghu monk was seriously wounded and unable to easily recover, when Baili Suxue’s cultivation was almost crippled, in the entire world, on the trip back, there was no one who could pose a threat to him. Not even Zhao Si.

If there was said to be a variable, then he was the greatest variable in this war.

“Such a waste.”

A young person stepped onto the shattered city walls of the Chu capital near the river. He looked at the burning imperial palace, and the apocalypse-like scenes of panic in the city. He shook his-head.

The Chu capital was completely overrun. These hard city walls which had taken centuries in order to be built were shattered by the seal weapons of the ships.

The Nether Floats were like mountains behind the youth’s back. The bows of the ships collided into the ruins, but the ships were not damaged at all. From the shattered rocks, they gave off a dark light.

At this time, these monster-like ships had many marks from the attacks of the Chu cultivators, and many of them even reached into the cabins. However, all of the previously closed cabins were all open, all kinds of armaments stretching out. Most of the ships had different weapons, so these ships looked like different iron hedgehogs.

The criss-crossing seal weapons formed an iron forest. The energies which had not faded yet from battle rippled, creating strange sounds when they collided. Mixed with the flows of yin energy, this seemed like a city of ghosts.

The powerful seal weapons and sword formations on these ships, especially the massive number of grandmasters, crushed the resistance on the shore. There were not many fatalities among the soldiers and cultivators in the ships. Compared to these city walls, these giant ships were stronger fortresses.

At this time, there was a stunning amount of people coming on shore. There were thousands from each ship, and over a hundred thousand people in total, many cultivators and grandmasters from Qi included.

Also, compared to the Chu capital that was like an apocalypse, the people on the ship were orderly when they exited. There were not just the military troops, there was a complete envoy group, officials, and even maids.

Such a scene looked like a country moving.

This young person wore the robes of the Qi dynasty, and was one of the first people from the envoy group to go ashore. He clearly was one of the important officials representing the Qi. However, one of his hands was crippled. Even hidden in his sleeve, it looked very strange, and even disgusting.

Compared to fighting to the death, some of the nobility in the city were very efficient in surrendering. Fighting was still ongoing in many places, and some of the common cultivators who usually hid from the world were fighting with the Qin troops. But some envoys for the surrendering nobility had immediately come to the ruins outside the city.

Representing the surrenderers were the Chu Prince, Cheng, and Zhong Zheng. The former was one of Li Lingjun’s elder brothers by blood, however he had some mental problems. Before this, he had been arranged to go to a land in the Chu countryside to retire, and had been titled a prince. At this time, he was clearly just a symbol. His fat and swollen face was terrified, his head retracted between his collar, and he did not dare to even look out.

Zhong Zheng was one of the ministers of the Chu Dynasty, one with a lot of power in court. At the same time, he was one of Li Lingjun’s retainers and confidants. In reality, he was the mouthpiece of the surrendering faction. When he saw the face of the young person on the city walls, his eyes went wide, and his expression was one of disbelief.

Because he recognized this young person. Not long ago in Changling, this young person had been a person they mocked and looked down on.

The young person clearly recognized him. Looking at Zhong Zheng, this young person smiled gently and said, “Long time no see, Brother Zhong.”

Zhong Zheng quickly bowed his head. He first appeared humble. In reality, he could not let this young person see the changes in his expression.

“Official Su Qin,” he bowed deeply and said.

“No need to be polite.” Su Qin looked coolly at him and put away all expression. He said, “In Chu matters from now, I need Brother Zhong’s help.”

At this time, their statuses had suddenly changed. Zhong Zheng did not know how to answer.

“There is no need to think too much. We are just one wave in the river. Our changes only come from the strength and weakness of the masters we follow.”

Su Qin’s voice lowered to the point only he and Zhong Zheng could hear. “But the larger the country is, the harder it is to control many places. Here, you represent Old Chu, I represent Qin and Qi. You and I are the future here.”

Hearing the meaning in Su Qin’s words, Zhong Zheng could not help but feel shock. “I will listen to Official Su’s arrangements.” He bowed again, and then said softly, “Why did the Qi emperor come here?”

This was his expression of attitude. If he expressed that he was on Su Qin’s side, he could ask about such a secret and puzzling question.

Everything was for benefits. Someone like the Qi emperor would not be so stupid to sacrifice an ally like the Chu. For any person, the Chu capital was the Qi’s shield. And even if the Chu was destroyed, there was still the Yan. The Qi Dynasty doing this did not just betray the Chu Dynasty, but also the Yan.

“In this world, only true power will enchant people.” Su Qin smiled. “And among all kinds of powers, any person will desire most not relying on other people’s power, but possessing power that they can control.”

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