Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 10 “Chu Plot”

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Chapter Ten: Chu Plot

“What does this mean?”

Xie Lianying was not a powerful cultivator, but to have been able to become the richest in Guanzhong, he naturally was experienced. He quickly calmed his excitement, and looked deeply at his son who appeared slightly unfamiliar.

“She wants to build three workshops, will borrow craftsmen from each family, and also money.” Xie Changsheng gave a simple and almost crude answer, “For both manpower and money, they likely would not return them soon. In less than a year, the Guanzhong families will likely only have their horse, hemp cloth, grain, and some metal businesses. Most will not be in the hands of the families.”

Xie Lianying’s expression changed.

The wealth of the Guanzhong rich right now did not come from the movement of money, but some of the daily use items, clothing, and food that was consumed in large amounts.

“Even with the excuse of wartime, the families will have their thoughts. They will not do exactly what she says, she will not dare to provoke public anger.”

“It will not be public anger.”

Hearing his father’s words, Xie Changsheng shook his head and said, “The Qi family will be the first to agree, same with the Tong. At that time, she will only have to deal with the Xie and Sheng families.”

“The Qi and Tong families will agree?”

Xie Lianying’s expression completely changed. If half of the rich families of Guanzhong suddenly turned sides, the other half would not be able to endure the pressure from Changling.

“Father, there are some things you may not know.” Xie Changsheng looked at his father and said softly in a quiet voice, “Ding Ning is not dead, and he is the heir to the Nine Death Silkworm.”

Xie Lianying’s eyebrows rose, and he was unable to speak for a moment.

“I have disappeared, Father, you can think of me as I am dead, but there is still my older sister. My sister has the inheritance of the Min Mountain Sword Sect, and is a true student of Min Mountain Sword Sect just like Jing Liuli. Just for this, Zheng Xiu will not treat us the same as the other families. The same with the Shen family.”

Xie Changsheng looked at him and then said, “This is the reason I am risking seeing you now.”

Xie Changsheng was silent for a long time. He had to recover from the fearsome news and recover his clarity of mind.

“So you have completely gotten together with the Ba Mountain Sword Field?” he said.

“I help my friends, not the reasonable side.” Xie Changsheng nodded and said, “This is the choice of us young people, you do not have to accept. But I hope you and Mother will be fine.”

“We raised you, I taught you. What do you mean I do not have to accept.” Xie Lianying snorted. “If you feel that I will cut you off and stand on Zheng Xiu’s side, then you underestimate me too much.”

Xie Changsheng smiled and did not argue with his father. He grew serious and said, “The Shen family is sensible. Father, if you do in person, you should be able to convince them. I will not lower the price of the medicine I have now. You and the Shen Family can press the other families into accepting this price. Before Zheng Xiu acts, the wealth of the Xie and Shen families must pass through my hands.”

“If what you say succeeds, then not just us and the Shen family, a large sum of the other Guanzhong families will fall into your pocket.” Xie Lianying looked emotionally at Xie Changsheng and said, “You have too much money to play with, and you have rolled even more out of Guanzhong. What are you going to do next…..I once taught you that you cannot put all your eggs into one basket. You have this kind of wealth, do you not feel it is dangerous?”

“Father, I know you worry how I will guard such wealth, but to me, this is not a problem.” Xie Changsheng smiled and said, “Father, you forgot my nickname in Guanzhong. What I am best at is quickly spending all this money.”

Xie Lianying nodded but did not have much of a smile. He asked seriously, “How will you spend?”

“The Chu is in chaos right now, the Chu armies will be entangled for a long time in the South and North. Not just the Qin armies are in the Chu, the Qi and Yan armies are also dividing up the Chu lands. As long as the Qin does not defeat the Yan and Qi, I do not know how long this situation will last. Also, right now, the Qin does not look like they can quickly swallow the Yan and Qi. At this time, if you are wealthy and bear to spend money, it is not hard to recruit people and horses in the Chu.”

Xie Changsheng said calmly, “Also, I will obtain Consort Zhao Xiang’s support.”

Xie Lianying’s eyes narrowed slightly. People gathering together in troubled times was not something that a businessman would do. It was too dangerous, but compared to what Xie Changsheng was doing now, it did not seem very different.

“The Shen family will agree.”

Xie Lianying slowly nodded and looked at Xie Changsheng. “I do not need to say much to convince them. They have talked to Shen Yi already. To them, Shen Yi is more important than some money. Even more importantly, investing in Ba Mountain Sword Field is a good business, and I have even wager my son and daughter.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Xie Changsheng looked at Xie Lianying and could not help but take a step and hugged his father. Then he said, “I cannot stay here long. After the matters here are finished, I hope that Father can quickly retire.”

“That will depend on your arrangements.” Xie Lianying felt some tears rise. He looked at his son retreating into the darkness and said, “Your mother misses you both greatly.”

Xie Changsheng nodded, and did not speak, leaving from a secret door in the back.

“Cannot agree.”

Xie Lianying left the room and said to some of the people in charge of Guanzhong. When these Guanzhong rich grew angry, he said, “No matter what, let’s first deal with the present situation, the Xie family will take the lead.”

“Demon Consort Zhao wants to pass by me, based on what? Does she count as a Chu person?”

“Right now, in the capital, most of those joining the Qin and Qi are favored officials that Li Lingjun brought back from Changling. It is disgusting even thinking about these people.”

“… …”

Inside the Chu lands, very far from Xie Changsheng, there were more than a dozen people sitting in a meeting room.

The faces of these people were all hidden in the dim light, but they all gave off a dark and dangerous presence that only those who possessed great power had.

These were the important families of Nanquan Commandery in the east of Chu. The Chu Dynasty were used to calling Nanquan, Qingshan, Hele, Duli, and Junshan commanderies the Nanquan Commanderies. This was because, of the five families who were really in charge, three were in Nanquan.

In the mouth of the Chu officials in the past, these families were called, “savage,” “bandits,” and “jackals.”

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