Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 27 “Night Chaos”

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Night Chaos

“A true Country Settling Marquis, and not just a mere decoration?” In an official building in the Chu capital, Su Qin put down the secret message, picked up a cup of wine and smiled faintly.

The woman who was pouring wine for him was dressed in yellow palace attire, with white skin and had a great beauty. This woman had the surname Zhen. She had been the second daughter of the prestigious Zhen Clan in the former Chu capital, and had been one of the most famous beauties in the capital.

For a man who truly possessed power, the identity of a woman like this was more attractive than her own beauty. In the past, many members of the nobility had dreamed of meeting her, and now, this beauty was his attendant that he could do with as he pleased. Su Qin had no pride in his eyes, but great disdain. He tiredly turned his head to look at the sky outside.

At this time, the sky was turning dark. It was not yet night, but stars were bright in the sky.

Is this fate? I have just gotten power in Chu, and you have become the right and left arm of the Yan Crown Prince. Su Qin looked at the two stars that first appeared in the sky and thought inside.

“Official.” A low powerful voice sounded outside the door.

Hearing the voice of this cultivator, Su Qin’s eyes lit up like stars.

After receiving permission, a seemingly ordinary wooden box was presented to him. When the room grew quiet again, and only he and the beauty were left, he slowly opened this box.

There was a piece of jade in the box, giving off a gentle and profound light.

“I like plain clothing, also, cut your hair shorter.” Su Qin first closed the box, and then looked up at the woman next to him.

This beautiful woman was first surprised, but upon hearing the rest of his words, her lips trembled and her face paled.

Her long black hair was like a waterfall and satin. Even the other women as famed as her and the Chu capital admired it. She did not know how much effort she had put here, but now, the other wanted her to cut it.

“This servant knows.” She did not dare to disobey, and bowed her head.

Su Qin put the wood box into his sleeve. When he stood up, there was a faint disdain at the corner of his lips. In reality, he did not like short hair. But he liked this feeling of conquering.

When Changling was also under moonlight, a man in grey robes walked out of an ordinary courtyard. His skin was unusually pale. Under the moonlight, his skin appeared transparent, and it was even possible to see the color of some small blood veins under his skin. The grey robes he wore seemed to have a certain magic that caused faint grey mist to appear around his body. He quickly merged into one with the black night of Changling.

Many years after he disappeared from this alley, sobbing suddenly sounded from this ordinary courtyard. The crying was piercing, just like the cries when Changling had been cleansed a month ago. There were waves of sound as the air broke. Cultivators flew and left tracks in the air.

“It is the second imperial prince….”

Soon, gasps sounded. Bright sword lights charged into the sky, and the crying in the courtyard grew even louder.

The grey-robed man had already reached the side of a river outside the city. He saw this light from afar, and a disdain similar to Su Qin appeared on his lips.

Just like he had excepted, Changling looked just as majestic as before in the black night. But after the spring war against the Chu and the chaos of the Min Mountain Sword Sect, Changling’s control of cultivators like him skilled at moving in the darkness had weakened greatly.

In Changling now, how many grandmasters were left?


In the dark night, Yuanwu slowly looked up. He was on his way back. Just like usual, all the furnishings in the camp were simple, and even the tea was made from the most ordinary tea leaves.

There was a secret message in his hand. This missive came from the Gongyang Family in the Chu. If a powerful family like the Gongyang Family wanted to get into contact with the Qin army, they were naturally able to deliver the secret message to his hands as quickly as possible. Since many years ago, the speed that some of the flying beasts that the Qin army used to pass messages surpassed the cultivators in the world.

The attitude of the Nanquan Families to the Chu and Qin war was very important. But this secret message that was delivered to him as the most important military intelligence was not from the Gongyang Family when he opened it.

He was even familiar with the writing. So his guess was correct. While it was the result he wished to see the least, Ding Ning really was not that person’s heir, but that person reborn.

“You want to send someone to talk to me, talk about what?”

“If it is like this, then I will be slow, and wait to see what you want to talk to me about.”

His emotions did not change much, and there was not much terror in his eyes.

A similar disdain appeared on his lips. His emotions did not change much, and there was not much terror in his eyes. While that person caused him to feel terror many times in the past, he had long passed the time for terror.


At almost the same time, in the deathly silent Changling imperial palace, the mistress who read the secret messages which came from all over the world was paling. Her body felt colder and colder. At this time, she did not know that Ding Ning was in contact with Yuanwu. The coldness she felt came from Lin Zhujiu and the other members of the Ba Mountain Sword Field.

Regardless of whether it was the news from Yin Mountain, Yangshan Commandery or the Chu, it was easy for her to judge that the people of the Ba Mountain Sword Field had not been contributing in these battles.

Then where did they go?

There was only one possibility. They had gone to the Jiaodong Commandery.

She could lose Fu Su but not Jiaodong Commandery.

But was this in her control?

She could not help her emotions changing greatly.

In the void that only a rare few cultivators were able to communicate with, the light of some of the stars vibrated violently.

On the distant Chu Yan border, a woman in a man’s clothing suddenly looked up. The energy from her body was released in a burning wave, and even the dust on the ground started to burn.

She was Zhao Si.

Just as Zheng Xiu’s emotions changed, she once again felt the lifebond sword which belonged to her. This was a feeling that connected to her flesh. But as she gritted her teeth, she forced herself to suppress the impulse to steal back the sword. She took a deep breath. She just secretly captured the track of the sword, but did not truly touch it.

In the cold void, her sword, made from the strongest true fire of the Sword Furnace and the most sincere sword essence, had been slowly been penetrated by the coldest of star fire. It had made a magical change. The blade was no longer fire red, but had turned to the color of the stars, silver and glowing.

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