Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 29 “Moon Thoughts”

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**Chapter Twenty-Nine: Moon Thoughts

His energies burned into golden fluid, and caused Li Xixing to feel that each part of his body was undergoing a dramatic change.

The golden lines that flowed out of the blanket and the stones had been the cultivation methods left by the Donghu monk. They recorded the ultimate method of the ascetic monks for them to turn their physical body into saints. This was passing down the mantle.

At the same time, this was Li Xixing’s chance for a breakthrough. He could clearly sense that his body was quickly growing strong. This feeling of strength in all aspects and the fact that he had cultivated for a long time on this mountain resulted in many of the movements of the primal energies of the universe that he originally could not touch before growing clear in his mind. If he persisted in finishing this process, then he could really step into the door, and become the first person in this generation of Changling cultivators to reach realm seven.

But he was not the Donghu cultivator who had cultivated the ascetic method for a long time. His own body, and the crystal sword that felt connected to his body both made him feel that he could not last through this changing process. The golden lava brimming out of his body covered his face. His energies were about to burn out of his body, like he was going to suffocate.

But at this time, many unique chanting sounded from the mountain. Several of the ascetic cultivators at the base of the mountain walked out of their caves in great shock. They did not know what was happening. As the chanting continued, many faint golden lines of light appeared from many caves near the top of the mountain. They carried powerful and vast life energies and surged into the cave where Li Xixing was.

The old monk who followed Ding Ning had originally been the best among these ascetic monks, and been their leader and hope. At this key time, they clearly sensed that Li Xixing had received this old monk’s teaching. Many of them, because they cultivated the same method, had an unique resonance with the old monk. They knew that the old monk’s life was sputtering in the wind like a candle. From a certain point of view, Li Xixing was chosen by the mountain, and almost their future hope.

These cultivators did not hesitate to give up their energies, their pure energies which they had refined over decades and even centuries. These energies were kind and full of goodwill. They charged into Li Xixing’s body and quickly finished the changing process.


The cave where Li Xixing was burst with golden light. The golden light which covered his body shattered into fine dots that danced away. The changing crystal sword turned completely pure gold, and hence silently broke down into fine grains. In the next moment, an enormous whirlpool formed above the mountain. Vast amounts of primal energies of the universe gathered into Li Xixing’s body along these golden grains.

Li Xixing opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, all of the unusual signs started to disappear. There was the ringing like an enormous mountain was moving through the sky. The chanting still came from the caves above, but had grown low and peaceful, like blessings.

Li Xixing understood what had happened. He looked at the shocked Hu Jingjing. He bit his lips, trying to make himself calm. Then he walked out of the cave, and bowed deeply to the cultivators who had given him crucial help.

The collapse of the glaciers on the mountain above continued. Many sharp pieces of ice fell down. One of the pieces was as narrow and long as a sword. When it was falling above him, it was as fast as a true flying sword.

But during this, he did not make any extra movements. This ice blade brushed past his face. There was a flash of faint golden light. No mark was left on his skin and the ice blade shattered.


In the distant Chu land, in a quiet room in the Xia Family, the Donghu monk who had been sitting in a deathly silence, his presence weak, suddenly looked up. A golden flame burned deep in his dimmed yellowed eyes, like a fire was burning inside him.

“What happened?”

Ding Ning quickly appeared in front of him.

In these days, he stayed in the Nanquan Commanderies, the main goal was to use the strength of the Nanquan Families to heal the Donghu monk and the others. But in the past days, even though he and Qing Yaoyin did all they could, they seemed unable to reverse the aging and death of this old monk. But now, he sensed a change in the old monk’s body.

“The passing of the mantle.” The old monk said softly and emotionally, “I was right about the young man. He has had a breakthrough.”

Ding Ning stilled and could not help but laugh. He knew that the method of the Donghu ascetic monks was very special. He had never expected that when Li Xixing had his breakthrough, the unique energies could cause the primal energies of the universe to strengthen the Donghu monk.

“I know that you admired him, but did not think that you would pass on your mantle to him, ” Ding Ning looked at the old monk and said seriously.

“This is all about chance. I gave the cave to him, leaving the possibility that he could cultivate my method. But whether or not he could comprehend is up to heaven.” The old monk had a small smile. “He can get it, so it is his.”

“Before, your wounds were so serious that you could not travel a long way, and I was not reassured with leaving you casually. Now, there should be no problem traveling with you. Lin Zhujiu and the others have sent a message. They are certain where the Jiaodong treasure hoard is located. I need to take you to Jiaodong Commandery. If we get the treasure of Jiaodong Commandery, I think it will be of great help to your wounds.” Ding Ning inquired as he looked at the monk, wanting to get an accurate answer. For cultivators like the old monk, only he knew his condition the best.

The old monk did not say much, just nodded. Ding Ning bid farewell and walked out.

At this time, the moonlight was bright. He looked up at the gentle moon, and was filled with a strange emotion. Taking over Jiaodong Commandery was something worthy of joy.

But many years ago, who could have predicted that he and the woman from Jiaodong Commandery would have come to this step?


The bright moon caused people to think about their home. Because the moon was the same at all places in the world, waning and waxing.

Wang Taixu was slightly emotional. He had never thought that he would obtain a rare peace far from Changling in the Yan Shangdu.

In the rebellion of the Zhongshu Marquis, he had obtained the support of the Yan military. Adding on Zhang Yi becoming a marquis and the attention of the Yan crown prince, he was not just a simple gangster in the capital. If the Yan crown prince did not change, no one would be able to shake his peace.

Today, he had a guest. A young person who came from a long way off.

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