Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 48 “Dangerous Beast”

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Chapter Forty-Eight: Dangerous Beast

Because of the records in the Chu imperial palace, he was certain that the methods in the ninth hall were what he needed. His cultivation experience in Celestial Seal Sect allowed him to be able to record the method of the statue, but there was not much time left for him. He did not attempt to ponder and understand the meaning of any of the seal scripts or pictures, or consider if he would be able to combine this method in the future. He just used his fastest speed to record the method of the ninth hall into the crystal in his hand.

The passage of time had no meaning to a cultivator like him who forgot himself in his cultivation. When he finished carving the last seal script, he took a deep breath, and then swallowed the white crystal. After doing all this, he calmly calculated the time, and then in the next moment, he used his fastest speed to pass through several formation barriers and entered the final twelfth hall.

The moment he entered the twelfth hall, a formation under the statue seemed to resonate with the key he had. Then there was a hoarse sound from the bottom of the enormous statue, and the entire statue slowly moved to the side.

In all of the records of the past, after the death of the invincible grand master, his disciples fought each other. One of them stole the heads of the twelve shamans, and fought his way out of the main gate of the ancestral hall.

But this was just something to conceal the truth. That person just killed all of the guardians of the ancestral hall, and faked traces of fleeing through the front door. In reality, his true escape path was below the twelfth hall.

Now, as the hidden formation activated, and the key to the formation arrived here, the hidden passage once again appeared. Accompanied by a wave of damp wind, Bai Shanshui and Li Yunrui’s figures appeared in front of him.

The mist that blew from the river was ordinary to the world, but to this ancestral hall, it was a strange energy they had never been in contact with before. When the moisture blew across the statues and the surrounding walls, the colors of the statue quickly dimmed slightly, and cracks appeared on the black crystal-like walls, with small pieces falling off.

When Su Qin had swallowed the crystal, it had created some damage, so he was in slight discomfort. He coughed softly, and looked at Bai Shanshui who was examining the hall like no one was present. He said directly, “You have to give me some time. I need to go to the seventh hall first.”

“Why?” Bai Shanshui looked with interest at the statue, her eyes filled with appreciation and shock. She did not look at Su Qin, and said with a hint of scorn, “I have given you what you want, this is not within our transaction.”

“This concerns my life.” Su Qin looked at Bai Shanshui, his expression not changing as he said coolly, “Zheng Xiu has such orders which I must complete. Otherwise, when I leave the ancestral hall, she will not allow me a safe return to the Chu capital. If I will undoubtedly die after leaving this place, there is no meaning in me helping you here. However, if you say that this is not within our transaction, I can make two copies of the method of the seventh hall. One copy to Zheng Xiu to save my life, one for you. This way, even if she can use some of the contents of the method, with Ba Mountain Sword Field’s abilities, once you get the method, you will find a way to defeat it.”

“The methods of the twelve shamans use yin energy to the extreme. It is a pity to destroy all of it.” Hearing Su Qin say this, Bai Shanshui smiled. “According to you, we do not lose anything.”

Su Qin’s eyebrows rose. He did not hesitate in giving the formation key to Bai Shanshui and said at the same time, “After I leave, destroy the twelve shamans.”

For Bai Shanshui, Su Qin was not a good person, but he was just a dangerous infant beast at most. Also, she knew very well that the life and death of her and Li Yunrui did not have much to do with Su Qin right now. For a person like Su Qin, they cared more about how to climb up, and how far in the future, so they would not do too much now. So she did not worry that Su Qin would do anything so she gave a faint smile. “Yes.”

Su Qin looked deeply at Bai Shanshui and inexplicably smiled.

At this time, Bai Shanshui was as rebellious as usual, especially proud in front of him. He knew that right now, he and Bai Shanshui were like a wild wolf and a phoenix. But the more it was a woman like this, the more attractive she was in his eyes. Looking at the proud and stunning Bai Shanshui, what he thought of was that one day, he would have such a woman kneel in front of him. Then he would be satisfied with such a position.

Only a small portion of the Qin young talents had entered the halls, and these people were only in the first three halls. Even if they wanted to view the later halls, they were blocked off by the formation. These young talents did not even know what was happening outside. They thought this was the arrangement of the ancestral hall, so they just quietly comprehended the statue in front of them.

Su Qin, Bai Shanshui and Li Yunrui easily entered the seventh hall. In the empty seventh hall, the enormous statue seemed to be gray all over, and the cold star energy dyed their bodies a strange glowing grey color. On the surface of this statue, the cold star energy and yin energy were strangely merged, forming irregular energy crystals that were like frost.

“It seems that you are more dangerous than I thought.” Bai Shanshui frowned and said, look at Su Qin.

The energy crystal which formed in the air and then quickly disappeared like frost seemed to be irregular, and they kept on forming seal scripts which she did not recognize. This statue did not seem to have any special pictures, but Su Qin clearly saw seal essence from the frost, and started to quickly record it on a white crystal.

“If you have changed your mind, you still have time to kill me now,” Su Qin said.

Bai Shanshui did not respond, and frowned slightly. It was not that Su Qin’s words discomforted her, but the Yin energy in the hall was too dense, causing her to feel a great pressure. With each breath, she had to use a lot of vital energy to fend off the invasion from the yin energy.

“Now, the Qi emperor should have noticed that something is wrong,” Li Yunrui said softly,”I wonder what he is feeling right now.”

His voice was low, but carried unspeakable pleasure. He was Chu, and had once been the most trusted death warrior of the Chu emperor. He naturally was a cultivator loyal to the Chu. For a person like the Qi emperor whose betrayal led to the Chu dynasty’s collapse, he naturally held great hate.

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