Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 50 “Seeking Death”

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Chapter Fifty- Seeking Death

All of the Qi court officials and powerful cultivators present looked up at this moment in shock and at a loss.

The jade-like black yin energy of the mountain sprayed into the sky, turning into black clouds that were thicker than ink and casting dark shadows which fell into their eyes and turned their eyes black.

At this moment, the sky above all of the Qi Dynasty was black. All of the Qi cultivators who had been the hope of the future, all of the light seemed to be covered by a black night, an eternal nightmare.

The young cultivators had been knocked unconscious by the invisible barriers in the twelve halls back when the formation changed or were seriously injured. Now, they were hit by this unstoppable power and were torn to pieces. Of the hundreds of young talents, as far as the eye could see, there were only a tenth or so that were still floating or had energies protecting them.

In this storm, what was most eye-catching was the five enormous balls of light.

Five black balls of light gave off a powerful presence that caused many of the grandmasters present to feel trepidation. Much of the yin energy from the pieces of black crystal which had sprayed out of the mountain were drawn to the five balls of light.

“Why is it like this?” The Qi Emperor’s eyes were black.

He felt that he was surrounded by blackness. He seemed to be falling, falling into endless darkness. He could sense that inside the five balls of light were the five hall guardians. But even if his mind was completely blank right now, he was sure that these five guardians did not have the time to look at all of the methods on the twelve shamans, much less use some method to destroy the twelve shamans. He had made many guesses in the past, and did not think that this would be the result.

Splash! Splash!

When the surging energies turned into gusts of wind, all of the things caught up in the wind, including the young seriously wounded cultivators who were unable to control their bodies due to their injuries fell into the water along the pieces of stones and the remains of the twelve shamans. Some of the pieces of stone and broken limbs even fell on the Nether Floats, given off desperate sounds.

When the sharp sounds of hard things hiding the Nether Floats pierced the eardrums, many of the Qi officials who had been standing, stunned, like their bodies had stopped moving, gave all kinds of sounds. Immediately, many people started to cry. Some hit their heads on the ground, others sobbed loudly, crying their lungs out, losing their composure.

The Qi Emperor was surrounded by these sounds. This should have been a time of celebration, but now they were all sounds of sorrow. He moved his lips, like he wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, he could not even breathe, unable to make a sound. He suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood.

He Miejing’s teeth rattled. His presence kept on expanding. A dark wind started to howl like countless ghosts were wailing. His facial muscles were slightly twisted, his eyes narrowed into lines as he looked towards the mountain where the ancestral hall was.

At this time, only a realm seven grandmaster like him could sense the abnormality. There was a blue-green pillar of water, completely unlike the black yin energy of the ancestral hall, charging over. At the same time, there was a resonance in the air. An ocean worth of moisture was gathering from all directions, forming a crystal bead of water and falling from the sky in an instant.

That crystal bead of water was very small, but it carried a presence like it could not be stopped. It immediately pierced through layers of wild and violent black energy.

“One Sky Water, Ye Celeng?” He Miejing’s eyes suddenly widened, flashing with tangible cold energy.

But in the next moment, that bead of water collided with the blue-green pillar of water coming from the ancestral temple and scattered. There was no sound of water to be heard, just a faint graceful and bold singing.

Many of the Qi cultivators who had been standing frozen shook slightly. This was like a dream, the song came from far away, carried here by the powerful water energy. Graceful and bold seemed to be opposite qualities, but someone had perfectly merged these qualities together.

In this moment, without needing to listen carefully, He Miejing thought of a cultivator who carried a sword in Changling and fought while singing. This was a woman, but she was bolder than most men in the world.

“Bai Shanshui!” He gritted the words out from between his teeth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In this moment, many powerful presences charged out from the four Nether Floats into the water below. The already restless river bottom immediately looked like there were countless black dragons fighting there, unimaginably chaotic.

This was the grandmasters of the Qi on the Nether Floats finally reacting. They were not just furious at the destruction of the twelve shamans, but Bai Shanshui’s challenge and dismissiveness of the entire Qi Dynasty.

But He Miejing did not move.

There were multiple grandmasters who did not move on the two Nether Floats which came from the Chu capital, especially when these grandmasters had bitter smiles when they heard the song.

On the river outside the Chu capital, Bai Shanshui inexplicably, when knowing she could not win, dealt a blow to the Nether Float fleet. She even expressed her attitude to the entire Qi Dynasty. Bai Shanshui had been wounded and fled, but they and the cultivators from Qin Dynasty had lost track of her.

Now, right here, the song was wrapped up in energy. When the energy dissipated, and the sound spread, she had already left long ago. Also, the energies within the ancestral hall were raging and turbulent. The water filled the air. They could not accurately track which path Bai Shanshui took to flee. How could they stop her? To them, the faint song was not just graceful and bold, but carried a kind of pleasure and scorn.

They thought of how back then, they rode the Nether Floats to take the Chu capital while she could only watch in helplessness. Now, it came back to them. They were helpless when seeing the ancestral hall being destroyed, just like Bai Shanshui had come back to collect her debts.

Suddenly, there was the sound of heavy things falling into the muddy water. Then there were exclamations from the cultivators and the Nether Floats.

The Qi Emperor, cold inside, turned towards the sound and saw officials jumping into the water. Shocked, disappointed, despairing. The Qi court officials at this time were jumping into the chaotic water, seeking their deaths. Many of them were not cultivators, and many of them were famed officials of the Qi Dynasty.

Such scenes filled the Qi Emperor’s sight. The sounds of water splashes crashed into his ears. “This is not their crime, they are seeking death. Can you still live?”

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