Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 60 “Dismantle”

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Chapter Sixty: Dismantle

If an ordinary cultivator suddenly possessed such a warehouse, it would likely not be of much use. First, they would have to spend a lot of time to study the books here, then their cultivation might not be enough to travel to the regions where the beasts lived. In addition, a lot of manpower and time was needed to raise these beasts. Maybe it would take them their entire life to raise a few steeds of ordinary power.

But Ding Ning was different. He already had enough support, regardless of whether it was Min Mountain Sword Sect, the Nanquan Commanderies or the Chu army which had moved to Jiaodong Commandery.

From a certain point of view, he did not just have all of Jiaodong Commandery, he could also have the larger half of the Chu Dynasty, and even the support of the Yan dynasty further away. Just this warehouse was enough to turn into a terrifying force.

But Lin Zhujiu shook his head, looked at Ding Ning and said, “I do not dare to believe Zheng Xiu so easily.”

Ding Ning seemed to understand his meaning and did not immediately respond. Zhang Shiwu and Zhangsun Qianxue could not help but exchange looks. Then Zhang Shiwu could not help but ask, “What do you mean?”

“With her personality, she would not put all her eggs in one basket.”

Lin Zhujiu looked at him and explained, “Even if it is almost impossible for someone to enter here without her permission, she will still be prepared.”

Zhang Shiwu understood and frowned. “You mean that she may have set a trap here, some of the books may be incorrect, or will put people on the wrong path?”

“She will almost have something up her sleeve at any time, if she cannot get something, she would rather it be destroyed.” Lin Zhujiu nodded. “The books and the maps are not like the medicines. If the medicines are tested, you can know if they are real or not. But you have to try the methods in the books to know if they are true or not. So I am more willing to believe that she may have such a plan. If one does not know the trick, and just follow these books and maps, they may waste a lot of energy, and the materials here, but still have accomplished nothing.”

Zhangsun Qianxue was silent for a moment before saying, “I agree that this may be true.”

“No matter.” Ding Ning’s voice sounded.

Zhangsun Qianxue looked strangely at him.

Ding Ning looked at her and smiled. “You have overlooked Shou Chen of Thunder Fire temple.”

Zhangsun Qianxue stilled and then understood.

Lin Zhujiu and Zhang Shiwu naturally did not understand, but Ding Ning did not waste time. He explained, “Before coming to Jiaodong Commandery, I went to the Thunder Fire Temple of the Qi Dynasty. The heir to the temple of this generation has come with me to Jiaodong Commandery. His methods are very special. Much of the things here are very good materials to make seals for him.”

“The greater the scale of the beasts, the more limits there are.”

After a pause, Ding Ning looked at Lin Zhujiu and the others. “First, these beasts are limited by their qualities, they cannot leave the ocean for a long time. The fresh water of the rivers cannot satisfy their needs. The longer they are away from the ocean, the weaker they are, and the more violent and uncontrollable. In order to gather large numbers of beasts to fight means you need countless beast tamers, and a stunning amount of food. This is a conflict that even Jiaodong Commandery could not solve. So in the past centuries, Jiaodong Commandery only maintained a certain amount of beasts to use in war. But the bones, teeth and other parts of powerful sea beasts are very good materials for Thunder Fire Temple to craft seals. The more ancient the sect, the more they are skilled at using spirit bones to make seals. So we do not need to test whether the methods of these books are true or not. This is something we will do later in the future when we are bored. Right now, we just need to see if the maps for the gathering places of these maps are true. If even half are true, it is enough for us to find enough seal-making materials from the gathering places.”

“You are the most skilled at dismantling other people’s moves,” Lin Zhujiu smiled and said.

Almost all beasts, especially powerful beasts would have their fixed burial sights. They would go to the same places to reproduce each time. When they were old, they would go to the same site and die. This seemed to be an unchanging tradition. So there would definitely be cemeteries where these powerful beasts gathered.

“I hope that starting today, I will not make any mistakes in dismantling,” Ding Ning said, and then he walked out of the third warehouse, pushing open the door to the fourth.

There was a creaking sound. This was not just the sound of the wooden door opening, but the sound of Zheng Xiu’s Jiaodong Commandery collapsing. With each opened door, Zheng Xiu would possess less and less.

When the doors to this warehouse opened, Ding Ning could not help but shake his head. The things in this warehouse were more messy than in the third, but to him, they were simple and almost crude because the things in this warehouse were almost useless for a cultivator’s cultivation or combat, but they were very valuable.

Any dynasty would have their own currency as a measure of wealth, but as a dynasty died, the valuable currency would become worthless. But all dynasties would recognize some special things of very high value. For example, enchanting pearls, gems, very fragrant spices, or beautiful items made by some workshops whose skills were lost to time.

This warehouse was full of such things. Any item in here, in any dynasty, in any business’ hands, would quickly turn to money. Almost all the wealthy families of the Qin Dynasty were in Guanzhong, but Ding Ning was certain that none of the families of Guanzhong had as much wealth as this Jiaodong Commandery warehouse. Compared to this warehouse, even the wealth that he had handed to Xie Changsheng was just a fraction.

“Do you know what I am thinking?” when leaving the warehouse, he could not help but ask Zhangsun Qianxue next to him.

Zhangsun Qianxue shook her head. She could not guess something like this without any warning.

“I am thinking, if Xie Changsheng got this warehouse, I fear that even he would have a headache trying to spend it,” Ding Ning said.

Zhangsun Qianxue stilled and then laughed, very happy.

Xie Changsheng was known as the young master who was best at spending money. He likely would even feel helpless at spending the wealth that Jiaodong Commandery accumulated over the centuries in a very short time. What she was most happy about was that it was Zheng Xiu’s money. Thinking of Xie Changsheng furiously trying to spend Zheng Xiu’s money, but worried that he could not spend it all, she could not help but want to laugh.

There was another creak. Ding Ning opened the fifth warehouse.

A faint sweet fragrance filled his nose. As he breathed, his lungs felt comfortably warm. This was clearly a fragrance beneficial to a cultivator. But when he saw what was inside, he grew furious.

The previous four warehouses held tools, medicine, beasts, and wealth. Armor, weapons, statues. Medicines that could strengthen cultivators and heal them. Powerful beasts that could be used in combat. Wealth to buy people’s hearts and supplies. These were all key items to conquer the world. With these things, if one had enough land and people, they were almost able to contend for the world. So when opening the fifth warehouse, he could not help but think of the essential items to contend for the world, what would be in this fifth warehouse.

However, he had never expected to see this.

Neatly placed on the heavy wood shelves were light yellow gel-like blocks.

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