Apocalypse Lord Chapter 79 “The Final Battle 2”

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Previously: Territories fall, and Rising Cloud is the last remaining bastion of humanity. Will our heroes hold out until the bitter end? Will Lu Chuan finally win the lord’s positive feelings? Is this all just a bad dream? ~~Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z!~~ Wait, wrong show. Find out this time, on Apocalypse Lord!

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Chapter 79 – The Final Battle 2

At the same time, the surviving players of Rising Cloud City exploded.

“Lord?? Who said that the game only had system territories?”

“Yun Ling? Rising Cloud? Ha, people said it was a coincidence, liar!”

“No wonder residents of bad conduct will be kicked out of the territory, so someone was in the background controlling this.”

“Did she sneak gold behind us?” a player shouted. “Where is the channel to pay for recharge? I also want to pay and receive VIP treatment!”

Someone suddenly realized. “I was wondering why the names of the system guards were so strange! Before, I was busy making a living, and did not think about it. Now, looking back……it is so strange?!”

“Yun Ling? I know her.” one player complained. “Her features are clear and I thought she was an honest person, I did not know she was a liar!”

“Ah, come out to die.”

“Let me punch you.”

The players shouted, saying everything.

As they criticized, everyone’s lips were curved upwards.

Rising Cloud City was a player territory.

They could get bandages, food, and weapons for free.

This was great! They could pass!


“The game is about to finish and I just learned that Rising Cloud City is a player territory. So laughable.” In a stone house, Ji Ling Feng snorted, speechless.

“Brother……” Ji Ling Yun timidly called.

“I thought the name was just similar, I did not think of this.” Ji Ling Feng could not help but sigh. “That woman is so good at hiding!”


Seeing the system notification, Zheng Ming Yue was stunned.

After a moment, he recovered. The first thing he did was turn to ask You Qing Wen, “How did you sell the salt? Where did you get the ice? Did you not say you got a special mission?”

You Qing Wen was confident. “Yes. I luckily finished the epic mission of “being friends with the lord” so I got special rewards.”

Zheng Ming Yue, “……”

The territory lord was a player!

Screw your “being friends with the lord” epic mission.


Before the system notification appeared, Rising Cloud City was in a heavy mood. Some even thought, maybe they should just give up and face death.

They could not be blamed for this. The situation was just too difficult.

If there was not enough food to eat, and one starved for a while, the system would give a notification after a while [Because of excessive hunger, you are exhausted. -5 strength, -5 agility, -5 stamina, -5 system intelligence, -5 spirit.]

Durability -80%, equip effect -50%.

When durability was -100%, the equipment would turn to scrap, and automatically be destroyed.

When the equipment was very worn down, their attributes would decrease greatly. If they did not even have a good weapon, how could they fight? How! To! Fight!

What was more worrying was the territory’s defensive shield. Once it was destroyed, the mutant ants could enter directly. The residents could be killed without even realizing what had happened.

With many reasons overlapping, the players lost their fighting spirit and were in despair.

At this time, the system notification appeared.

The residents were shocked and joyful. On one hand, they disliked Yun Ling for hiding and making this a surprise, on the other side, they excitedly went to the system shops to get supplies.


The Tailor Shop.

There were hundreds of simple bandages on the shelves, and hundreds of purple quivers.

[Name: Simple Bandages] Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Restore 20 HP every 5 seconds.

Note, Warriors and assassins can take for free, 3 per person per day.

[Name: Crimson Flame Quiver]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 70/70

Equip Effect: Each minute, it automatically refills an arrow. At most, holds 35 arrows.

Special Effect: After the arrow forms, 20% chance of special effect “Burning.” Once successful, +12 arrow attack fire. Creates extra fire spell attack.

Note: Archers can take for free. Each per is limited to 2.

Blacksmith Shop.

[Name: Black Gold Blade]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 70/70

Equip Effect: +12 Strength.

Special Effect: +20% attack power.

Note: Warriors can take for free, each person limited to 1.

[Name: Black iron Dagger]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 70/70

Equip Effect: +12 Strength.

Special Effect: 20% chance of triggering the C-rank skill “Poison Attack”

Note: Assassins can take for free, each person is limited to one.

[Name: Black Iron Bow]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 70/70

Equip Effect: +12 Strength.

Special Effect: 20% chance of triggering the C-rank skill “Splash Shot.”

Note: Archers can take for free, each person limited to 1.

The best was the restaurant.

[Name: Spicy Grilled Fish]

Quality: Premium

Use Effect: Base Recovery Speed: 2 HP/min, 1 MP/min (lasts 3 hours)

Note: Each person is limited to one portion per meal.

[Name: Fragrant Chicken Drumstick]

Quality: Premium

Use effect: Restore 20 HP per 5 seconds. Temporary +3 strength attribute (lasts 3 hours).

Note: Each person is limited to one portion per meal.

[Name: Pork Bone Soup]

Quality: Premium

Use Effect: Base Recovery Speed: 2 HP/min, 1 MP/min (lasts 3 hours)

Note: Each person is limited to one portion per meal.

Other than this, there was the mixed grain steamed buns, the rice porridge, the rice cakes, the rice soup, the black rice cake, the sugar cane juice, mushrooms and eggs, vegetable salad, sandwich, clear soup, spring rolls, Zongzi, corn porridge, watermelon juice, mung bean soup, milk tea, black bread, white bread, honey cake, Mapo tofu, pickled duck blood, spicy rabbit heads, spicy boiled fish, chili sauce, fish ball soup, spicy crab, boiled shrimp, seaweed and egg soup, salted fish with tofu, green pepper and salted meat, steamed salted meat……all kinds of food filled shelves.

There was no problem lasting for twenty days, much less two.

After going through the system shops, the surviving players were grinning, so happy they were almost mad.

“Purple bow! The one that I usually use! I can finally throw away my blue bow.”

“A dagger made from black iron ore!! I suddenly feel that my game life is so good……”

“Crimson Flame Quiver, Ice Quiver, Gale Quiver. All for me to choose. Good fortune has come so suddenly!”

“I can pick purple weapons, and the blue equipment is like vegetables at the market, on the shelves to take as I please. The lord is! Too! Rich!”

“We are all players, but why is the difference so great? Let me kneel down.”


At the border of Rising Cloud City.

One person was wearing a face mask, head down, as they moved hurriedly.

While half of the face was covered, and only the eyes were exposed, people who knew this person would recognize them.

Lu Chuan saw and greeted. “Yun Ling? Such a coincidence to meet you here. Why are you wearing an assassin mask?”

Yun Ling. “! ! !”

She was slightly nervous at her identity being called out. She made a hand motion, telling the other to be quiet.

“What is it?” Lu Chuan was confused.

Yun Ling lowered her voice and said righteously. “Us lord players have to cover our faces after our identities are disclosed! To avoid being harassed.”

Lu Chuan, “……”

He laughed. “No need to be afraid, I will be your bodyguard, and be responsible for driving aways flies.”

Yun Ling said, “Real—really?”

“Yes.” Lu Chuan responded softly.

Yun Ling thought, why was she suddenly so moved?


The territory’s defensive shield came back to life with money.

The players were full, put on new equipment, had buffs, and were eager for the challenge of a new day.

“Brothers, kill!”

The warriors and assassins charged out of the territory, and faced the enemy. The mage wildly threw skills, and the archers drew their bows.

Everybody was in the middle of blood lust, and grew more brave as they fought.

Day 350, the current kill was 8777/10000.

Day 351, the current kill was 9798/10000.

Day 352.

The last 202 mutant ants reached their destination, and attacked Rising Cloud City.

“When I was a player, I liked to drink potions and fight monsters. When I became a lord, I wanted to take along all my residents to drink potions and fight monsters together.” Yun Ling had a bright smile.

Beside her, Lu Chuan sighed. “Thanks to you, the humans have won.”

Just as he finished speaking, the last mutant ant was killed, and the system notification appeared.

[The mutant ants have been destroyed. The winter season of the third year has ended early.]

[S City Rising Cloud City has not been breached, >100 residents. The conditions have been fulfilled.]

[In thirty seconds, time will go back. And everything will be restored to the start of the game. All players will lose their memories.]

[The system will calculate the contribution of those who have passed, and rank everyone. The top three will receive different “good luck halos” of different levels.]

Then the countdown started.

“The game is ending, and we cannot keep our memories.” Lu Chuan frowned, and had a discontent expression.

“As the lord of Rising Cloud City, my contribution will not be low. I should be in the top three.” Yun Ling looked at the “good fortune halo” and said jokingly. “What is the use in the halo? To have players get the first prize in the lottery? Give a boyfriend?”

Lu Chuan was silent.

[10 seconds left.]

[9 seconds left.]

[8 seconds left.]

Yun Ling was bored and asked casually, “If you have the “good fortune halo”, what do you want to do?”

[4 seconds left.]

[3 seconds left.]

Lu Chuan looked deeply at Yun Ling.

[2 seconds left.]

[1 second left.]

Before losing consciousness, Yun Ling could barely make out him saying, “……I want to meet you again.”

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