Chapter 12 “White Robes, Red Shadow”

Chapter Twelve White Robes, Red Shadow

Yu Gong came up after a while and weakly said: “I’m injured.”

Mo Zha Ta mocked him: “Just falling down on your ass is also called an injury?”

Yu Gong’s embarrassment turned to rage: “Internal! What I meant was internal injury.”

Wei Wei: >o< So you guys live together.

Even before this, Wei Wei had perceived from their conversations that they knew each other in real life. All four of them seemed to be in year four of university because they mentioned once that they were graduating and needed to find internships. But Wei Wei was never nosy about the real lives of other people outside the game and hadn’t inquired before. This time, her questions came out surprisingly naturally.

Hou Zi Jiu replied: “We’re in one dorm.”

As expected!

Wei Wei unconsciously turned to look at Nai He. Then Da Shen was the same as her, a university student? Why did she feel that it was a bit unbelievable, Da Shen should be like … …


Couldn’t think of anything … …

Yu Gong said: “Sansao, Nai He usually never returns to the dorms at night. You should control him better.”

Mo Zha Ta: He doesn’t return during the day either!

Wei Wei was embarrassed.

Nai He said: “Whenever the dorm doesn’t have half a month of unwashed socks that you guys left around, I’ll return immediately.”

Mo Zha Ta promptly said: “Just keep living outside in that case.”

Wei Wei hexian. She had heard before that male students would accumulate tens of pairs of socks before washing them together. She hadn’t realized that these people did it too. She suddenly remembered that Yu Gong had mentioned blacking out somebody’s computer and asked suspiciously: “You guys are studying Computer Science?”


What a coincidence = =

Wei Wei said: “… … me too.”

“. . . . . .”

“It’s actually a little shimei!”[1]

Yu Gong Pa Shan: “It’s hopeless. It’s a nine to one ratio in CompSci. Little Shimei is so strong and bold, unless she is really a little shidi[2]?”

Wei Wei: “>o<”

Wei Wei was a bit embarrassed by their words: “Really that bold and strong? I mean the opening lines I just said… …”

Actually managed to shock Yu Gong to an internal injury.

Yu Gong said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, that result even the deaf could hear.”[3]

Even the deaf could hear … …

Wei Wei thought she was getting internal injuries herself. Using “the deaf could hear” this way, Yu Gong’s previous Chinese teachers might actually cry if they knew.

Hou Zi Jiu made a suggestion. “It’s good, but that “leave behind the men” should be changed. There are four males here, who knows which one you want to kidnap. The audience might get confused.”

Nai He said: “There won’t be any misunderstanding, it doesn’t have to be changed.”

Hou Zi Jiu: “? ? ?”

Nai He said: “You guys have nothing of value.”

And therefore … …

A PK noisily started again. This time it was three-on-one.

Wei Wei looked speechlessly at the sky. She hadn’t even started the kidnapping, the “victims” had already started to have internal conflicts.

In the end, under Yu Gong’s weakness due to his injury, and after many hilarious situations, the video finally was preliminarily completed after two days.

The story after the kidnapping was still written by Wei Wei. To lengthen the time, Wei Wei added in as many contrived and melodramatic situations as possible using material from TV dramas.

The basic plot was as below:

The white-clothed musician was kidnapped back to the bandit’s village (the game had landscapes of robber’s towns and nests.) The female bandit fell in love with his refinement and elegance and tried all possible ways to make him happy. The musician was unmoved and never spoke, just staying at the lotus pond behind the mountain, playing his instrument.

The female bandit decided in the end to release him but still couldn’t leave him, so she followed behind him and saved him when the musician met a monster. The moment before the musician was killed, the female bandit managed to save him. The musician was moved and decided to accept the bandit. So the female bandit started to prepare for her wedding. Right before the wedding night, soldiers (Yu Gong and the others went into the nest and announced they were going to mentor newbies. A large crowd came and became free background actors) attacked the mountain village, and the bandits, (the pitiful NPCs who were only level 20) who were drunk and defenseless, were therefore slaughtered. The female bandit was strong and couldn’t be taken down by the soldiers who then diverted the attacks onto the musician. The bandit tried to defend the musician, but then, he took out his sword from his instrument and, without any hesitation, thrust it into the heart of the bandit.

The musician was turned out to be an imperial official. Because the bandits had the advantage of the complex landscape, they could not be eradicated. He came to be a double agent.

The end was therefore the most melodramatic part of it all.

After the female bandit died, the musician finally realized he had already fallen in love with her. So the musician decided to take her corpse and leap off the peak of Sunset Mountains.

… …

Okay, Wei Wei admitted, this was just her satire >o<.

Wei Wei thought that her plot would be rejected by everybody. Unexpectedly, everyone thought it was pretty good. After deeply examining it, Nai He Da Shen’s reason that it was good was that—he didn’t have many lines.

Yu Gong and the others thought it was good because – they hadn’t thought they would be in the further scenes, and as important characters. They were bursting with joy!

Wei Wei was even more speechless. Of course this crowd of CompSci students had no artistic cells.

But a few days later, when Nai He finished editing the video and sent it over, Wei Wei regretfully took back the label of “no art cells”.

The one with no artistic sense was her, Yu Gong, and the others. Definitely not including Da Shen!

Da Shen, Da Shen, he could accomplish anything!

The day she received the video, Wei Wei had a night class. After she returned to her dorm, Nai He had already gone offline and left her one sentence.

“Have something so off early, video’s in your inbox.”

Wei Wei frantically opened her inbox.

The video’s editing process included editing the scenes, the music, the words, the photoshop etc. At the beginning, Wei Wei thought she would learn and do it herself because she was only in year two and definitely had more time than those who were graduating this year. However, Nai He said he would do it. Out of her unconditional confidence in Da Shen, she had no problems with that.

After downloading ten minutes of the video, Wei Wei couldn’t resist opening it already. After watching for a few seconds, just the header was enough to amaze her.

It was too exquisite.

In reality, it was still very simple, just a black background with red words. But she didn’t know where Nai He had found such an appropriate font, the strokes were both full of weight yet exuded a sense of freedom. The strokes were written on screen one by one. A glow effect followed and a layer of light floated off the characters. Simple but elegant. It was very eye-catching.

Wei Wei repeated the beginning several times before reluctantly moving forward to watch the rest.

Da Shen definitely put his heart in. The cuts, the words, the music. All of it was perfect, especially the background music. What surprised Wei Wei was that it didn’t use any of the popular music like the other videos in the contests, but it used mostly folk music. The beginning of the kidnapping used cheerful flutes. After that was the zither,which was appropriate for the musician.

En, this type of sparkling sound should be the zither. Wei Wei had no knowledge of instruments. Before, in high school, she used her music appreciation periods to furtively write homework. This was the first time she focused so deeply on music.

There was nothing that was out of place for her to report back. Wei Wei decided to just watch and appreciate.

Even though the ending was a tragedy, but it started as a satire. There was a lot of fun of the recording process that came out in the video. Wei Wei maintained a very cheerful mood throughout the video. But the moment the musician unsheathed his sword, the zither music rose in a murderous peak, and as the sword unhesitatingly entered the female bandit’s heart, the music abruptly stopped.

Wei Wei’s heart skipped a beat.

Before Wei Wei could recover, the scene suddenly changed.

Originally, the scenes after should have been the musician leaping down the cliff at Sunset mountains with the corpse. However, the scene that was playing instead was the musician and the captain of the troops that attacked the mountain (played by Yu Gong) standing silently in front of a grave.

The soldier said: “You didn’t have to kill her.”

The musician was silent for a long while before saying: “Rather than letting her live and hate me, better to have her die.”

Wei Wei stared.

She finally realized, from the start of this line, the musician in the video wasn’t the one from the story.

He had turned into a mysterious and strange person.

The musician retreated to a small shack at the bottom of the mountain. Wei Wei recognized as it as a minor location in the game. Nobody actually lived underneath the Sunset Mountains. Beside the shack was a bamboo forest, where the musician stayed day after day with his seven-stringed zither. Otherwise, he would walk up to the top of Sunset Mountains, standing there to look at the sunset.

The captain of the soldiers appeared once again.

“You did a great deed. Titles and riches are within your reach. Why are you hiding in this wilderness?”

The musician didn’t answer, only played the zither, while his divine-level tiger cheerfully ran around him.

The bamboo forest suddenly rippled and broke, the scenery changed to the lotus pond. It seemed to be a memory of the musician as it was carrying a sepia tone. The musician was handling his zither while the bandit sat by his side. There was no music in the background, and everything was silent except for birdsong. Wei Wei heard her own voice.

A few days ago, Nai He had asked her to record some lines that he said he might need to use. What was recorded was what the female bandit said before releasing the musician. Wei Wei had hastily recorded in embarrassment and sent it off. She didn’t think it actually would be used.

The voice seemed to have been treated. Her voice sounded very vague and distant, like coming from the air itself.

“My grandfather was a bandit, my father was also a bandit, so starting from when I was born, I am a bandit. Other than being a bandit, I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know how to do anything else. There’s also this whole village of people depending on me.

“You hate me so much but I have never killed anybody. I’m not the worst, but still bad.

“I want to be like the other girls too. Raise some chickens and ducks, work during the day and sleep at night. Some quiet and peaceful days, but that’s just a dream. It won’t ever happen.

“Go, I’m letting you go.”

The view returned back to the captain angrily asking: “You have such a good future, why are you wasting it in this wilderness?”

After that was a clear and distant voice: “This is my dream too.”

The entire video was done using words on the screen, only the last few words were done with actual voices. The voices had suddenly appeared, and disappeared just as quickly. The zither music started mournfully before disappearing.

The last scene was the female bandit in red and the musician in white beside the lotus pond, the musician playing his zither and the bandit practicing with her blade. The two were vibrantly-coloured and full of life. After, the scene started to fade to black and white.


The scene stilled, with the musician still clothed in white.

The red robes of the female bandit had turned stark white.

Wei Wei’s heart shook in pain and her eyes turned wet.


[1]师妹: used to refer to younger female of the same school, profession, or teacher

[2] Basically accusing her of pretending to be female while really a male.

[3]振聋发聩: is an idiom which is to shock those who are confused or apathetic. The literal meaning is to cause the deaf to hear.