Chapter 18 “The Finals”

Chapter Eighteen The Finals

Die Meng greeted Wei Wei first: “Wei Wei.”

Wei Wei: “Die Meng, you came too?”

Die Meng: “Yeah, it’s so popular that I had to come.”

The two casually talked for a bit more. Even though Wei Wei and Zhan Tian Xia had a few issues between them, it didn’t affect her interactions with Die Meng. Die Meng seemed to think the same.

Since it was a match, they didn’t talk very long. Three minutes later, they formally started the match.

Die Meng wasn’t very fond of PK matches, so she never participated in any of those. She never placed in the PK rankings as a result. However, her strength previously was above Wei Wei. It was due to the fact that she hadn’t played recently and Wei Wei had better equipment now that their strength matched each other.

Therefore, the match would be decided between Yi Xiao Nai He and Zhan Tian Xia.

And therefore, the result of the PK match was obvious.

After the match, Die Meng sent a private message: “Wei Wei, let’s find a place and chat later.”

Wei Wei sent back a nodding expression.

After the matches for the day were all finished, Wei Wei and Die Meng found a silent place to talk.

In reality, Die Meng didn’t have much to talk about. It was just re-inviting Wei Wei back to the sect. Wei Wei shook her head and refused, citing the fact that she had a lot of exams at the moment and didn’t want to focus too much on playing.

Die Meng didn’t try to persuade her anymore.

Die Meng hadn’t played online for a long time and they didn’t have much to talk about. After the conversation cooled down, Wei Wei remembered Lei Shen Ni Ni’s gossip and was reluctant to remind Die Meng. After thinking it over, even though meddling in somebody else’s relationship was troublesome, but keeping a friend in the dark was even worse, she said furtively: “There’s a thing, I heard … …”

She only started, but Die Meng already understood: “You mean Xiao Yu Qing Qing?”

Wei Wei was astonished. “You know?”

Die Meng said: “Of course, don’t worry. I can take care of her.”

She sent a smiley face. “My relationship with Tian Xia isn’t something she can damage. I haven’t told you but we actually have a relationship in real life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given the sect to him.”

In real life?

Wei Wei had a period of shock, and understood she couldn’t say anything else. She had never had a romantic relationship before. She didn’t know what to say.

Die Meng was this confident, it didn’t seem like there would be any problems.

All of the end of May and the beginning of June were consumed by fighting in the game and studying for the English exam. In the game, Nai He and Wei Wei continued their record of unbroken wins into the finals for their server. In real life, Wei Wei threw away her mock exam and let out a long sigh ––

“No more practice exams to do, how boring!”

And got hit with a pillow for doing so.

Wei Wei happily hugged Xiao Ling’s large and soft pillow as she logged on to the game. The timing was just right, seven thirty. Yesterday, Da Shen said he would only be able to get on at seven thirty.

Logging in, Nai He was already there. Because it was so close to eight, they didn’t go do any quests and flew around aimlessly together on their white condor.

Today was the server finals of the PK Tournament.

Their opponents were ones they had met before in their point matches, Die Meng Wei Xing and Zhan Tian Xia.

It was almost eight so the two traveled back to Chang’an. Just before entering the stadium, they saw the system sent out a notice.

System: “Die Meng Wei Xing” and “Zhan Tian Xia” due to incompatibility of feelings, have announced their divorce. From now on, the two shall not have anything to do with each other.”

Wei Wei blanked, and wondered if she had read it wrongly. She read it twice to make sure, before falling into a panic and sending a message to Die Meng. But the message wouldn’t go through.

Die Meng had locked down and refused to receive anyone’s messages.

It was Lei Shen Ni Ni who sent over a message agitatedly: “Wei Wei, what happened? Why did I come online just to see that Zhan Tian Xia and Sect Leader Die Meng divorce?!!”

Wei Wei: “I don’t know, I can’t send a message over, she set it to reject.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni: “I’ll go ask some sect members.”

After a while, she sent back a furious message: “I know it, it was Xiao Yu Qing Qing that slut!”

By this moment, the World Channel already started discussing the incident.

Today’s finals could almost qualify as “watched by thousands” and now that one side had this occurring, it was inevitable that everyone would pay attention. Soon, those with insider information started spreading what they knew. They said the reason that Zhan Tian Xia and Die Meng divorced was due to conflict over Xiao Yu Qing Qing. Die Meng had wanted to eject Xiao Yu Qing Qing out of the sect but Zhan Tian Xia didn’t agree, so they had started to fight and it had led to the divorce.

With insider information, the discussion got even fiercer. Very quickly, people thought of Xiao Yu Yao Yao. One female player said: “Well, Xiao Yu Yao Yao had stolen Lu Wei Wei Wei’s husband before. *faint* The Xiao Yu Family specializes in this.”

A long-time opponent of the Xiao Yu Family appeared timely.

World [Xiao Yu Yao Yao Is Shameless 277[1]]: Xiao Yu Family! The “other woman” family! Specializing in cheating with married men! Xiao Yu Family! The “other woman” family! Specializing in cheating with married men! Xiao Yu Family! The “other woman” family! Specializing in cheating with married men! … …

… …

… …

A crowd of mayhem.

Without the match, Nai He had other things to do and left. Wei Wei didn’t go offline with him like she normally did and tried to send messages to Die Meng again. It still didn’t go through, but Die Meng’s name became gray. She had gone offline.

Wei Wei looked at the grey letters of Die Meng’s name. Remembering Die Meng’s confidence when they had last met, she felt a bit morose. She heard Xiao Ling chattering beside her that cyberdating wasn’t dependable and very fragile, and couldn’t help but say something in agreement, “Yeah, cyberdating is not dependable at all.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ling leapt at Wei Wei with tears in her eyes. “Wei Wei, you finally heard what I am saying!”

Over the last few days, she had taken what she had heard from other people, read online, reported in the newspaper where cyber-dating had not turned out well and tried to brainwash Wei Wei. She repeated it many times just to give Wei Wei a reminder of not getting tricked by bad men online. The last few days, Wei Wei hadn’t given any response, but the struggle was worth it now. She finally realized it!

Xiao Ling was moved by her own actions. She was such a good friend, such a rare specimen! Who knew that she heard Wei Wei ask her strangely, “Realize what?”

Xiao Ling feel down. It was useless, nothing had an effect. She decided not to retreat and cut to the point, “I said cyber-dating.”


Xiao Ling nodded, looking directly at Wei Wei.

Wei Wei looked at her. They stared directly at each other for a while. Wei Wei returned the pillow in her grasp back to Xiao Ling. “Here’s your pillow.”

Then, under Xiao Ling’s helpless gaze, she shut down the computer and climbed into bed.

Wei Wei hugged her own pillow on the bed, eyes looking at the ceiling.


En, cyber-dating wasn’t good!

But it was none of her business~~~

Sleep, sleep!

Because of Die Meng and Zhan Tian Xia’s divorce, Wei Wei and Nai He automatically won and went into the elimination rounds.

In the elimination rounds, all the opponents were the best from their individual servers. Their abilities were higher than the opponents that Wei Wei and Nai He had met before. But with Wei Wei and Nai He’s strength there, their professions matching, their impeccable cooperation, they rose steadily into the last round.

The day before the championship match of the tournament, Nai He said before leaving: “There’s a dinner tomorrow, I might be a bit late.”

Wei Wei nodded: “En (smiling sun), I’ll come on later too.”

Over this last while, Wei Wei had gotten used to a routine. Each day before leaving, she would ask for the time that Da Shen would be online the next day. On the next day, she would log on at precisely that time. Otherwise, if Da Shen wasn’t online, it was very boring.

Nai He: “At the very latest, seven thirty.”

Wei Wei: “Okay.”

But on the second night at seven thirty, Nai He didn’t appear.

[1] Refer back to Chapter Two. At that point, it was Xiao Yu Yao Yao Bu Yao Lian 108.