Chapter 2 “Wei Wei Groom Kidnapping? ◎______◎”

Chapter Two Wei Wei Groom Kidnapping? ◎______◎

Eight o’clock at night on the dot.

The red-clad female warrior stood confidently with her large blade on Chang’an’s Vermillion Bird Bridge.[1]

This was the place that all marriage sedans must travel through.

In [Dreams of Jianghu], marriage ceremonies could be grand or simple. Wei Wei and Zhen Shui’s ceremony had been very simple, just a simple trip to the Temple of the Elder of the Moon. At that time, everybody was poor and since it was for a quest, there wasn’t a need to make it so meaningful.

But today’s ceremony between Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu Yao Yao was definitely going to be very grand.

There were hundreds of flower wreaths on the streets, people playing gongs before the marriage sedan that was carried by eight people, the highest grade of food at the restaurant-tower that was entirely reserved, not to mention everybody at the wedding banquet would receive a red packet of 888 gold.

There were already rumours about this wedding, as Xiao Yu Yao Yao’s reputation was there and Zhen Shui was not entirely unknown either. Supposedly, the players from other servers had also taken notice, and there were those who registered puppet accounts to come watch this wedding ceremony.

On Vermillion Bird Bridge, the female warrior stood motionlessly, her shadow thin and expression sombre.

At this moment, the world channel had exploded.

[World] [Flowers Blowing The Flower Rain]: Everybody look, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang’s ex-wife is on Vermillion Bird Bridge!

[World] [E Ai Ni]: Yup, I can see her.

[World] [The Green Waves under the Bridge of Sorrow]: Me too. *sigh* I feel her figure is so sad. We always only see the joy of the new, we never see the grief of the old.

[World] [O He He]: Kao. There’s slang again. I really hate internet slang.

[World] [◎olo◎]: I saw her earlier and now I’m standing right beside her. Wow, today’s going to be exciting! I feel she’s going to kidnap the groom.

[World] [Chocolate Milk Tea]: I support Lu Wei Wei Wei marriage by capture!!! Xiao Yu Yao Yao belongs to me!!!

[World] [O He He]: … …

After that, the opposing side came out.

[World] [anny]: Even though Xiao Yu Yao Yao is beautiful, I still have to say she did not do this properly. Stealing somebody’s husband and bragging about it, isn’t she afraid of karma?

[World] [Call of Lightning]: Yeah. Lu Wei Wei Wei is a pretty good person, very loyal.

[World] [The Green Waves under the Bridge of Sorrow]: Look at Lu Wei, she’s so sad she can’t speak a word.

[World] [Grass 520]: The other woman … … such a pretty woman … … there’s no need … …

[World] [Xiao Yu Yao Yao Is Shameless 108]: Hehe, why is she showing off? She’s showing off her skills at stealing somebody else’s husband. Xiao Yu Yao Yao is shameless shameless shameless shameless shameless shameless ¥%%¥※×… … (the swearing was censored by the system)

This “Xiao Yu Yao Yao Is Shameless 108” was Xiao Yu Yao Yao’s sworn archenemy. Nobody knew why there was such enmity. For no apparent reason, the player would come out and swear at her. According to the rumours, he was killed and banned many times, but with each death and ban, he got bolder. Each time after being deleted, he would register again. The number after his name was supposedly the number of times he was deleted from the game.

At the sight of this person, Xiao Yu Yao Yao’s close friends couldn’t resist joining in.

[World] [Xiao Yu Fei Fei]: You shameless person, shut your mouth! Who’s saying Yao Yao is the other woman? Don’t think so highly of yourself, you aren’t qualified to label Yao Yao the other woman!!!

[World] [Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: If somebody wants to kidnap the groom, let them try. Don’t think you are invincible just because you are on the PK charts. Our Xiao Yu Family is all here, we’re just afraid nobody will dare to try.

[World] [wsn]: Women that are on the PK charts must be monsters, Zhen Shui’s choice isn’t wrong.

Due to the chatter on the world channel, everyone started to head to Vermillion Bird Bridge.

Bei Wei Wei came out of the washroom to find such a scene. Her crimson-clad warrior avatar was standing in the middle of a huge crowd, but there was an empty circle around her. The female warrior stood alone as a desolate figure in the middle.

Then the speech bubbles continuously came out from the surrounding players, the most frequent being “Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping!  Support Lu Wei Wei Wei groom kidnapping! “

Wei Wei was dumbstruck.

She had just got on to the game, went to Vermillion Bird Bridge and then left to go to the washroom. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes. What had happened?

Kidnap the groom?

Yes, the game did allow kidnapping of a spouse, but there were several requirements. First, there was a large fee that had to be paid to the system. Secondly, there had to be three continuous wins in 3 PK matches and lastly, the person being kidnapped had to agree to be kidnapped and subsequently to the marriage. . . If the person didn’t agree, the marriage by capture would be considered a failure. So except for those who were seriously infatuated, only brain-dead players would try marriage by kidnapping.

What did she do that made everybody would mistakenly think that she was going to attempt marriage by kidnapping?

Wei Wei looked on with a face full of despair, pondering if she suddenly decided to escape, would the gossiping crowd think that she was running away due to a broken heart?

As Wei Wei struggled over whether to leave or not, her friends list was bouncing, full of friends asking her what was going on. Wei Wei didn’t reply to any of them, closing every message. The sect channel was also bursting with discussion, the majority of the males siding with Zhen Shui and the majority of the females siding with Wei Wei. There were also some that were trying to tell Wei Wei to not take it so hard, and not do anything too damaging, since everybody was from the same sect.

The chat box started bouncing again. When Wei Wei opened it, the sender was Zhen Shui Wu Xiang. He seemed to be slightly enraged, and the tone of the message wasn’t polite at all. “What is it, weren’t you so cool with this yesterday? And I tried to repay you. It was you that didn’t accept.”

Wei Wei wanted to weep but couldn’t squeeze out any tears. She typed back powerlessly: “Friend, I only came … … to … … look … … at the spectacle … …”

[1]朱雀桥: Vermillion Bird Bridge, Zhu Que (vermillion bird) is a mythical bird, red in color. One of the four Legendary Beasts in Chinese mythology, is usually separate from the Phoenix