Chapter 20 “I Know”

Chapter Twenty I Know

Wei Wei had grown to be twenty years old but for the first time found that she was an alien ––

From the Planet of Turtles >o<

For aliens from the Planet of Turtles, whenever they encountered anything, they would shrink back. Living example: her. Another two days had passed and she still hadn’t gone online!!!

… …

… …

She definitely was possessed by aliens from the Planet of Awkwardness =  =


Rationally, she already knew what she thought and felt. She should rush into the game and try everything possible, up to and including trickery and seduction, to get Da Shen into settling down together, especially since she hadn’t married and Da Shen hadn’t jia[1] either, there were no problems there. (Wei Wei knew very early on that Da Shen was single. First, he was called by Yu Gong and the others as the “Eternal Bachelor”. Secondly, Wei Wei had asked him straight-up before they got married. She didn’t have any nefarious purposes in asking. It was just that Wei Wei always tried to act as honourably as possible from when she was little. Even for a “marriage” that only mattered in a game, she still didn’t want to get entangled up with somebody with a girlfriend or married.)

But, she just procrastinated and didn’t go online, and instead did some strange things. For example, replaying the words Da Shen said in the video … …

Wei Wei frightened herself with her weird actions, but she thought it through and found her reason –– first time in love. Doing weird things was normal. Not doing weird things was abnormal, in this case.


So, she kept being strange. She would wake up every day and swear to herself that she would definitely go online today. But before going to sleep at night, she would release herself from the promise and think that going online tomorrow still worked … …

After repeating for two days, she couldn’t stand herself anymore and set a resolution!


Saturday was exam day for Level Six exams. Immediately after that she would go online!

Wei Wei had planned it out very well but if things always went according to plan, it wouldn’t be called life. On Friday afternoon, an unexpected phone call beat Wei Wei out of her shell.

It went to the dorm phone. First it was Xiao Ling who received it and turned it over to Wei Wei. The other side formally asked her, “Is this Miss Bei Wei Wei?”

“Yes. This is?”

“Good afternoon, Miss Bei. This is Feng Teng Corporation[2] Dreams of Jianghu Operations Department … …”

Afterwards, Wei Wei was hit by the first free meat pastry to create a concussion of golden $$.

The other side said the high-level management of the company accidentally saw the video she had made and thought it was very well-done and emotionally moving. They wanted to use it as a promotional video. Additionally, they wanted to develop in the game a system of spouse kidnapping. Due to those reasons, they wanted to buy the copyright of the video.

Wei Wei held the phone. While surprise and excited, she still held her rationality and tried to decided if it was true. It probably was. There was no benefit to tricking people with this. It wasn’t strange the company knew how to contact her. To avoid having her number stolen, all the information she had entered into the account had been true.

After the person had finished, Wei Wei suppressed her excitement and answered slowly; “Can I wait to give you an answer? The video wasn’t produced by myself, I want to ask the opinion of my friends.”

Hanging up, Wei Wei eagerly opened up [Dreams of Jianghu] and logged in. Upon arrival, her friends list was bouncing rapidly. Click, click click. She opened them one by one. It was greetings and questions from her friends in the days she hadn’t been online. After clicking about ten of them, she suddenly stopped.

The last message was from Nai He.

The time was just before, almost exactly when she went online. The message had only a few words.

“Wei Wei, come over to me.”

If she used the couple technique “Together in Life and Death,” she could teleport instantly over to his side. But Wei Wei looked at the message and didn’t move. Her excitement started to cool and Wei Wei started to feel nervous.

At this time another “ding” sounded as a new message arrived. Wei Wei opened it with even more nervousness. Looking at the sender, she sighed in relief. It wasn’t Nai He, but Yu Gong.

Yu Gong: “Sansao, I let you down, kill me for it!”

His message was much easier to reply to. Wei Wei instantly replied: “What happened?”

Yu Gong sent a painfully crying expression: “That day after dinner, I was driving. We got into an accident!”

Wei Wei’s heart tightened. Accident! Her heart beat furiously and her face paled. After a few seconds, she managed to organize her thoughts. They were able to go online, so it probably wasn’t that serious. Even so, Wei Wei’s heartbeat still increased. After a while she replied: “Are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine, we hit a tree. Laosan was in the passenger seat and got the brunt of it. He was just unconscious for a few hours, and woke up around midnight!”

Wei Wei furiously replied with exclamation marks: “! ! ! ! ! !”

What was just unconscious for a few hours? Yu Gong, you have the head of a pig!

Now she didn’t have any misgivings left, using the technique to teleport to Nai He’s side.

Nai He was standing alone on the peak of Sunset Mountains.

Wei Wei had no interest in how the sunset and the white-clothed musician made a beautiful portrait. She rapidly typed: “Why are you still playing? You should be resting.”

Nai He seemed to pause. After a while he replied: “It’s fine now.”

“… …but you still can’t be playing. It wastes concentration.”

“Didn’t play, just had it open.”

Just had it open … …

Then why was he able to send a message immediately when she went online? Wei Wei wanted to refute his words, but for some reason, couldn’t say it. She only asked: “Are you still dizzy?”

“No.” Nai He said, “Sorry, I missed our match.”

“That’s a minor thing ––“

Compared to a car accident, it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Still on the topic of the PK Tournament, Wei Wei suddenly remembered that she hadn’t gone online for a few days. Nai He wouldn’t misunderstand and think that she was angry, would he? Ugh, she absolutely had not been, but the reason for being offline … …

Wei Wei timidly tried to cover up: “I’m going to have an exam soon, so I haven’t been online the last few days.”

Nai He stood silently and considered. He said: “I know.”

In front of the computer, Wei Wei’s face instantly started blushing.

You know ~~

You do not know!

Wei Wei silently thought as she looked at the musician’s silhouette. Her heart was sour and sweet in turns. After a while, she felt that Nai He’s three short words seemed to encompass unlimited meanings … … in one moment, her heart was full of different feelings, including joy at reuniting and finding what had been lost.

Barely controlling the changes in her emotions, Wei Wei finally remembered why she was online. She quickly narrated how Feng Teng Corporation wanted to buy the copyright to Nai He who listened quietly. After she finished, he said: “This matter is a bit complicated.”

“Ah, really?” Complicated? Wei Wei was a bit confused.

“Yes.” A concise but resolute answer. Then Nai He directly said: “Let’s meet up.”


[1] In this sentence, Wei Wei referred to herself as没婚 (not married) and Nai He as 没嫁 (not married). However, 婚 in this kind of context is usually applied to males while 嫁 refers specifically to females “leaving” their homes and marrying into the family of the husband.

[2] Feng Teng Corporation is the family company of Gu Man’s male protagonist (封腾) from one of her other works, “Come Eat, Shan Shan.”