Chapter 21 “I Was Waiting For You”

Chapter Twenty One I Was Waiting For You

Xiao Ling thought that life was full of mysteries.

Like now, the night before the Level Six exam, Wei Wei was dragging her to go shopping.

Okay, even though she had said it first, that they should relax and not study right before the exam. But Wei Wei didn’t have to react so quickly and, with eyes shining, pull her and race straight for the clothing store … …

Er Xi and Si Si also found it peculiar.

After dinner, they discovered that Xiao Ling and Wei Wei were not back at the dorms. The books were all on the table, so they couldn’t have gone for more self-study. Er Xi was bored and sent a text message to Xiao Ling asking for their location.

Very quickly, Xiao Ling replied to the text –– Buying clothes with Wei Wei.

Er Xi was very surprised, and asked for the specific store. She took Si Si with her to go spectate. Running to the store and opening the door, they saw Wei Wei just walking out from the changing room.

Er Xi and Si Si suddenly stopped at the doorway.

They had never seen such an eye-catching Wei Wei before.

The usual ponytail was gone, and her hair was left to flow naturally. At the end, the strands slightly curled and fell onto pale-white shoulders. She was wearing a crimson thigh-length dress. The v-cut design in the front displaying delicate collarbones. The thin material of the dress draped closely as it fell down her body, showing off the waist which tempted others to believe they could circle with one hand. A slight movement sent the dress into countless waves. Under the dress, perfectly proportioned and pale legs were displayed, entrancing all to be unable to remove their gaze. On the feet were thin crystal heels, exhibiting the delicate nature of the appendages. Her entire person seemed to be shining, the whole effect intimidating and majestic. The inside of the store seemed to light up.

The store became very quiet. Xiao Ling was blown away. After a while, she saw Er Xi and Si Si, and immediately started showing off. “How is it? I helped Wei Wei pick it out. Pretty good taste, huh?”

Definitely good taste, Er Xi was about to say. But in front of the mirror, Wei Wei was complaining dejectedly, “Xiao Ling, couldn’t you help me pick something more innocent-looking?”

Xiao Ling, “… …”

Er Xi, “… …”

Si Si, “… …”

The salesperson rolled her eyes inside. The dress is entirely innocent! You’re the one with too much of a hot body and too many curves. It has nothing to do with our innocent and pure dress!!

After that moment of silence, Xiao Ling speechlessly turned and started picking out clothes again. Er Xi walked into the store and asked Wei Wei, “Why are you thinking of buying clothes now?”

Wei Wei said, “Because I found that the clothes from last year had lint balls >o<”

Er Xi stayed silent. I told you that already, but weren’t you pretty happy a few days ago wearing them?

Si Si said, “But you didn’t have to come out now to buy clothes, there’s an exam tomorrow.”

“Uh … …” Wei Wei didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to tell anybody yet that she was meeting with Nai He, so she tried to cover it up, “that … … tomorrow I have an interview!”

This wasn’t lying. Tomorrow’s interview was the interview of a lifetime!

Er Xi thought that it was strange. “You are going to work over the summer? What type of manic employer would schedule an interview on Saturday night? We don’t even finish our exam until five twenty.”

Wei Wei was embarrassed.

That “maniac” … … seemed to be her … …

In the afternoon when Nai He had proposed to meeting up, Wei Wei had feel like … … how to describe it. Like she just realized that she was hungry and then from the sky fell a whole heap of chicken wings.

There was shock.

There was surprise

There was not knowing what to do.

There was definitely nervousness.

She almost started overthinking. Nai He might not be proposing a meeting for the video. Maybe, it was an excuse? But this thought was too narcissistic and Wei Wei threw it back into the depths of her mind.

A million thoughts roiling in her mind resulted in Wei Wei’s brain freezing –  –. When she replied to Nai He, half a minute had passed and only with a simple “Okay.”

Nai He didn’t seem to mind her slowness. After receiving a positive answer, he straightforwardly sent over his contact information.

“My cell, 13xxxxxxxxx.”

Wei Wei looked at that line of numbers and her heart started beating furiously. She was even more excited than when Nai He had proposed meeting up.

Nai He’s phone number.

Finally, finally, they had a connection in real life.

Wei Wei hurriedly wrote down the number and thought that she should probably respond with her own phone number. But, she didn’t have a phone right now =  =.

Her cell phone had been stolen last year, and then Wei Wei found that life without a cellphone was too easy and too comfortable so she hadn’t bought a new one. Really, a student didn’t have much that they needed a cell phone for. In the dorm, it was all students from the same department. Any matters only required passing it on.

But now, if she didn’t give a phone number, Nai He might think she was insincere. Wei Wei reluctantly typed: “My phone was stolen and I haven’t bought a new one >o<”

To show her sincerity in meeting, Wei Wei took the initiative and asked: “Where should we meet? I’m at UA, outside the 4th Ring Road. You’re probably in B City too.”

Even though they hadn’t asked for details from each other but there were always traces from conversation. Nai He surely had guessed she was at B City so he had invited her to meet.

“En, I’m here.” Nai He responded indifferently: “I’ll go pick you up at UA, what time are you free?”

Wei Wei was startled by the “pick up” and her head was dazed so she said what was on her mind: “My exam is tomorrow, I’m free after five thirty.”

“Six o’clock I’ll wait for you at the Eastern Door of UA?”

“Five thirty.” Otherwise she had to wait a half hour. It seemed that Nai He seemed pretty familiar with UA, her mind dazedly computed. Wei Wei didn’t think before sending the message and she suddenly paused. She, she, she seemed to be too eager. *cry*

The more she thought, the worse the embarrassment. She quickly confirmed the time and left behind a “Tomorrow when it’s time, I’ll call your cell. I have something so I’ll leave first” before quickly escaping. And then she just sat there staring at the computer, and then stared at her wardrobe

… …

“The pure and innocent type, go try.”

Bei Wei Wei was still deep in her thoughts. Xiao Ling impatiently thrust what she had found into Wei Wei’s hands. Really, she was doing the hard work and Wei Wei was still picky, humph!

Wei Wei was flustered as she took the clothes back into the changing rooms. It only took a short while to come out. Xiao Ling nodded in her head.

This time, it wasn’t a dress. A short shirt with mid-length sleeves and a tailored waist, paired with a light-blue skirt with printed flowers. The workmanship and tailoring of the clothes were average but on Wei Wei’s body, it seemed refined. And the blue and white recalled clear skies and covered up some of the bold beauty that was set into Wei Wei’s bones.

Using Er Xi’s words, it was successful in pretending to be pure and innocent. (Wei Wei >o<)

Wei Wei was very satisfied herself. Even though she wasn’t very used to the skirt as it came down to a few centimeters above her knees, the skirt didn’t move when she was wearing it. She stood proudly in front of the mirror.

Si Si looked at Wei Wei in the mirror and teased her, “Wei Wei, don’t put such importance on that. It’s just an interview. Don’t you usually think that what’s on the inside matters?”

Wei We sighed heavily, “Meeting for the first time, anything inside is just meaningless at the beginning. This type of heavy weaponry, it’s better to be saved for fatal strikes.

Er Xi: “… … You’re strong!”

After playing with her friends, Wei Wei looked at herself in the mirror. She kept feeling that something wasn’t right. “Ah, shoes.”

She was still wearing that pair of crystal heels that Xiao Ling helped pick.

Xiao Ling said, “This pair is very pretty. With a skirt, you should wear those heels.”

Wei Wei shook her head. “Too high.”

She was already 169 centimeters tall. This pair of shoes is another seven or eight centimeters. Added together, she would be around 175 centimers.

If Nai He … … wasn’t that tall then … …


This time, she didn’t burden Xiao Ling. Wei Wei chose a pair of flat white sandals with a bit of a heel and received recognition from her friends. Wei Wei then started bargaining with the salesperson.

Behind her, Er Xi quietly said: “That shirt, it’s very conservative … …”

The collar had two lines of little buttons that were tightly closed. Nothing was showing.

Xiao Ling nodded: “Very clean and pure, perfect for Wei Wei. For an interview, a bit of the student aura is good.”

Er Xi remained silent. Inside she was screaming. Was she the only one that thought that this shirt with the buttons was so tight that it was even more tempting? What was called a forbidden temptation? This was it!

Er Xi cried silently.

At last, Wei Wei used two hundred to buy the three items. On the second day, she wore it directly to the exam as there was no time to change since they were meeting at five thirty.

As a result … …

The exam room descended into shock.

In reality, what Wei Wei was wearing was pretty normal. But Wei Wei didn’t usually wear skirts. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, but classes took place far away from the dorms. Wearing skirts made it hard to bike.

So today when she changed her attire, countless eyeballs dropped in surprise. Wei Wei was used to being the center of attention but today, even she started getting self-conscious. Luckily the exam started quickly and released her from that kind of embarrassment.

The Level Six exam went abnormally smoothly. In the middle there was one reading comprehension passage that was the same as what Wei Wei had read recently on an English newspaper. It helped save Wei Wei a lot of time. Completely finishing and double-checking included, only fifty minutes had passed.

So Wei Wei started daydreaming. Her heart, which had calmed down because of the exam, started to beat again. After ruminating for a few minutes, Wei Wei decisively stood up and handed in her exam early.

Coming out of the building, Wei Wei took a deep breath.

The time was getting closer. It was almost five thirty. Nai He was probably on the road to UA. Right now, was he also … … also this nervous?

Walking along the unpopulated campus roads, Wei Wei sped up and slowed down erratically, mirroring her emotions, which were uplifted one moment and apprehensive the next. In her hand, she tightly grasped the card that had Nai He’s phone number. She had memorized the number, but she was afraid her memory was faulty and then she wouldn’t be able to find Nai He.

Wei Wei’s exam building was pretty close to the eastern entrance. After walking about ten minutes, she could see the Eastern Door. Even knowing that Nai He most likely hadn’t come this early, Wei Wei still started searching from very far away.

The exams hadn’t ended so there were not many people near the Eastern Doors. Only a few people were passing through. Wei Wei didn’t see anybody like Nai He but at first glance saw somebody from the legends.

Xiao Nai?

Wasn’t that person beside the doors, standing underneath the willow, Xiao Nai?

Wei Wei couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Outside the Eastern Doors, the willow trees had matured very well. Each of the branches was full of greenery, gently swaying underneath the sun. That person wore a simple white shirt and calmly stood under the tree. From far away, Wei Wei could only see his inky black hair.

It really was Xiao Nai.

Why was he here?

It looked like he was waiting? Who had that power, to make Xiao Nai Da Shen wait.

As she mused Wei Wei automatically walked towards the other side of the door. She didn’t have the courage to stand together with Xiao Nai. But after a few steps, she found that on the other side of the Eastern Doors there was a large tour bus parked there.

Uh … …

Nothing to do about it, she had to change direction and walked towards Xiao Nai. At the same time, Xiao Nai seemed to sense her and looked up.

Wei Wei’s steps paused as her gaze met his clear stare.

Wei Wei couldn’t remember who had said this phrase –– whatever place Xiao Nai stood, that place will magically become scenery, it was not the appearance, but the personality that made it so.

This moment was like that. Xiao Nai was not doing anything but standing there. That part of space seemed unlike the surroundings, almost holding a type of supernaturally indifferent grace.

Under a daze, Wei Wei felt that this scene was very familiar.

A willow tree waving in the wind.

A man as nonchalant and elegant like bamboo.

A calm and waiting attitude.

Where did she see it before? Wei Wei dizzily thought, awkwardly shifting her eyes. She lowered her head and kept walking, but still felt … …

She couldn’t help but raise her head.

And as a result, she met Xiao Nai’s stare.

He was still quietly looking, the gaze clear and focused. It seemed to give Wei Wei a misconception –– he was waiting for her to come closer.

But was that possible? Wei Wei didn’t think that highly of herself.

But why did he keep on looking at her? Has Xiao Da Shen seen her before? Knew that she was in his faculty? So he looked at her a bit more?

En, this seemed more reasonable. Then … … should she go up and greet him, especially since they were in the same faculty?

But … … would it be misconstrued as flirting >o<

Wei Wei’s steps involuntarily slowed down. But slowly, very slowly, she still went closer … …

At the end, she still bowed down under the pressure of holding the stare for so long, prepared to be asked “Who are you”. Wei Wei stopped, gathered her courage and greeted him, “Xiao Shixiong, what a coincidence.”

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

… …

No response.

Wei Wei dejectedly lowered her head, feeling very awkward. She was vexed at herself for being agitated. Walking past him was fine, she didn’t have to greet him. Now she was being ignored.

How about quietly floating past?

Thinking wildly, Wei Wei couldn’t resist raising her head again. She found that the corner of Xiao Nai’s mouth had curved up slightly and in the eyes that were looking at her, there seemed to be a hint of laughter.

And then Wei Wei heard his voice.

“It’s not a coincidence.” A slightly cold voice passed gently into her ears, “I was waiting for you.”