Chapter 29 “The Most Terrifying Team in History”

Chapter Twenty Nine The Most Terrifying Team in History

Wei Wei dropped offline within 0.1 seconds.

In the minute after, Wei Wei’s thought was, luckily I ran quickly.

After one minute, Wei Wei started to regret it. Why did she have to go offline, it was just a joke. Running away made her seem even more suspicious. No way! She had to be calm. Even if she wasn’t calm, she had to pretend to be even more so.

So Wei Wei climbed online again. Upon arrival, she saw her otherworldly white-clade fujun daren standing together with Mo Zha Ta. Before they could speak, Wei Wei sent a furious emoticon.

“The internet just disconnected!”

“… …”

In one of the dorms of UA, a male student called Hao Mei choked. He turned his head to look at the person, who, because there had been no empty seat, had carelessly placed his laptop on his knees and logged into the game. “You wife is a real genius.”

“You’re too complimentary.” Xiao Nai modestly said. But his face still had a “Of course my wife is a genius” expression. The corners of his lips held laughter, his eyes that were gazing at the laptop were full of light, his long and narrow fingers tapping slowly on the keyboard: “The campus internet is truly not reliable.”

This time it was Wei Wei that choked.

Why was it that seeing Da Shen’s benevolent reply, her heart was full of thorns and her hair rose? Wei Wei uncontrollably thought back to a very long time ago to that poor person called Mo Dao Shi Xue who had offended Da Shen. Before Da Shen had acted, there hadn’t been any forewarning. It could be seen that he was a very patient opponent. Fine, if it was a bomb, let it explode as early as possible. Otherwise, the deeper it was buried, the bigger the explosion.

But, even if Wei Wei was ready to face life bravely, she couldn’t help but make one last final struggle. It was said that offense was the best defense … …


Wei Wei: “Uh, I heard that somebody called you today to declare their affections.”

Xiao Nai looked at Hao Mei once this line popped up. Hao Mei stared fixedly at his own computer, cold sweat running down his back.

Xiao Nai smiled slightly, and easily responded.

Yi Xiao Nai He: “Today, there was only somebody calling to request for me to perform the zither for the Graduation celebration.”


A period of silence later.

Mo Zha Ta: “Yu Gong’s asking me to help scrub his back. Leaving, leaving.”

He vanished in the blink of an eye.

Wei Wei wanted to grab him back and beat him with a paddle eighty times. You don’t lie about your intelligence. It can kill people.

In the game, the lotus flowers were blooming. The musician had already sat down and was playing his zither. “Furen can be assured, I have never been confessed to from when I was very little ‘til now.”

Wei Wei could almost cry. If you hadn’t been confessed to, then you haven’t. Did he have to emphasize “from when I was very little ‘til now”? Da Shen was definitely doing it on purpose.

Wait a second!

That line went around her head a few times. Wei Wei suddenly felt that it wasn’t right. Da Shen said he had never been confessed to?! That wasn’t possible! She had seen it with her own eyes!

Wei Wei: “… … I’ve seen you getting confessed to.”

Wei Wei started thinking back to the times before when she would occasionally see him. One occasion had been when he had carelessly brushed off the pink letter a female student had passed.

Xiao Nai’s brows creased.“What time?”

Wei Wei tried to recall her memories. Because it was a memorable occasion to see Da Shen, she still remembered the general time.

“End of last term, in front of the library. I saw somebody give you a love letter.”

A short pause after.

Yi Xiao Nai He: “I think I have an impression.”

See, see. And he said he never been confessed to before. Wei Wei side-eyed him.

Yi Xiao Nai He: “It was a girl probably handing out flyers.”

Wei Wei: “… … not likely.”

Yi Xiao Nai He: “Why not? So there are people that will suddenly confess on the road, or is it that … …”

Yi Xiao Nai He: “Furen has encountered it before?”

Wei Wei felt cold sweat forming. She had encountered that before, and not just once.

The white-clothed musician sighed: “Furen is very popular.”

It was over. It was getting worse by the moment. Wei Wei hurriedly said: “No, no. Actually too much of these kinds of things are very bothersome.”

Ah, wrong. That sounded like she was boasting.

Wei Wei changed her explanation: “That is, this kind of thing should be measured in quality and not quantity. It’s enough that you have me.”

The result of the hands being faster than the brain was that ––extra stuff skipped the filter in the brain and came out of the hands.

0.001 seconds later, it was a rare occasion to see Da Shen shocked motionless.

Wei Wei quickly fled offline again.

Wei Wei was self-reflecting.

She was wrong.

She shouldn’t have copied bad habits. Shouldn’t have copied Yu Gong and did some kind of “on the point” remark. Look what had happened. Once you got used to it, the result was that, at critical times, she made it worse for herself.

It was over. How could she see Da Shen tomorrow? This wouldn’t work. She had to leave early tomorrow before Da Shen could call over. Thinking of calling, the dorm phone started to ring. It shocked Wei Wei out of her own thoughts.

There was only her in the dorm. Wei Wei ran over to take it.


“It’s me.”

Da Shen … … also called over … … Wei Wei swallowed dryly, and half-heartedly said, “… … You also logged off?”

“Not logged off,” Xiao Nai said clearly. “The campus internet today isn’t very reliable. I also got disconnected.”

Wei Wei >_<. Da Shen, was it that if you don’t embarrass me several times a day, you couldn’t sleep?!

Almost as though he could see Wei Wei’s face as she was embarrassed to the point of speechlessness, Xiao Nai laughed gently.

“Wei Wei, I’m very happy.”

The deep voice reverberated around the empty hallway. Xiao Nai held his cellphone and leaned against the wall. He thought back to when he took out his phone and left the dorm, how his friends had started laughing at him.

“Calling our Bei Beauty now?”

They all knew what he was going out to do. It was probably because his thoughts at the time couldn’t be masked.

Even if he usually never outwardly expressed his feelings.

Da Shen said he was happy … … because of what she had said?

Wei Wei’s fingers, of their own accord, started winding the telephone cord. A long time later, there was a very quiet “En.”

Both sides of the phone were quiet, as though speaking wasn’t necessary. Later, Wei Wei finally found another topic. “That, I asked the company to give us divine-level pets in the contract.”

“Hao Mei already told me.”

“I only asked for four, you don’t have a share.” Truthfully, there was a part for him. But she didn’t know if it would succeed, so it was better not to get his hopes up first.

Wei Wei winded the telephone cord in loops again and again. “I only asked for a small tiger, the attributes aren’t as good as yours. Also, the gender isn’t the same as your tiger.”

Xiao Nai quickly understood her meaning but refused to say it, only laughed quietly, “So?”

“Nothing. The next time we go online, let’s get them to marry. Maybe they will have divine-level offspring.”

“Okay,” Xiao Nai said, “next time, I’ll ask my tiger if he is willing.”

This needed asking?! Wei Wei got angry. “This entire game, there is only this one female tiger. He won’t dare to refuse!”

Xiao Nai laughed deep in his throat. “En, that’s true. He definitely would be willing.”

It was as through a feather gently brushed at the most sensitive spot in her heart. Wei Wei felt she couldn’t hold the phone up. Even though Xiao Nai was not in front of her, her eyes couldn’t stop wondering. When her eyes saw the clock on Si Si’s desk, a certain event that had been forgotten somewhere outside the Milky Way finally floated up in her head.

Wei Wei, “Are you free right now?”


“Go online again, help my friend kill a boss.”

Wei Wei sweated as she entered her password. This was her third time logging on today. She saw Lei Shen Ni Ni’s plea when she arrived.

“Wei Wei, you were gone!”

Wei Wei guiltily replied: “Disconnected . . . . . .”

Lei Shen Ni Ni: “Oh, I thought you forgot me.”

Wei Wei felt even guiltier: “No … … how many spots do you have? I’m taking somebody strong over.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni: “Haven’t called anybody yet. You come over with your friend.”

Finishing her chat with Lei Shen Ni Ni, Nai He had already appeared by her side. Wei Wei shouted at him, but there was no response. After a minute, the musician finally said: “Here, just had to clear away the bystanders.”

The bystanders … …

Wei Wei speechlessly added him to the team. The two quickly travelled to the entrance of the Netherworld cave.

Lei Shen Ni Ni was already there waiting for them. Seeing that the “strong player” that Wei Wei brought over was actually Yi Xiao Nai He, she fell into disarray. In a private message, she yelled at Wei Wei: “Yi Xiao Nai He is helping me with a boss?! ! ! ! ! !”

Wei Wei smiled: “En, it’s very enjoyable fighting with him. Later, let him be in command.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni sent a long string of drooling emoticons.

Wei Wei: “I haven’t fought the Netherworld boss before. Nai He?”

Yi Xiao Nai He: “No.”

Wei Wei: “I’ll go look it up.”

Even though Wei Wei herself didn’t like looking at guides, but when helping somebody else, it was better to be prepared.

“No need.” Nai He said: “Just call over a long-distance attacker, it would be quicker that way.”

Lei Shen Ni Ni blindly obeyed. “Okay, I’ll ask in the sect, there’s definitely going to be somebody that wants to pass it.”

As she was saying so, she opened the sect channel to ask.

Sect [Lei Shen Ni Ni]: Anybody want a chance at the Netherworld crone, a long-distance and another else.

There was somebody responding immediately, but the person was a bit of a surprise.

Sect [Zhen Shui Wu Xiang]: Two spots? I’ll come over with Yao Yao, give me a moment.

Lei Shen Ni Ni’s eyes widened. Before she could think of a good excuse to refuse, Zhen Shui had already taken Xiao Yu Yao Yao and appeared at the entrance.

The two sides met and Wei Wei instantly felt chagrin.

Lei Shen Ni Ni had a sudden urge to kill herself. Her brain kept on coming up with “Today’s weather isn’t that good, let’s retreat,” “Today is World Peace Day, let’s not fight” “I suddenly have diarrhoea” etc etc. excuses. Finally, they all condensed into one strong urge ––Why wasn’t the power going off!

Under such conditions, Lei Shen Ni Ni said: “This, does somebody not want to come?”

Okay. Originally, Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu Yao Yao had wanted to leave. But after Ni Ni had said that, they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to.

It would be too embarrassing.

Lei Shen Ni Ni was in their sect. Why should it be them that had to leave?

Wei Wei really didn’t want to work together with Zhen Shui and the others, but first, she was doing this as a favour to Lei Shen Ni Ni, and second … … she got here first. It should be the other two that should leave.

It was quiet for a full minute.

Yi Xiao Nai He: “Team up.”