Chapter 30 “The Manner of Those Who are Strong”

Chapter Thirty The Manner of Those Who Are Strong

Before joining, Lei Shen Ni Ni wanted to die.

After joining the team and looking at that line of IDs inside the team, Lei Shen Ni Ni was suddenly revitalized.

It was like what they say. One Ni Ni was struck by lightning, thousands of Ni Ni’s stand up in the midst of a lightning storm! Everything for gossip! Clenches fist!

In front of the computer, Lei Shen Ni Ni stared fixedly at the display, her eyes shining with the strength of a few hundred thousand watts. Her left hand was right on top of the screenshot key, her heart murmuring constantly: “Come on! Let’s have some flames!

Unfortunately, as the minutes grew, her expected flames didn’t appear.

The Netherworld was a series of six caves. The boss of the Netherworld Caves was, using a more precise description––the Ancient Crone of the Netherlands and her male concubines >o<. After the first cave where it was a few cutscenes about requesting aid and a tutorial, the following caves were guarded by the male concubines. After beating the concubines into submission and escaping, then they could enter the very last cave ––the Crone and all the escaped male concubines together.

It had to be said that the settings for this quest were very evil, but the worst was at the end ––the female players that died during the quest would receive a straight notice that the player had died, but if it was a male player, the system would sent a notice “Player xxx has now disappeared into the depths of the Netherworld…. …”

That long string of dots made others want to think further. Combining that with the hobby of the Crone to collect male concubines, the whereabouts of the male players were obvious. So whenever there was a team that was destroyed, the World Channel would say a few words.

“Aw, another person was abused to death by the Crone.”

“xx Bro, how is it being a male concubine?”

At the beginning, some players couldn’t stand having themselves thought of together with the Crone and said that they had died in the earlier caves. But the responses on the World Channel became ––

Kao, the early caves, got xxoo by a man.”

Or ––

“Can’t even beat a meimei, are you still a man?”

In comparison, it was better being a male concubine >_<

The team smoothly passed the first few levels. But this accomplishment, for Wei Wei, was too slow. Due to the fact that they were teaming up with Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu, Wei Wei wanted to finish and leave quickly with Da Shen. She didn’t want to waste time on the smaller monsters. But Xiao Yu Yao Yao’s running and control was so bad, it kept on tempting more monsters to chase them. Even if they didn’t want to spend the time, they had to.

After finishing the second to last cave, Lei Shen Ni Ni stopped at the transportation point. She hesitated before saying: “The next part, who should be in command?”

In reality, the command issue should have been resolved before starting but Lei Shen Ni Ni had acted like an ostrich and didn’t ask. In the earlier caves, this issue wasn’t important because they had Wei Wei and Nai He. Their combined attacks were sufficient to pass through. But that wouldn’t work at this last level. Facing such a strong opponent, there had to be a central leader.

Lei Shen Ni Ni thought that the leader position should naturally fall to Yi Xiao Nai He. She had always wanted to see what the mannerism that the “Number One Strongest Player” had in battle. But with Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and Xiao Yu Yao Yao here, she couldn’t easily make the request.

Wei Wei knew her dilemma and almost said it should be the usual, the highest levelled player should be in command. However, she saw that Zhen Shui Wu Xiang’s level was the exact same as Da Shen. Wei Wei felt a bit shocked. How did he advance so quickly? Da Shen and her hadn’t been on for a while, so being caught up by a bit wasn’t strange. But this much? Did he play all the time without sleeping or eating?

Still wondering about it, she saw Nai He say: “It doesn’t matter, this quest’s difficulty isn’t that high.”

Wei Wei respected Da Shen to the point of kneeling down.

Da Shen, you are so devious. Since you said it this way, even if Zhen Shui wanted to say he wanted command, he couldn’t do it. Otherwise, it would appear as though he were picking up your leftovers.

Zhen Shui, Xiao Yu and Ni Ni stayed silent … …

A long time later.

Wei Wei: “… … since it isn’t that difficult, then I can try.”

In the past when Wei Wei had partnered up with Zhen Shui, most of the time, it had been Wei Wei in command. After marrying Nai He, this duty had been given to Da Shen. Wei Wei actually felt a bit unused to it now that she was back in that position.

Especially since there was somebody who couldn’t keep up.


The Ancient Crone of the Netherlands was very strong and her techniques were very underhanded.

Destroying Harmony, healers couldn’t add attributes to themselves.

Mirroring Attacks, the damage dealt by one person can, proportionally, reflect on that person’s teammates.

Conflict between Partners, only worked when there were couples in the team, similar to Mirroring Attacks.

Take from the Yang to give to the Yin, very evil. A percentage of the male players’ health would leave, and a multiple of it would be given to the Ancient Crone.

In conclusion, this boss was a test for healers. And because of that, this boss, to a team with Yi Xiao Nai He, wasn’t that difficult. Da Shen’s dodging skills were very strong.

Fighting to a certain point, the Crone summoned all the male concubines that had escaped before and started melee fighting.

Wei Wei wanted to get rid of a specific concubine because he had a troublesome technique called “Turtle’s Walk” that slowed players down. But, when she started to change position, she saw Yi Xiao Nai He’s reminder.

Team [Yi Xiao Nai He]: Main.

Wei Wei knew that his idea was for her to attack the Ancient Crone, so she let the little boss go and focused on the Crone of the Netherworld.

Nai He quickly sent an explanation: “It’s a rescue quest. The rewards and how many were saved are proportional.”

Wei We remembered. In the cutscene in the first cave, it was true that they said that these concubines were captured and seduced by the Crone. Since the goal was to rescue them, naturally they couldn’t kill them.

Wei Wei felt a bit embarrassed. She had eaten too much soft rice herself. Her critical thinking skills had obviously weakened … … even as she fought, she started to seriously examine, out of her and Da Shen, who was the one that was really eating soft rice?

Of course, she didn’t forget to be in charge of the battle.

Team [Lu Wei Wei Wei]: Arrow

Wei Wei hadn’t finished before she was disrupted by the Crone’s attack. Before she could continue typing, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang seemed to have understood.

Team [Zhen Shui Wu Xiang]: ok.

Wei Wei stared in shock as she saw Zhen Shui Wu Xiang attack following the path she had wanted.

Team [Lei Shen Ni Ni]: Haha, you guys have pretty good teamwork.

Lei Shen Ni Ni was the Queen of Awkwardness today. Every time she opened her mouth, everybody else would be silent for a long while. But this boss was almost done and over with, she could leave very soon. Who knew that at this crucial time, something else happened. Xiao Yu Yao Yao, who had been locked on to Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and been boosting and healing him, suddenly started healing Yi Xiao Nai He.

Nai He was the primary healer on the team and therefore the Crone’s first priority for attack. When Xiao Yu Yao Yao started boosting him, the Crone’s focus immediately switched to her and leapt for her. Her dodging skill couldn’t compare to Da Shen, and was cut down in one stroke. She died on the ground.

After that, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang, who didn’t receive the healing he needed in time, also died.

Wei Wei stared with her mouth open at that string of changes. She couldn’t understand why Xiao Yu Yao Yao suddenly started healing Nai He. Did she not know how to lock on to Zhen Shui?

Her hands involuntarily stopped. If she sent a big attack over, the Crone would certainly die. But there might not be enough time for Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and Xiao Yu Yao Yao to come back to life. Wei Wei didn’t care whether they were dead or not, but it was her that was in command. If half of the team died, it would appear that her leadership was faulty.

Wei Wei felt fury rise. With such a genius stroke by Xiao Yu Yao Yao, there was more time for the Crone to heal.

In the middle of her planning, she saw a bright attack appear in a flash of light. The musician’s one and only attack, covered in a grand stream of light, slashed towards the Crone. At almost the exact same time, white healing light revived Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and Xiao Yu Yao Yao.

In a lightning flash.

Time stopped.

The Ancient Crone of the Netherworld’s body loudly fell to the ground.

The white-clad musician stood with his zither by his side, his clothes swaying.

Everything happened too quickly. Wei Wei’s eyes were blinded and she felt her heart stop. The usually chatty Ni Ni was also struck dumb, but after that was an explosion.

Private Message [Lei Shen Ni Ni]: “God, your husband is too cool!”

Private Message [Lei Shen Ni Ni]: “How did he do it in such a short amount of time!”

Private Message [Lei Shen Ni Ni]: “He brought back Zhen Shui and Yao Yao, he has the mannerism of somebody who is strong, he is a man who is generous!”

Wei Wei’s fingers stopped on the keys, her heartstrings vibrating.

In that flash, that one save and one kill was almost a miracle beyond the limits of reality. The usual calm and composed musician, at this moment, seemed to be surrounded by an unspoken madness.

… …

… …

A very, very long time after, Wei Wei would remember this scene and couldn’t resist asking why he had brought back Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu Yao Yao. From all viewpoints, Da Shen didn’t seem like the type of person to use good deeds to repay offenses against him.

Xiao Nai thought for a bit and said, “Don’t you feel they would feel even worse because I was the one that brought them back?”