Chapter 32 “Rumours”

Chapter Thirty Two Rumours

The university forums had, due to the romance between the CompSci faculty’s top genius and top beauty, been very noisy and crowded recently. After a few days, it had quieted as there was no new gossip. But on Saturday night, a new posting appeared, and once again attracted all of the students.

The topic of the post was –– Revealed! Our university’s celebrated female talent challenging scandalous beauty!

Excitement! Today, I aimlessly went onto a certain talented girl’s blog and found a very fresh post! I really was just glancing over, but who knew that after a read I was excited, the more I read, the more excited I got. So I’m taking it to share with everybody.

Blog website:

I’m not virtuous, pasted the whole post.

And then the OP pasted the entire blog post which was titled [Who was it that let you not have 34c]. The post was very long. In the beginning, it was about a few meaningless topics, and then described how the author had gone to drink coffee yesterday afternoon with her friends. It had started describing the taste and décor of the cafe. And after that was the part highlighted by the poster.

… …

… …

Accidentally started talking about the scandal that shook the university these past days. Can’t help but cry.

Person A can’t help but mourn: It can be seen that men, no matter how talented or otherworldly, would only always love a woman’s face.


Person B didn’t agree and pointed towards Person C sitting beside them: Isn’t Person C even more beautiful? She is both talented and beautiful, and they knew each other first.

Person C is an amazing beauty, brimming with talent. She is infatuated with Person Xiao. Today, she lost to somebody unequal to her, her disappointment and sorrow cannot be expressed in words.

Person A said, Person C is an innocent. It’s probably her techniques that weren’t as good as others.

I laughed at Person C. Yeah, who let you not have 34c.

After that was another narrative. In every word there were hints of intelligence at tempting men, and it seemed to also hide a bit of bruised pride and narcissism.

The author was called Aixiang Nai Er, a notable person in the university, who had the label of being talented. Usually, she liked to write paragraphs on coffee and Western music. Supposedly, she had a column on some famous magazine.

Er Xi got angrier as she read. “What talent, this is just plain personal attacks!”

Wei Wei didn’t speak, her finger calmly pressing on the mouse to scroll down. The post had been up for a while. There were a lot of replies, many of them agreeing.

But this wasn’t strange. Even though Wei Wei had good grades, she came out of a normal family and didn’t have some special talent. To people outside the CompSci faculty, their impression usually stopped on her outstanding appearance. Now that she had been called such by Ai Xiang Nai Er, a majority felt the same.

Of course, there were those that thought Aixiang Nai Er was very tasteless and jealous, and there were some who where also guessing who Person C could be. For this, somebody had opened a separate thread to bet. The university beauty Meng Yi Ran was the most popular guess.

Xiao Ling and Si Si had a stomach full of anger. Xiao Ling laughed coldly, “This type of woman probably thinks that all the men in the world should love her. If they don’t love her, then it is because they are shallow and don’t understand inner beauty.”

Si Si put out an idea, “Let’s post Wei Wei’s grades, embarrass the heck out of her.”

Wei Wei finally spoke, “Reply to what? This type of post, the one getting shamed isn’t me.”

She hadn’t finishing reading the replies but Wei Wei clicked the red x on the top right corner. Rage was obviously there, but seeing Er Xi and the others burning with righteous anger for her, Wei Wei felt at peace. There was no reason to reply. Real life wasn’t a game. In a game, what was required was  rashness, to retaliate without any hesitation. In real life, there were many things to consider. There was a need to pick the most rational course of action. Not retaliating was a bit depressing, but it was better than putting on a show for others.

But coming back to it, the reason Wei Wei could be so calm was because this post only touched a meaningless part of her. If it had stepped onto forbidden grounds, she would have gone to confront them in person. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t done it before.

Having nothing else to say and after saying goodbye to Yu Gong and the others, Wei Wei shut down the computer and went into the washroom to prepare for bed.

Er Xi chased over and knocked on the door. “Wei Wei, aren’t you angry?”

Putting away the towel she was wiping her face with, Wei Wei looked at herself in the mirror. Her gaze was calm, and she said, “They are complimenting me for having both talent and beauty, why be angry?”

Er Xi irritatedly said, “Wei Wei, are your eyes blind? They didn’t say you had talent, they clearly said you don’t have brains.”

“The “body” is also a talent.” Wei Wei opened the washroom door, “And also, brains, this kind of thing, can only be mutually recognized by people who are on the same level.”

Er Xi didn’t manage to react immediately. After understanding, she looked admiringly at Wei Wei. “Wei Wei, you are nasty!”

This wasn’t anything. Using Yu Gong’s words, this wasn’t one hair compared to Da Shen’s nine cows.

Wei Wei made a weird face at her.

Er Xi calmed down a bit. With her anger disappearing, her brain went to other places. Her eyes scanned back and forth across a certain part of Wei Wei’s body, Er Xi very vulgarly asked, “Wei Wei, are you really 34c?”

Saturday evening finished with Er Xi being beaten up.

Da Shen still didn’t call, but Wei Wei wasn’t angry. Before he had left, Da Shen had already said. On the first day, there might not be time to call her.

The second day, surpassing Wei Wei’s expectations, the blog incident levelled up. The first reason, the male side of the CompSci faculty descended into madness.

It wasn’t possible for them not to be mad.

The CompSci faculty had always skewed in favour of the males, there never was enough porridge to go around for the monks. It was rare enough for the faculty to produce a university beauty, and this beauty didn’t commit “adultery.” She was produced and stayed within the faculty. That wasn’t easy! And now she was being criticized for not having brains?

You don’t have brains, your whole family doesn’t have brains.

The above was the thought of every single male in the faculty.

Consequently, Aixiang Nai Er’s blog was hacked by somebody. They also posted up the scholarship list for the second year students in the CompSci faculty, and in passing, the list for scholarships in the faculty that Aixiang Nai Er was in. Against all expectations, Aixiang Nai Er’s name wasn’t there.

Comparing the two, the point was made.

On Sunday night, Er Xi crouched in front of the computer, her heart full of admiration. “Our faculty’s boys are too cute. Good men!”

Si Si also crouched there. “Wei Wei, was it your Da Shen that did this?”

Wei Wei resolutely shook her head. “Definitely not, he would never do such straightforward things.”

Xiao Ling, “… … can you not use this type of reverent tone to say this kind of thing?”

Wei Wei chuckled a bit.

Si Si asked, “Right, what was your Da Shen’s reaction to this?”

“Uh, I didn’t say.”

Xiao Ling was going to faint. “You just spent that long on the phone and you didn’t say?!”

She forgot as soon as she took the call(╯﹏╰) … … Wei Wei was very innocent. And Da Shen was very busy.

Er Xi’s attention was still on the forums, “Wei Wei, you know Cao Guang and Liang Qing Ying? Why are they defending you? How strange.”

Cao Guang and Liang Qing Ying were the second reason the blog incident had levelled up.

UA was never lacking in talented males and females. Ai Xiang Nai Er was one. Cao Guang and Liang Qing Ying were even more so. If it wasn’t that the light of Xiao Nai was too strong, these people might be even more famous.

Cao Guang, a true genius in languages, was famous for his cynical nature and overall bitterness with life.

Liang Qing Ying, a Chinese language and business talent, was famous for her unkind nature and her sharp tongue.

But these two people had separately posted online to defend Wei Wei.

Cao Guang said: The sourness is overwhelming. If you are just jealous, just say it. Why hide in the dark corner growing poisonous mushrooms? Learn from me. I’m jealous of Xiao Nai. What of it!

Liang Qing Ying didn’t mention the post, but told her own impressions of Wei Wei. She complimented Wei Wei for being a rarely seen chivalrous woman.

“It’s not really knowing.” Wei Wei was very surprised that these two would come out and speak. She wasn’t really familiar with them in any way.

Meeting Cao Guang was due to a very unhappy misunderstanding.

This linguistics genius was always cynical and bitter about society. One day at the campus entrance, he had seen one famous beauty of the university come out of a very expensive car. Instantly, he was heartbroken over the darkness of society and used his cellphone to take photos that then were posted on the university forums. But he still had standards and cropped it in half. That half only had the girl’s long slim legs sheathed in jeans and a certain famous brand of car.

The moment the post came out, because of the sensitivity of the topic and the sharpness of the pen of the author, it instantly became a hot topic. Wei Wei accidentally saw it and instantly exploded.

Because the person in the photo was her.

At the time, she was in her first year and hadn’t fallen into her present obsession with Dreams. In her spare time, she tutored a ten-year-old boy. The little boy was from a single-parent family with a working mother. It was on the mother’s way that day, so the mother had driven Wei Wei all the way to the entrance.

She hadn’t thought that this innocent act would become an issue of the virtues of UA’s female students. Wei Wei was really infuriated. Because of a certain somebody’s infamy, Wei Wei easily found the real person behind the ID. On the second day, she went over to the Foreign Languages department to confront the person.

Cao Guang saw Bei Wei Wei immediately upon exiting the classroom and thought she had been coming to ask him to take down the photo. He put on a disdaining expression and very coolly said: “What?”

He didn’t expect Wei Wei’s expression to be even more condescending, her tone even more cold, “Friend, I’m coming to rescue your worldview.”