Chapter 5 “A Magnificent Wedding”

Chapter Five A Magnificent Wedding

In the end, it was the CompSci Faculty that won and officially entered into the Top Four of the University for the semi-finals. The CompSci faculty students were still happy even though Xiao Nai never came. The females could not help but feel disappointed.

Wei Wei quickly left for the dorm right after the match ended and opened the game. In her friend list, Yi Xiao Nai He’s icon was lit up. Wei Wei sent a message to him: “Terribly sorry that I’m late”

Yi Xiao Nai He: No problem, come to the Moon Temple.

Wei Wei quickly rode her horse to the Moon Temple and was shocked by the sea of people in front of the temple. Thankfully, there were not many inside the temple, just some people standing and talking.

Wei Wei walked over to Yi Xiao Nai He’s side and asked: “Why are there so many people?”

Wei Wei hadn’t invited any of her own friends. First, she didn’t take this that seriously. Second, she was embarrassed by the quickness of this second wedding.

Yi Xiao Nai He said: “Ask them yourself.”

Wei Wei looked at the others. One of them called Ji Shi Yu said: “Hehe. Congrats, congrats. I called all the idle people in my sect to come over. Later, when they are all riding after the sedan, it will look very spectacular.”

Another also said: “Our sect also came.”

Ji Shi Yu said: “Everybody is waiting for Nai He’s red packets[1], ha ha ha ha.”

Wei Wei sweated. There were hundreds of people outside. If everybody got a red packet, Nai He probably go bankrupt.

At this time, Wei Wei received a transaction request from Yi Xiao Nai He. In the trade window, there were several pieces of armour. It didn’t even require a close look. Just from the light rays emitting from the pieces, they were at least immortal-level. Wei Wei was shocked. “This is?”

Yi Xiao Nai He concisely dropped a bomb. “Bride price.”

Wei Wei started to cry.

Was – was this the rumoured feeling of getting married to a rich guy?

It– It really just so satisfying.

But Wei Wei quickly cooled down her overheated mind and rejected the trade. The equipment was not cheap and she wasn’t shameless enough to freely take somebody else’s things.

Yi Xiao Nai He sent another message: “Accept them, you’ll need them for future PK matches.”

Oh, it was like that. Wei Wei thought and came up with an idea. She clicked “Accept,” and then gave him her best piece of equipment, a speed-enhancing ring.

Yi Xiao Nai He sent over a question mark.

Wei Wei said: “Dowry.”

On her side, Wei Wei was faintly blushing. In the last few days, she had gotten used to the mockery from the people in the team and she could now give as good as she got. But her “dowry” and his “bride price” were significantly unequal. Wei Wei embarrassedly added another sentence: “It’s not much, I’ll make up for it later.”

Yi Xiao Nai He sent a smiley face: “Okay.”

And then he said: “It would have been fine if it had just been yourself.”

Wei Wei continued to blush.

After the exchange of gifts, the two stood in front of the statue of the Moon God. The system announced: Lu Wei Wei Wei and Yi Xiao Nai He have found mutual love and promise, at the temple of the Moon God, in this world and this lifetime to join together in body, and never leave each other, to forever be together in their hearts.

The moment this announcement appeared, the expected occurred and the World Channel exploded once again.

Wei Wei sat on the marriage sedan as it travelled through the streets and watched as the World Channel was rapidly refreshed. As the bride didn’t have to walk, Wei Wei had nothing to occupy herself and so she took out a Level Six[2] mock exam to do.

All the people online were, without exception, discussing the two weddings that occurred within the last three days. Some had good things to say, others were much more negative. There were even some that were mocking Yi Xiao Nai He for picking up Zhen Shui Wu Xiang’s leftovers. Wei Wei disregarded all those but noted down that person’s ID for later. She decided that she would chop that person every time she met them in the future,.

There were some amusing comparisons that players made.

World [Double Underpants][3]:

Groom, Yi Xiao Nai He vs Zheng Shui Wu Xiang, Yi Xiao Nai He wins!

Bride, Lu Wei Wei Wei vs Xiao Yu Yao Yao, Xiao Yu Yao Yao wins!

Wedding spectacle, all that’s needed to be known could be seen from the fireworks, Yi Xiao Nai He dominates!

Immediately, familiar people came up.

World [Yu Gong Pa Shan]: Who says Xiao Yu Yao Yao will win. Our Sansao is much stronger than Xiao Yu Yao Yao. If you don’t believe it, let’s PK.

World [Hou Zi Jiu]: Come PK Come PK Come PK Come PK Come PK Come PK Come PK Come PK

Wei Wei laughed so hard she convulsed.

The wedding procession was traditionally a slow one so Wei Wei absent-mindedly worked on the mock test and occasionally glanced at the game. Suddenly a passage came up on the World Channel.

World [Floating Snowflakes]: I once saw Yi Xiao Nai He and Xiao Yu Yao Yao walking together.

World [Calamity 123]: I saw them too, they were together fighting monsters. It wasn’t that long ago, last week.

World [alexz]: If that’s true, then isn’t it Lu Wei Wei Wei was abandoned by Zhen Shui Wu Xiang, Yi Xiao Nai He was abandoned by Xiao Yu Yao Yao and so the two of them with broken hearts decided to create a family together?

World [Tiling]: Then isn’t Yi Xiao Nai He and Lu Wei Wei Wei a pair of revenge lovers?

Nai He and Xiao Yu Yao Yao knew each other? And had teamed up before?

Wei Wei unconsciously bit her ball-point pen.

Even though they were getting married for the PK tournament, but if her past and present “husbands” had relationships with the same woman, that was very twisted. Wei Wei wasn’t somebody who liked to keep things supressed and straightforwardly asked Nai He: “You know Xiao Yu Yao Yao?”

Nai He returned: “I don’t know.”

Wei Wei hesitated, and typed: “Some people saw you guys together fighting monsters.”

Nai He: That’s called knowing? Yu Gong added her once. Her techniques were not up to par. I kicked her out.

Wei Wei: … …

Even though she shouldn’t … … but Wei Wei still felt a bit of pleasure = =

The procession took about ten minutes, and following that was the wedding banquet. When she thought about the wedding banquet, Wei Wei bled so much in her heart. When they had gone to the restaurant yesterday to reserve the banquet, Nai He had taken her along. Then Wei Wei watched helplessly as Nai He ordered the highest level of banquet – the kind that when guests ate, they would get 20% extra health for that day … …

Why did they have to let so many people eat and drink for free? Wei Wei couldn’t understand. And when she thought about previous weddings, Wei Wei had never ate and drank for free before … …

It wasn’t just a little bit frustrating ~~~

The whole banquet was a mass of people eating and leaving, and another crowd eating and leaving and then another one eating and leaving … … When it was about nine, the banquet finally finished. Wei Wei and Nai He entered into the bridal room[4] under the cheers of the group of friends.

When Wei Wei and Zhen Shui Wu Xiang got married, [Dreams of Jianghu] didn’t have the bridal room. It was one of the new activities the system had just released.

The entirety of the bridal room “quest” was for the partners to stay in the house of the male partner for a full fifteen minutes. As a reward, a certain amount of intimacy points were given. After the wedding day, the partners could go to the bridal room once a day for ten minutes to also increase intimacy level. But that increase was significantly less than the wedding night. There were also increases at anniversaries (which were once a month in the game).

[Dreams of Jianghu] had a sadistic wedding night. The players could not leave the room, could not sit to practice their inner energy or make medicine. There were basically two things they could do ––

One, stand and talk.

Two, sit and talk.

So the wedding night was also called “Covered in blankets, purely just conversation.”

But for Wei Wei’s wedding night, there was no talking as well, for when they entered the bridal rooms, Yi Xiao Nai He said: “Please wait, I have to take a call.”

So Wei Wei had to occupy herself in Yi Xiao Nai He’s rooms.

This was the first time Wei Wei had seen Yi Xiao Nai He’s house. Unsurprisingly, his house was the highest level with multiple rooms and a garden. In comparison, Wei Wei’s house was a storage shack. For firewood.

Bored, Wei Wei started to focus on the Level Six tests again … …

When Wei Wei finished the last reading comprehension question, she raised her head to look at the computer. Nai He had returned. The white-robed musician was astride on his horse and seemed more energetic in addition his usual cool and elegant aura.

“Come up.”

Wei Wei added herself to Nai He’s team. The two of them rode one horse, to the Lake of Heavenly Mountain range, the bottom of the West Lake, the Polar regions, the Penglai Island of the Immortals  … … Wei Wei started to realize that something was not quite right. At the beginning, she thought Yi Xiao Nai He had some quest for them to do together, but … …

Wei Wei couldn’t resist asking: “What are we doing?”

Nai He: Sightseeing.

“… …”

No wonder they had been going to locations of beauty. Wei Wei sweated for a while and suddenly realized: “Is this … … the honeymoon?”

When she said it, she was also embarrassed. Nai He didn’t deny it. With a change in background scenery, Nai He transported her to the misty top of the mountain. Looking at the mist drifting over the mountain range, almost paradise-like scenery, Wei Wei suppressed it for a while but couldn’t resist the urge to say: “. . . . . . Da Shen, you are too professional.”


[1]红包: red packets, with money inside,  given during celebrations as a gift.

[2] Level six exam refers to English level exams students take during university. They are nationally administered and sometimes required for graduation.

[3]夹裤衩压水花: squeezing (or double layering) underpants (underwear) to press down on (control) splashes. Implies wanting to go to the washroom.

[4]洞房: bridal room, or the activity of consummating a marriage