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Acknowledgements: Thanks to ororomunroe90, Leecherleechleech and everyone else who commented and picked out my typos for me and made better translations to read.
Chapter One “I Am A Reasonable Person” (Supplement)
Chapter Two “Ce Fei Is Still Qie (Supplement)
Chapter Three “Wang Ye
Chapter Four “Embarrassment” (Supplement for Chapters Three & Four)
Chapter Five “I Am A Protector Of Beautiful Women”
Chapter Six “The Beautiful Times of Lunch”
Chapter Seven “Qu Qing Ju: He He”  (Supplement for Chapters Six & Seven)
Chapter Eight “Chang De Gong Fu”
Chapter Nine “Valued Guests”
Chapter Ten “Displays of Affection”
Chapter Eleven “Confrontation”
Chapter Twelve “Rage for a Beautiful Woman” (Supplement for Chapters Eleven & Twelve)
Chapter Thirteen “Jing Fei‘s Summons”
Chapter Fourteen “A Pig For An Opponent?”
Chapter Fifteen “The Women of the Imperial Palace”
Chapter Sixteen “Schemes”
Chapter Seventeen “A Woman’s Heart, A Needle At the Bottom of the Ocean”
Chapter Eighteen “Bathing Together”
Chapter Nineteen “Choices”
Chapter Twenty “Peerless”
Chapter Twenty One “A Coquettish Smile”(Supplement for Chapter Twenty One & Twenty Three )
Chapter Twenty Two “To Cause Ruin”
Chapter Twenty Three “Pleading”
Chapter Twenty Four “Zhouli”
Chapter Twenty Five “Women”
Chapter Twenty Six “People Are Not The Same, Roads Are Not The Same” (Supplement)
Chapter Twenty Seven “Damsel-In-Distress Is A Liar”
Chapter Twenty Eight “Lucky Star”
Chapter Twenty Nine “Yun Qing’s Tragedy”
Chapter Thirty “To Be Partial”
Chapter Thirty One “One of Another’s Family”
Chapter Thirty Two “At the Banquet” ( Supplement for Chapter Twenty Nine, Thirty One, Thirty Two & Thirty Five)
Chapter Thirty Three “The First Day Of The New Year In The Wang Fu”
Chapter Thirty Four “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”
Chapter Thirty Five “The Tian Family”
Chapter Thirty Six “Strife”
Chapter Thirty Seven “Suspicious”
Chapter Thirty Eight “The Woman In The Rumors”
Chapter Thirty Nine (Supplement for Chapter Thirty Nine & Forty)
Chapter Forty “To Repay Grievances Fairly”
Chapter Forty One
Chapter Forty Two
Chapter Forty Three
Chapter Forty Four “Pointing at the Mulberry Tree and Swearing at the Locust Tree”
Chapter Forty Five “High Up Above”
Chapter Forty Six “Kui Yuan Palace”
Chapter Forty Seven “The Imperial Knife Corps”
Chapter Forty Eight “Brothers?”
Chapter Forty Nine “The Honor of the Imperial House”
Chapter Fifty “Rumors”
Chapter Fifty One “Shameless Woman”
Chapter Fifty Two “Jing Guifei‘s Strategy”
Chapter Fifty Three “Road”
Chapter Fifty Four “Losing the Heart of the Emperor”
Chapter Fifty Five “Fortune and Misfortune”
Chapter Fifty Six “Schemes of Brothers”
Chapter Fifty Seven “Husband and Wife On A Trip Together”
Chapter Fifty Eight “Assassination”
Chapter Fifty Nine “The Grace Of The Emperor”
Chapter Sixty “Er Ge, Are You Showing Off Your Love”
Chapter Sixty One “Bamboo Stick”
Chapter Sixty Two “Reality”
Chapter Sixty Three “Trapping Nine Wang”
Chapter Sixty Four “Disparity”
Chapter Sixty Five “Decision”
Chapter Sixty Six “Intentions?”
Chapter Sixty Seven
Chapter Sixty Eight
Chapter Sixty Nine
Chapter Seventy “Your Attack Is Ineffective”
Chapter Seventy One
Chapter Seventy Two
Chapter Seventy Three “The Things Missed
Chapter Seventy Four “Jealousy”
Chapter Seventy Five “Intelligence Determines Taste”
Chapter Seventy Six “Truth And Falsehood”
Chapter Seventy Seven
Chapter Seventy Eight
Chapter Seventy Nine
Chapter Eighty “Don’t Dirty Ben Wang‘s Place”
Chapter Eighty One “Inviting Humiliation”
Chapter Eighty Two “The Curtain Drops on Qu and Liang”
Chapter Eighty Three “The Oncoming Wind and Rain”
Chapter Eighty Four “Death of the Emperor”
Chapter Eighty Five “Entering the Palace”
Chapter Eighty Six “Our Hougong
Chapter Eighty Seven “Stupidity”
Chapter Eighty Eight “Crowned Empress”
Chapter Eighty Nine “The New Kui Yuan Palace”
Chapter Ninety “The Composure of a Queen”
Chapter Ninety One “Who Can Compare To My Man”
Chapter Ninety Two “Karma”
Chapter Ninety Three “An Old Case”
Chapter Ninety Four
Chapter Ninety Five “Pregnant”
Chapter Ninety Six
Chapter Ninety Seven “Overestimating Oneself”
Chapter Ninety Eight
Chapter Ninety Nine “Decay”
Chapter One Hundred
Chapter One Hundred and One “The Trust of the Emperor”
Chapter One Hundred and Two “East and West”
Chapter One Hundred and Three “Who Misunderstood Whom”
Chapter One Hundred and Four “This Was Good”
Chapter One Hundred and Five “Fated”
Chapter One Hundred and Six “The Letter of Divorce”
Chapter One Hundred and Seven “Birth of A Son”
Chapter One Hundred and Eight “Competing for the Empress’ Favor Rather Than The Emperor”
Chapter One Hundred and Nine “The Question of Trust”
Chapter One Hundred and Ten “Dance”
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven “Flying Gracefully”
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen “The Prosperity Blinds One’s Eyes”
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen “I Am Yours”
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen “A Liberal Culture”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen “A Heavy Blow”
Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen “The Lioness From Hedong Roars”
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen “The Song Ends, The People Leave”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty “Feng Seeks Huang
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One “Epilogue: Painting of a Beauty”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two “Epilogue: A Legendary Love Story”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three “Epilogue: That Is Love”

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  1. So it is something like a pendant?

    Thanks you so much for all the supplement. . It really help a lot. When she put in on her neck. . I was thinking it was a pendant, but reading the comment it was a bangle. . I thought i misunderstand. .. So all the pic really help a lot…

    Looking forward all the chapter. ..

    1. On the bar above, if you click on the title and not one of the pages that appears when you hover over it, you get to the main page.

  2. Hi there,

    I really enjoy your translation. 🙂 I would like to help translating this novel. Please tell me if you want some help to translate or to proofread the text. Once my thesis finish (end of Oct), I will be free for a month or two.

    1. Hi Nutty,

      Thank you for your offer. If you are still free by the end of the month, then feel free to message me and go through the novel.

      Because I post each day around the same time, sometimes I’m in a rush to even finish editing the chapter myself, do you think you could start with the posted chapters first?

  3. Thank you for introducing such a great novel! Just finished reading it and it was really a pleasant read~ Have read quite a few novels similar to this but such novels never make me feel bored. I love it when the main female character inside is a strong woman who can hold her ground, and when the novel is a HE one. Another novel finished, makes me sigh…need to dig for new ones again…

  4. i waiting for the chapter update of nove To Be A virtuous Wife.. i wish you keep on translate this novel.. cause i love the story.. its already two day without any new chapter…T_T

  5. thank you so much for fast-update this novel, i like this novel a lot, and your translation make me more enjoy to reading this novel. thank you for your hard work..

  6. I kno this is asking too much but once this novel ends could you include a small explaination of the emperor concubine’s ranks? It would be greatly appreciated. xD if not that’s cool too! 😀 thank you so much for such fast updates of this wonderful novel! 🙂

      1. Oops! So sorry! I totally missed that lol I only read the glossary… Didn’t even notice that important section until you mention…lol thank you so much! 😀

  7. Thank you so much for the translation. It’s awesome!

    I would really love it if you can consider 妃嫔这职业 this profession – a consort for your next project. I believe it’s the same author as this story.


    1. I’ve read it. But I’m not going to translate it. I think it was in one of the comment/discussions of a chapter but I don’t actually like that story very much. There’s not enough “love” in it. 😀 Sorry!

  8. I’m a fan from Thailand and this story is really amazing!!
    plot, characters, and dialogs…everything is beautiful and fun
    I’m glad that I have a chance to read ‘To be a virtuous wife’

    Thank you so much for dedicating your time with the translation

    : D

  9. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful love story to us. Truly truly thanks. I want to give you a big hug and thousand of kisses for made my 3 days becoming wonderful 🙂

  10. Thank you for translating this story ! It was an amazing ride 🙂 It made me laugh out loud but kept me interested at the same time. It was tugged at my heart from time to time. *Tear* I seriously cannot thank you enough ~ 😀

  11. I cried so hard 😢😢😢 its 7 parts happy for the ending 3 parts sad cause it ended (also that 1st epilouge about He Yuan. I kinda pity him and his 2nd wife). I started reading this during the Holy week to past time and ended it this night ( well, the time set is almost 9pm).

    I really cried hard. My nose is still clonge. I love it. I love how you translate this and thanks to some editors too. I’m grateful that I read this. At first, I was kinda confused with some terms but got used to it.

    It is somehow similar to Bubu jingxin. I watch the kdrama and currently at season 1 of the chinese drama. It also make me think the novel, Chu wang fei, due to spice and maze of tounge and mind.

    Overall.. i love it. Thank you for translating and thanks to the author for this wonderful story.

    I was unable to comment every chap because I saved the links for offline reading( new UD of chrome) at my tab. So, I mixed it all up and thank goodness after typing this, my nose isn’t cloge anymore 😉👍

  12. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the novel 🙂
    The heroine is on top of my favorite heroines (modern and historical) in all fictiondom 😛
    I like their love story actually, so subtle yet powerful. 🙂 😀

  13. A really great read! Was tempted many times to just skip to the ending; glad I didn’t. Reading each chapter one by one really heightened the experience. A big thank you for the amazing translation of this series and bringing it to life for us non-native readers!

  14. My heart is shaken. This was such a wonderful read, thank you for the translations! This was a beautiful, subtle, elegant piece of work. So refreshing yet fulfilling. ❤️

  15. I am loving your translations! Thank you for all your hard work. Could someone fix the links to go from one chapter of a book to the next? Virtuous Wife keeps going to World of Cultivation. It is distracting to keep searching for the table of contents to continue enjoying the story. I hope to read all your translations.

  16. I was searching for some novels to read, stumbled upon this one, and was captured immediately- thank you all translator and editors for translating and making the story’s translation so smooth, readable, and informative at the same time! This novel has a subtle captivating charm with a good plot, I wish the author would write more about the main couple!
    Just a tiny nitpick but the “next chapter” links led to some other novel and then somehow I had skipped a couple of chapters after clicking the “next chapter” link sometimes, it would be good if the next chapter links only led to the next chapter in this novel.

  17. I keep returning to this story because it’s sooo good. Especially that the FL can think realistically (or it should be the author making her so). Anyway, I’m in a bind, all my previous read are finished and mistycloud is handling some matters that means no GDBBM and IPWDDFYM for the time being so…. Can someone recommend something or is there any other novel like ‘to be a virtuous wife’ out there??? Please let me know. Thank you..:) <3

  18. thank you translator and editors for translating.
    I keep returning to this story because it’s so good. This was such a wonderful read, thank you again for the translations and editors !

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