The Twelve Olympians Of Chinese Web Novels in 2015

A somewhat more holistic ranking of Chinese web novel authors by the web novel industry that is not based on royalties alone. The authors were voted on by a variety of sources. 2015 was their first year.

From Baike:

The rankings were chosen through 15 days, 200 top internet authors, 19 media and novel sites, and 33 editors with a long history of experience. The “King of Web Novels” is a ranking produced by China Mobile Reading, with the help of Zhejiang Writer Association, Youth Times, Dragon-sky and many other media websites.

 (Left to Right) 1st Row: Chen Dong, Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi. 2nd Row: Mao Ni, Tang Jia SAn Shao, Meng Ru Shen Ji. 3rd Row: Jiu Tu, Feng Ling Tian Xia. 4th Row: Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou, Yue Guan, Fang Xiang. 5th Row: Liu Xiao Hui, Tian Can Tu Dou

Twelve Olympians (alphabetical)

  1. Chen Dong
  2. Fang Xiang
  3. Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou
  4. Feng Ling Tian Xia
  5. Liu Xia Hui
  6. Jiu Tu
  7. Mao Ni
  8. Meng Ru Shen Ji
  9. Tang Jia San Shao
  10. Tian Can Tu Dou
  11. Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi (I Eat Tomatoes)
  12. Yue Guan

The King Of Web Novels: Tang Jia San Shao

He is the author that truly comprehends “fast”. He chooses classical topics, creates fresh characters, constructs attractive plots, uses clean words, and with steady continuous updates, he really expresses the true power of “fast”, pushing the charisma of his works to the limit. In more than ten years, he has never stopped updating for a day, creating a beautiful tale. “Dou Luo Da Lu”, “Zither Emperor”, “The Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods”, and other works have countless fans, and continued to raise him to the highest ranking web novel author for multiple years. In 2014, his royalties reached 50 000 000 renminbi.

The Five Great Emperors (alphabetical order)

Chen Dong

His original name is Yang Cheng Dong, from Beijing and is one of the most influential and representative authors in the present web novel world. Chen Dong founded the “fantasy (xuanhuan) suspense style.” He is skilled in creating suspense, has outstanding imagination. His writing is powerful and unconstrained, and can move the reader to enter the story and fulfill their psychological demands. Readers are not able to stop even if they want to. Up to February of 2015, his new work “Perfect World” is hot and ongoing.

[Translated Works: Shrouded, Shen Mu, World of Immortals, untranslated – Everlasting (不死不灭)]

Mao Ni

Mao Ni is one of the most exceptional web novel authors. His writing style is detailed, solidly constructed, turbulent, and deeply profound. His works are mostly web novels, but they have relatively high literary value, and is worth reading. His now finished work “Jiang Ye” surpasses all of his other previous works and gave readers a whole new experience. His new work “Ze Tian Ji” is ongoing.

Meng Ru Shen Ji (Dreaming Into A God Machine)

Shen Ji’s work almost all found a new sect that becomes popular for a while on the web. He has started the prehistoric stream, the martial arts stream, the divine powers stream and many others. His works are filled with a domineering aura of sharp edges and killing, an original edge that causes him to always maintain the position of the avant-garde! His work “God of Sun” managed to accomplish the miracle of eight months on top of the month ticket rankings, and his most famed work “Buddhism Is The Dao” is still a classic today.

[Translated Works: Eternal Life, Romance of Dragons and Snakes, Sheng Wang]

Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi (I Eat Tomatoes)

Up to February of 2015, he has completed “Legend of Xin Feng,”  “Inch of Radiance,” “Stellar Transformation,”  “Coiling Dragon,” “The Nine Cauldrons,”  and “Swallowed Star.”  His new work, “Lord Xue Ying” is still ongoing. He has always been one of the few authors that could always rank near the front of websites, and frequently is the first on all the rankings. After works such as “Stellar Transformation” and “Coiling Dragon” was completed, countless continuations and similar novels appeared on web novel websites, showing the unshakable position of a “Emperor of Web Novels”. He is called “Tomato” by readers and he also calls himself this.


The Other Olympians


Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou “Lighting Beacons To Tease The Nobles”

In 2005, he started to write web novels, his “Highest Grade Young Master” burned through the web. In 2008, he graduated and became a professional writer. His works have high rates of subscription, great reviews, and is one of the popular writers of the new generation. In college, his first work was “Religion Tribunal.” His representative works include “Highest Quality Young Master,” “Religion Tribunal”, “Chen Er Gou’s Evildoer Life” among others. His work “A Bold Sword Traveling In The Snow” set a new goal of physical book sales for web novels.


Feng Ling Tian Xia

His novels carry a strong hot-blooded style, and is definitely related to the author’s experiences as a soldier. Feng Ling Tian Xia’s works contain many of his own poem which has received many praises from readers, and won him enormous popularity and fans. Each work has exploded over the web, and he is one of the top authors on the web.


[Translated Works: Transcending the Nine Heavens, Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Untranslated: Legend of Ling Tian (凌天传说,) Heavenly Domain Sphere (天域苍穹 – ongoing). Legend of Ling Tian, Otherworldly Evil Monarch, and Transcending the Nine Heavens are distantly interconnected stories) ]


Fang Xiang

A talented author well-received by many fans, his works are filled with originality and imagination, things that people never think about, writing what others have not wrote. He was the first to create the streams of “Master Soldiers” and “Card Disciple”, creating separate world trees in the web novel world. Each of his novels is about a system that he had never wrote before. All of them are full of imagination, and gives the reader the greatest vision.


[Translated Works: Card Disciple (teaser), World of Cultivation, Five Way Heaven

Untranslated Works: Master Soldier Legend (师士传说), The Unbeatable God of War (不败战神)]


Jiu Tu (Drinker)

His works are magnificent, his writing concise, and plots full of twists and turns. His historical novels highlights the philosophy of the people saving the country, and contain many profound perspectives on philosophy and life.


[Works: Qin (秦), Ming (明), Guide Book (指南录), Chaos of Sui (隋乱), Country Founding Thief (开国功贼), Clouds of Great Tang (盛唐烟云) etc.]


Liu Xia Hui

His representative work is “Personal Bodyguard,” set in the city. His style is relaxed and comedic. He is most skilled in creating characters. Those under his pen are extremely fresh and have high affinity with readers. His classical work “Genius Doctor” has spent long periods occupying a position in the top ten of various chars. He started a new path for novels set in the city.


[Works: City Thousand Gold Lady Falls In Love With Me (市长千金爱上我), The Neighbor Girl is Grown Up (邻家有女初长成), The Days of Living With An Airplane Stewardess (和空姐同居的日子), Ultimate Teacher (- adapted into TV drama) ]


Tian Can Tu Dou (Heavenly Silkworm Potato)

The representative of the new generation of web authors. In 2008, his virgin work shot to the top, squeezing into the ranks of the best authors. Immediately as “Battle Through The Heavens” was published, it swept through all the major rankings, hits on the work surpassing 29 billion. The next work “Wu Dong Qian Kun” established Potato’s unshakable position as a top author in the web novel world.



Yue Guan (Moon Gate / Month Off)

The legend of historical web novels. With great quality, incredibly fast update speed, exquisite plots, Yue Guan has shocked and stirred admiration from many readers and authors. His representative work is “Going Back To The Ming Dynasty To Be A Prince” (回到明朝当王爷)

[Notable Works: Emperor of the Night (夜天子), Braveness Of The Ming (锦衣夜行 – adapted to TV drama) ]



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  1. So you’re going to randomly pick up another web novel that’s hasn’t translated among those after finishing World of Cultivation, WYCHWE?

    1. Um … … that will be a few years so no promises. Hopefully by then, other people would have started most of these.

  2. :O Where is Er Gen? Although I love most of authors there but they are second only to Er Gen in terms of story telling…

    Thank you for this very interesting post 🙂

    1. If this was a ranking on literary skill, maybe Er Gen would be on there. But this one is a bit more about influence and reputation. Er Gen hasn’t influenced the web novel world in a way that people believe is super major compared to what other people have done.

  3. Btth have 29 billion hits and wdqk is unshakeable in the web novels ranking? I meen, really?!! And here I am struggling to stay awake reading those 2..

    1. Break Through The Heavens was 2009, Wu Dong Qian Kun was 2011. They are somewhat old… … and were influential at the time because there were not many like it.

    1. hahaha,you think with trash work like ATG he would be on the list?? If only he would write more stories like Heavenly Star instead of those harem plot bs tho…

      1. Harem is most appropriate form of relationship in XianXia genre. OP MC who can destroy world, but with only one girl? Or without even one? Ahaha. And yes, ATG is the best rated novel among translated works.

  4. without RWX and other translator, I could not read those olympian’s novels. Thanks guys.

  5. Where is my homeboy Plow Days at? In all seriousness though, thank you for the translation. Now I can go hunt for a fourth project.. XD

  6. Great article, so glad that you translated it and that Ren shared it on wuxiaworld so I could find it.
    Although, like everyone else said, I’m super sad that Er Gen wasn’t on it. I think that I Shall Seal the Heavens is a masterpiece, and has maybe the best written plot and most intelligent characters of any web novel I’ve read.

    1. hmm i pretty because his work(issh) have yet to be finished. some of the other authors got books which they started to write but have not been included in here(same as issh), like IET’s DE or Tian Can Tu Dou’s TGR.

  7. This list is incomplete. I can’t find any trace of temples nor golden armors.

  8. sheng wang is being translated by dark translations. It’s only a side project though. slow-going.

  9. After works such as “Stellar Transformation” and “Coiling Dragon” was completed, countless continuations and similar novels appeared on web novel websites, showing the unshakable position of a “Emperor of Web Novels”

    loooooooooooool, ST is totally imperfect, the setting and plot seems good but in reality there have many nonsense in this novel, later in CD there have a great quality change and IET seems noticed the problem or he get a new editor. “Emperor” is too overestimate him and decrease other novel quality

  10. Coming from WW…
    If those novels were translated I would definately read it. Er Gen’s novel ISSTH is by far my favourite.

  11. Aww Er gen…
    And who was the author of The King’s Avatar?
    I think those two really have what it takes to overtake the others(or not because they just suit my tastes is all xD)

  12. Thanks for translating this article. Its great to be able to see how all these writers have influenced their fields. I can’t wait to see how it changes next year since this was the first time.

    1. By the way, can you change the “Tangerine” font, which you are using in header.
      Its very difficult to read.

      1. Install the addon RequestPolicy, then block – never have to worry about a funky font ever again. : } (or the majority of clickjacking, ad-scamming, etc.)

        wyxhqc – thankyou for translating and sharing.

  13. Shen Mu,God of Sun,Buddhism Is The Dao , those are novels I want to see more of them. Altough shen mu is translated ,it is at snail’s pace. Other two interested me and I really want to see what they are about ,anyway thanks for giving us this flavor work …Now work on next chapteeer!

  14. Nice post! Thank you Ren for sharing this on WW by the way for those who want to see what er gen looks like (beware of spoilers though) /watch?v=mxUvD2TEeF8

  15. I’m curious. Do you know what order Tang Jia San Shao wrote his novels? He might be the undisputed king but I only find some of his works to be better than others.

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