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Why I now have a tip jar … …

Tl;dr : There is a ko-fi tip jar here. Please tip if you like my translations.

The long winding part:

I haven’t had a tip jar in the past years despite several people offering to tip. But things have sort of changed in the last two months. I’m a private person so I won’t go into my situation. I just … … am facing an unexpected reduction in income which I did not plan for. So the tip jar is now here because every bit helps. I’ve struggled a bit over the last month and a bit but one always ends up bowing to the power of jingshi (money).

I do have one goal up on that page right now. It is for reaching $100 and maybe I’ll set up early access or something. Any suggestions are welcome.

Random Statistics and Year Conclusion

  1. How many current projects does a translator have on average? 3
  2. What is the most common year a project was originally published?
    2016 with 567 projects.
  3. What is the number of “abandoned” projects? (not updated since
    2018/01/31 and status incomplete) 1285
  4. What is the most common day to start a translation project? Monday
  5. Who is the author with the most translated works? Kamachi Kazuma,
    author of  A Certain Magical Index and other light novel series.
  6. The most common word in novel titles? “World”, which occurs 226
    times, followed by “god” and “love”. See the word cloud for others.

Exponential growth of projects, many new licenses, and Chinese projects might just outnumber Japanese ones by this time next year.

Part VII Licensing | Table of Contents

World of Cultivation: Finale Event

Hello everybody,


As you are aware, World of Cultivation will be coming to an end in little over a week. The entire time Wyhcwe and I, WanderingGummiOfDoom, have worked on this project we have never accepted “donations” for our work. However, we wish to commemorate the conclusion of the project by crowdfunding for a charity.

What we want to ask of our readers today, is that you donate to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. They are a charity dedicated to fighting illiteracy by providing young children with books. We have selected this charity for the following reasons: the appropriateness of the charity given our work, and that the charity operates in the same countries the vast majority (75%+) of our readers are from: Australia, Canada, the UK, and USA.

Below is the link to the donation page for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. We thank you in advance if you decide to participate and donate. Feel free to write a comment under the post if you choose to donate.




Cheers and thank you for all the support,

Wyhcwe and WanderingGummiOfDoom



We will not be releasing the chapters faster for donations. One a day, start to finish y’all.

Richest Chinese Webnovel Author Ranking 2016

The Writer Rich List of 2016. Translated from USD values were converted using an approximate exchange rate of 1 USD=6.64 RMB.

I found this when I was researching to update my Twelve Olympians article for 2016. That ranking based on a voting system will also come out soon.

There is also an author ranking for authors, scriptwriters, foreign authors and others.

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微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Thirty Five Supplementing the Dowry

Hello to new readers and those that subscribed (I set up the email widget but never took a look at the list). This chapter has the long awaited response of Xiao Nai to the rumors. Wei Wei meets Xiao Nai’s roomates. They go from laoda(the eldest) down to laoqi(the seventh).  Also, Wei Wei finds out new things about Xiao Nai.

[1] 弟妹: di mei. A way of referring to the wife of a younger brother.

[2] 二十四孝男友: this was the original description of the product of UA. 二十四孝 is the twenty-four exemplars of filial piety. It’s a historical text that described various examples of men being very filial to their parents. What is important to note here is that some of the actions that the stories showed were either ridiculous or foolish by any standard. There are many examples of self-harm in the text such as burying the only son so that the father had enough food for his mother, letting mosquitos bite so that they wouldn’t suck blood from the parents, and lying naked on ice to melt it in order to catch fish. Sometimes, people would be labelled as 十二孝, meaning that they fulfill some of the conditions to be the epitome of perfection in some role, while 二十四孝 makes them faultless.

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