Richest Chinese Webnovel Author Ranking 2016

The Writer Rich List of 2016. Translated from USD values were converted using an approximate exchange rate of 1 USD=6.64 RMB.

I found this when I was researching to update my Twelve Olympians article for 2016. That ranking based on a voting system will also come out soon.

There is also an author ranking for authors, scriptwriters, foreign authors and others.

Rank Author Age Royalties (RMB * 10000) Royalties (USD) Bestseller/Seminal Work
1 Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少) 36 12200 18,373,494 Douluo Dalu
2 Tian Can Tu Dou (Heavenly Silkworm Potato/ 天蚕土豆) 28 6000 9,036,145 Wu Dong Qian Kun
3 Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi (I Eat Tomatoes/ 我吃西红柿) 30 5000 7,530,120 Stellar Transformation
4 Yue Guan (Moon Gate/月关) 45 4800 7,228,916 Embroidered Guard Walking In The Night (TV adaptation: Braveness of the Ming)
5 Ku Lou Jing Ling (Skeleton Elf/ 骷髅精灵) 36 4600 6,927,711 Holy Hall
6 Tian Shi Ao Si Ka (Angel Oscar/ 天使奥斯卡) 41 4500 6,777,108 Magnificent Tang
7 Meng Ru Shen Ji (Ecstatic Dream Machine / 梦入神机) 33 2700 4,066,265 Dragonmark
8 Chen Dong (辰东) 36 2600 3,915,663 Perfect World
9 Liu Xia Hui (柳下挥) 29 2500 3,765,060 Inverted Dragon Scale
10 Gao Lou Da Sha (Skyscraper/ 高楼大厦) 37 2100 3,162,651 Unparalleled Heavenly Lord
11 Yan Yu Jiang Nan ( 烟雨江南) 43 1900 2,861,446 King of Eternal Night  (1, 2)
12 Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou (烽火戏诸侯) 31 1800 2,710,843 The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade
13 Demon Night (妖夜) 33 1700 2,560,241 The Indestructible Dragon Emperor
14 Wu Zui (Not Guilty/无罪) 38 1660 2,500,000 Sword Dynasty
15 He Chang Zai (何常在) 41 1650 2,484,940 Aspire To The Throne
16 Shap Knife (小刀锋利) 34 1300 1,957,831 Murdering Heaven’s Edge
17 Fishman The Second (鱼人二代) 34 1280 1,927,711 School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard
18 Forest Wolf (Cong Lin Lang) 42 1250 1,882,530 The Strongest Soldier King
19 Goose Is Old Five (鹅是老五) 42 1100 1,656,627 Immortal Mortal
20 Rain Demon (雨魔) 35 1000 1,506,024 Beast King

The works they use to represent authors may be the most recent work or their most famous.

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20 thoughts on “Richest Chinese Webnovel Author Ranking 2016”

  1. From what I could tell, the most lucrative novels and authors are action/wuxia novels? I guess they appeal to both men and women.

  2. Perfect World is my favourite on this list, why he only 6th? Ah well. Also, King of the Eternal night is on this frickin list, holy shit. I love that story, but it gets next to no love from translators, what gives?

    1. King of the eternal night will likely be translated by alyschu soon as she said so, once against gods catches up, which isn’t far from, it will replace atg… so it’s just a matter of waiting when she starts releasing…

  3. Wu Zui (Not Guilty/无罪) seem to be Innocent on Novelupdate author of path to heaven, should add more work on his name in NU it seems

    1. I’m not sure how much he made … … he switched from Qidian to zongheng back to Qidian and his “word output” isn’t as high as other authors.

  4. How much popularity Xiao Ding has ? I know zhu xian got alot of attention through out the years, wonder how much he made ?

    1. He’s popular but not as “popular” or rich in terms of money. I think Zhu Xian was published as more of a “pay x for xx amount of words” rather than the revenue sharing that might be going on now.

  5. Almost had a seizure when I saw WDQK listed as a seminal work. At least choose Battle Through The Heavens or The Great Ruler… I wouldn’t be happy, but at least I wouldn’t be in despair.

    1. It changes depending on the year. Wu Dong Qian Kun is having the adaptation first, I think, which may have influenced them.

  6. hello fascinating post.
    i hope you also translate this year’s list. as movies-TV series, virtual games and other multimedia come to the phore this list may change. perhaps drastically. i am curious.
    i read a while ago that Chen Dong and 4 others started a company to excusively deal movie / tv series rights for their book and they were hoping Er gen will soon join them. the article mentioned 70million ( yuan ? ) advance to Chen Dong for his current book though it feels number may be incorrect. i also saw another Tencent news ( with photo including many authors ) of their plan to make 31 TV series in near future. quite few will be based on webnovels from Q. Tencent owns Q.
    many thanks for your these occasional but informative posts.

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