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Section Nine – Show of One’s Ability

Chapter One – Seen By Tens of Thousands

The sky above the enormous Fortress of Neversetting Sun was blue and clear!

However, clouds and wind roiled under the blue sky as waves rushed into the air.

A mass of people crowded near the gates of the City of Neversetting Sun. The caravans and adventurers that passed by gaped. Normally few people were at the gates, but today they were squeezing together over there. Countless adventurers with swords and magister ran out of the city. It seemed to be a great scene with tens of thousands of people

“What is going on?” At the gates, a youth with a dusty face and a yellow robed old person were startled as they arrived and saw the packed crowds.

“Ah! “Young Master Ba Erbo, you came just in time.” Nearby, a mercenary from Flying Aspara Mercenary Company saw the two and ran over excitedly. He said, “There’s something to see. A young nine-sword senior magister challenged Crimson Forge’s Young Captain Rong Luo. Right over there!”

These two were Ba Erbo and the mercenary company elder who had just escaped from the Forest of Neversetting Sun. They were lucky. Those two had been chased almost to death by a group of spirit beast when Chi’s presence suddenly descended. That group of spirit beasts froze where they were and hurriedly prostrated themselves in Chi’s direction. These two luckily avoided death.

But they had failed to obtain the Fire Dragon Fruit and didn’t dare to immediately return to the city. They roamed around in the forest and only came back as they could not avoid the magic beast siege that was arriving tomorrow. So they returned dispiritedly and encountered this battle when they got to the city gates.

“What? “Rong Luo?” When Rong Luo was mentioned, Ba Erbo’s rage erupted. Wasn’t it the Crimson Forge Mercenary Company members the ones who had schemed against them?

“Go, let’s go see!”

The people flowed in that direction. The three major mercenary companies on the continent had all arrived at the perimeter of the circle. Other than Crimson Forge, the captains of the other two mercenary companies had come to participate in this magic beast siege. When they heard that Rong Luo had been challenged, they wouldn’t miss such a good show. Captain Ba Tuke and Captain Lu Feng were standing at the front of their group and met each other.

“Captain Lu Feng, long time no see. The world changes so quickly. Look at how many years it has been and the new generation has replaced the old. Not long in the future, no one will remember us old people. Young Captain Rong Luo broke off his engagement today in public. He really doesn’t think anything of you,” Ba Tuke said sarcastically.

“Captain Ba Tuke is too complimentary. Young Captain Rong Luo is usually gentle. This old man knows that. If this one’s daughter wasn’t too spoiled and unreasonable, she would not have attracted his anger.” The heavily bearded middle-aged man with a broadsword on his back coldly threw back Ba Tuke’s disdain as he glared at Lu Lan who didn’t dare to speak. He was the captain of Wolf Pack Mercenary Company, Lu Lan, was a nine-star sacred swordsman. If he took another step, he would enter the ranks of sword master.

The captains of the other large mercenary companies were magisters. Lu Feng was the only one to become the captain of a famous mercenary company as a swordsman. His personality and abilities could be imagined.

Looking at Rong Luo who was full of vigour and the center of attention in the field, Lu Feng shook his head inwardly. He knew long ago that his daughter’s personality would cause calamity. He had watched Rong Luo grow up and knew that Rong Luo would not budge on matters of principle. Rong Luo would likely not accept the marriage he and Rong Ji had arranged. Rong Luo would erupt sooner or later, but he had expected the day but he hadn’t expected the day to come so soon. This was also good. He would be spared from worry about this matter anymore, but he still felt some pain at losing such a good son-in-law.

Ba Tuke saw that he could not drive a wedge between Rong Luo and Lu Feng so he laughed resentfully. He rubbed his nose and changed the topic, “You are right. However, Young Captain Rong is called the greatest genius among us mercenaries. Which daring person dared to challenge him? I want to see them! Hiss … … so young! … …”

An exclamation reminded Lu Feng. Having heard Qiu Ran’s description and great praise, Lu Feng had some impression of Aofeng already. He looked over and saw a black-robed youth wearing a snowy-white mask standing in the wind. This person’s presence wasn’t any less than Rong Luo. He rubbed his large beard and nodded in admiration.

“A nine-sword senior magister of fifteen or sixteen. A good boy. Now let’s see how many moves he lasts under Rong Luo’s hands. If he lasts more than ten, this company will most likely have one more visiting official.”

“Visiting official? Captain Lu Feng, is your mind damaged?” Ba Tuke said in shock.

Visiting officials were the most honored of all external elders in each mercenary company. The number of people they commanded was just below that of the captain. They were akin to a vice captain! With the visiting official token, they didn’t just get the greatest support from the mercenary company, they could receive the unconditional monetary support of the mercenary company. They usually didn’t need to do anything for the mercenary company. They only would lend a hand when the mercenary company was facing its most dire straits. Stated politely, they were visiting officials, if stated more honest, they were just parasites!

Only the three large mercenary companies had visiting official positions and never more than five. Each one was a top expert, at least a celestial magister or a sword master. Ba Tuke really felt that Lu Feng was mad to give a young boy that was just a nine-sword senior magister the position of a visiting official.

“Captain Ba Tuke thinks this old man is addled, then this old man is addled.” Lu Feng glanced at Ba Tuke, and felt scornful inside.

Short-sighted person. No wonder Flying Aspara Mercenary Company spent so long and couldn’t reach A-rank. You think that this old man will do unprofitable business? Think of the terrifying talent needed to become a nine-star senior magister at only fifteen or sixteen. This may be the second coming of a talent like Radiance Magus Church’s Jun Luoyu. If this person wasn’t just for looks in battle, he believed this person would become a celestial magister within ten years. This person’s potential was limitless. Also, such an expert was not willing to show their true appearance. This person might have a large and ancient family supporting them. If they established ties, the benefits were indescribable.

Also, you think that ten moves is very short? There were two enormous chasms between a nine-sword senior magister and a seven-sword spirit magister. Rather than call this a challenge, it was more Rong Luo’s performance. If he wanted to fight, he could end the battle in three moves!

In this moment, everyone present had the same thoughts as Lu Feng. Almost no one thought that Aofeng would win. Even Aofeng herself didn’t have a good outlook on her chances. Her original intention was to increase her combat experience through this fight. But she had confidence that it wouldn’t be so easy for Rong Luo to win.

“Castellan Daren has arrived!”

“Oh, heavens, even Castellan Daren was informed!”

An elite troop entered the area and the figure of the castellan, Luo Li, appeared among the two rows of guards. Luo Fei had sent someone back to report about this battle and Luo Li had almost flew over. A burst of perfunctory greetings started with his arrival.

“Everyone, do not talk so much and affect Zhui Yun Daren and Young Captain Rong’s minds.” Empress Su Ya had sent word to him. Luo Li paid great attention to Aofeng and was afraid that the environment would affect Aofeng. He spoke loudly and the noisy crowds immediately quieted greatly.

The perimeter was extremely heated but inside the battlefield, it was quiet. Rong Luo saw that Aofeng’s eyes were closed as she prepared. He admired the other’s calmness under the weight of thousands of eyes.

“How about it? Are you afraid of losing?” The handsome male pulled out the short sword hanging at his waist and waved it casually. He smiled and motioned for Aofeng to attack at any time.

“I’ve never known how to write the word “afraid!” Her eyes lighting up like stars, Aofeng raised the Vanquisher of Armies in her hand. She put the long black robe into the spatial ring and revealed the black warrior garb underneath. Her lips rose in a proud curve and she suddenly looked much more energetic.

The handsome youth who had looked refined suddenly became a proper fighter giving off a savage aura of danger.

“Good!” Rong Luo nodded with bright eyes and raised his right hand. “Then let’s begin!”

A streak of inky green back appeared in front of Rong Luo. Shrouded by blinding silver light, the four point spirit star pattern that represented the skill of a spirit magister appeared under his feet. The male Gold-Mark Lion that Aofeng saw last time appeared magnificently in view.

With a savage and thunderous howl to the sky, exclamations and cheering rang out over the field!

The pairing of a seven-sword spirit magister and a seven-star magus beast was rarely seen!

Rong Luo did not relax. He did not hesitate as he shouted with a grave expression. “Jin Wen, full-body armorization!”

The silver light rose. The Gold-Mark Lion turned into a bright light that wrapped around Rong Luo. The bronze battle armor covered him from head to toe. A small mark of a golden lion head appeared on the neck of the exquisite battle armor to represent an armorized magus beast.

Rong Luo’s tall body was delineated by the exquisite battle armor. The armor was elegant in its lines. After armorization, magisters were really handsome. Rong Luo was handsome to being with. When he armorized, all of the surrounding females became dizzy.

Yet the surrounding people did not understand his action. “Rong Luo is so serious facing a nine-sword senior magister? He is using battle armor?”

One would only use battle armor when facing an expert. Rong Luo using battle armor meant that he was cautious. This youth was so strong?

Just as everyone was puzzled, Rong Luo walked out of the silver light and made a gesture of invitation. He said solemnly, “I know you have a sacred beast. Do not be polite, show me its true form.”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Liao Ya. After hearing Thetan and the others talk about what happened in the forest, Rong Luo knew that Liao Ya was a sacred beast. However, he still believed that he would win.

After reaching spirit magister, because magisters had the help of the magus beast armorization, magisters could fight magic beasts a rank higher than them. Rong Luo who possessed the seven-star spirit beast had the ability to fight sacred beasts seven-stars and below. This was why that day at Qin City, Liao Ya was unable to withstand even one attack from the celestial magister.

Aofeng saw that Rong Luo didn’t underestimate her at all. Feeling admiration for him, her spirit rose. She nodded in excitement and raised her hand. “Alright! Big Brother Rong, I’m coming!”

Similar inky green magic wrapped around the black-clothed youth. At Aofeng’s feet, Liao Ya gave an excited howl. In a blink, he was wrapped in silver light. Under everyone’s burning gaze, a similar rhombus shaped four spirit star pattern slowly rose under Aofeng’s feet. The air suddenly seemed to become heavier … …

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