傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S09-C04 “I Will Block For You”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and Rong Luo fight to a draw.


Chapter Four – I Will Block For You

After watching a spectacular battle in the afternoon, large numbers of mercenaries and adventurers rested in the camps outside. In order to stop spies from other countries, the city of Neversetting Sun would usually not allow mercenary companies to enter in large numbers. Other than top factions like the three big mercenary companies, they would only let experts that were second-rank or above into the city.

The winter night’s wind blew into the streets and alleys of the city. The howling wind passed by. Because tomorrow was the magic beast siege, Castellan Luo Li had enforced a curfew tonight. At this time, the streets that should have been populated were deserted. Each home had their doors closed as their residents slept. Only small groups of soldiers patrolled the starlit limestone streets.

The Castellan’s Mansion stood in contrast, song and dance rose from its vast hall, the red lanterns were lit, and the liquor green and its chambers bursting with people.

The night had just arrived when the nobility of Neversetting Sun all arrived. Today, they seemed especially enthusiastic.

In the enormous central hall, the bright red carpet was laid out to almost every corner. The exquisite pastries and dried fruits covered two long tables covered with red cloths but no one touched them. Almost everyone’s gaze was directed to a remote corner, focused on the black-robed youth that was there holding a blue drink. She was leaning slightly against the side door and looking into the distant sky as she thought.

The seductive black and coldness, the enchanting deep eyes, the elegant and mysterious presence, when all of it combined, this youth exuded charisma from top to bottom.

The females that looked in that direction would feel their hearts beat uncontrollably faster. Even if he was wearing a mask, even if his status was ordinary, he would still attract gazes, but this person was now a famed young hero. This was the youngest spirit magister of the continent, Zhui Yun Daren, a legendary and heroic person whose reputation had spread rapidly this afternoon.

“Zhui Yun Daren, why are you over here alone? Aren’t you bored?” A soft and smooth voice same from behind her. A beautiful blonde woman swayed with her thin waist as she walked over. A hot body, a hot expression, just as tempting as the Bloody Mary in her hand.

This was such an extremely seductive woman that even the most disciplined of monks would feel his blood race if he saw her.

“Heavens, even Sisli is going over!” The low exclamation spread among the crowd that was observing from nearby.

The golden-haired Sisli was a single noble whose parents had passed away. She was confident in her beauty, and was called the greatest beauty of Neversetting Sun. Due to this, she had high standards for men. A few days ago, she had just refused the marriage offer from a high noble. However, when she saw Aofeng for the first time, she was swept into the black-robed youth’s addictive charisma.

Under Sisli’s heated gaze, Aofeng’s cool eyes moved away from the sky. Her glassy pitch-black eyes were magnets that could suck someone in. Sisli felt as though she couldn’t breathe. However, Aofeng only glance coldly at her and said, “Apologies, I do not need your company.”

“Oh!” Sighs sounded in the surrounded. A crisp rejection as expected. The people who had been paying attention all this time to this area discussed.

“How many has it been?”

“Seventh. Zhui Yun Daren has refused seven females. All of them with one sentence, no room at all.”

“Ah, I wanted to have Lu’er go try. It seems that we shouldn’t bring embarrassment upon ourselves. I don’t know how high Zhui Yun Daren‘s standards are. Sisli is the best of this city’s high society and this person still refused … …”

There were many that were targeting Aofeng from the start of the banquet, it hadn’t even fifteen minutes, she had already refused seven different beauties. That flat and icy tone caused some noble females to halt in their advances. As nobility, they would lose great face if they were refused in public. Other than a beauty like Sisli who had absolute confidence in herself, the other females didn’t dare to rashly go up and make conversation.

But, Aofeng refused even Sisli. People were astounded by this.

Sisli stilled. She had never thought there would be a man that would resist her attractiveness. Her pretty eyes widened, and she said, refusing to give up, “Zhui Yun Daren, why do you refuse Sisli? Is Sisli not pretty enough?”

“No.” Aofeng really was slightly irritated by the females that came up to disturb her. She looked coldly around the surroundings and planned to destroy all hopes in one go. She said something astounding, “However, I’m not interested in women!”

After she said this, Aofeng took a sip of the Cerulean Mist and then gazed expressionlessly into the sky once again. She did not detect the stunned expressions of the people who heard this.

Sisli covered her mouth in shock, and turned to run away, not even caring about the embarrassment.

After that, no other women came up to be refused while whispers continued in the surroundings. Aofeng thought that she would have peace. But a while later, three or four handsome young males with flirtatious smiles came over.

Aofeng raised an eyebrow in shock. “You?”

“Zhui Yun Daren, for you, I’m willing to change my orientation.” A male looked at Aofeng with a heated gaze and said determinedly.

This time, it was Aofeng’s turn to gape. “Who told you I liked men?”

“Ah? But Zhui Yun Daren said you weren’t interested in women? Because you are interested in men?” The male had an expression of “I understand you.” He laughed intimately and said, “Zhui Yun Daren, do not worry, this kind of thing occurs often in the noble circles. Zhui Yun Daren, you don’t have to be polite … …”

Aofeng sweated. Being flirted with by a man while as a “man.” Should she celebrate that she was very successful at being a woman?

“Alright. Even if he likes men, he won’t like you!” A long arm came out from the side and pulled Aofeng over to hold her half in his arms. A large hand passed through her hair to wrap around her shoulder as a man said in a clear voice with mirth in his eyes. “Zhui Yun, don’t you think so?”

Aofeng’s lips curved. She felt the familiar sturdy chest. She made a sound of acknowledgement as she allowed the male to lead her out of the hall.

Another bolt of thunder came down and burnt all the people who saw this scene.

That noble youth who had come forward said in a small voice, “Rong Rong Rong … … Young Captain Rong … …”

Aofeng said with a smile. “Big Brother Rong, thank you for coming to my aid.” Aofeng felt that being held like this by Rong Luo wasn’t bad. After walking out of the banquet hall, she did not immediately have him release her.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to have some time alone? You disappeared. If I didn’t come find you, I wouldn’t have known how long people would have tried flirting with you.” Rong Luo glared and laughed as he rubbed Aofeng’s head. The smooth black hair slid through his fingers. The male suddenly felt some intentions of spoiling this person.

“I didn’t think the people would be so enthusiastic. So much trouble caused by a fight,” Aofeng shook her head and said with a laugh.

“No matter, Big Brother Rong will block them for you. It was like this when I became famous. Didn’t I manage?” Rong Luo patted his chest and guaranteed.

“Alright, then I will give this to Big Brother Rong,” Aofeng nodded in trust and said.

Rong Luo laughed joyfully. He could feel that the other seemed to display a reliance towards him that was different than the usual aloofness towards other people. He felt extremely pleased by this special treatment and he didn’t want to let go of the other’s hand. He looked steadily at the other and then said seriously.

“Leave it to me. Not just the interactions, from now on, no matter what obstacles and storms, as long as Big Brother Rong can do it, I will take it all on for you.”

There was that warm feeling of reliability again. Aofeng lifted her head and said stubborn, “One day if it starts raining above Big Brother Rong, I will help block it for you as well.”

The two exchanged a laugh that echoed into the air as they walked.

The reason that Aofeng said she wanted some time alone was because she was searching for a place to follow the ice mouse on Ba Erbo. The ice mouse’s perspective ability was not unlimited and see things tens of thousands of miles away. Aofeng barely managed to be within the limits inside the banquet hall. Just now, Aofeng had been seemingly looking at the sky, but actually, she was borrowing the perspective of the ice mouse to listen and watch the conversation between Ba Erbo and Ba Tuke.

When she calmed down and focused to listen, Ba Erbo had told Ba Tuke what happened in the Forest of Neversetting Sun.

Ba Tuke heard this and almost killed his prodigal son with a kick. “You idiot, who did you have to provoke but that Zhui Yun. Do you feel like you have lived too long?”

“Father, anger is not a solution. Let’s think of a solution,” Ba Erbo trembled out.

“What to do? You’re asking me? When you offended that Zhui Yun, why didn’t you ask me?” Ba Tuke packed back and forth angrily in the narrow space.

“Then, maybe we will apologize to that Zhui Yun?”

“Apologize my ass! He’s almost the visiting official of Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. According to you, he’s also well-connected to Crimson Forge and almost killed you. You want to apologize to him,” Ba Tuke said coldly in a dark voice.

“That youth is vicious and merciless, much smarter than you useless thing! The conflict between you two was not a great one. He clearly had the strength but he still used that kind of trick against you. If not for luck, you would have died already. How can he be a merciful person? The grudge has been set and is irreconcilable. The only way is to eliminate the eyesore as soon as possible! Once he grows up, it wouldn’t be possible to eliminate him!”

“What are we going to do?

“Do what he did unto you. Isn’t the magic beast siege tomorrow? Let them have a taste of the Sidian Pollen! At the time, the spirit beasts will concentrate on attacking where they are. I want to see how many of them survive.” Ba Tuke’s eyes flashed with malicious light. “The best will be if Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack all die out!”


Translator Ramblings: The story would be a lot shorter without all the sentences describing how beautiful, attractive, and charismatic Aofeng is.

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