傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S10-C01 “Visiting Official, Radiance Envoy”

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Section Ten – Scheme and Counterattack

Chapter One Visiting Official, Radiance Envoy

“But Father, the Sidian Pollen will attract the spirit beasts to the entire battlefield, we will also be affected,” Ba Erbo said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, when I bought the Sidian Pollen, we also bought some dragon excrement. Low-level giant dragons are divine beasts. We only have to place this substance at the rear of our mercenary company and no spirit beasts will dare to come over! What does the life and death of others have to do with us?” Ba Tuke had clearly already thought of a plan and then smiled eviously. “Pity for that Zhui Yun, even with his potential he just had to oppose us. Originally, I wanted to use some benefits to lure him to our side. Now it seems there is no need to try.”

Father and son schemed secretly. After they finalized the plan, they immediately sent someone to buy Sidian Pollen and giant dragon excrement. The two didn’t detect that there was an invisible ice mouse on Ba Erbo’s long cape that heard their entire plan.

Aofeng noted down the giant dragon excrement and Sidian Pollen that they had mentioned. She only summoned the invisible ice mouse back after Ba Erbo and Ba Tuke walked towards the rear.

She walked into the back garden of the Castellan’s Mansion. The small room there was the area that the Castellan was using to receive professionals second-rank and above. Aofeng just lingered in the front hall for fifteen minutes, and Lu Feng who desired to recruit Aofeng to become a visiting official came over with Qiu Ran. They had been wandering searching for Aofeng, they immediately came over after spotting her.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, you were busy flirting with the ladies, this old man waited a long time!” Lu Feng laughed, his beard moving.

“Captain Lu Feng.” Aofeng politely nodded. She had listened to Rong Luo’s introduction and knew that Captain Lu Feng was a nine-star sacred swordsman. While she didn’t like his daughter, but she still respected his honest personality and ability.

“Ah, don’t call me captain. So distant. You are able to fight to a draw with Young Captain Rong, your strength is no less than this old man’s. This old man will have to rely on his age, Young Brother Zhui Yun, just call me Old Brother Lu Feng. My spoiled daughter made trouble for you, this old brother apologizes.” Lu Feng spent his years in the mercenary world and his hardiness and bravado was like that of a young person. People would generally have positive feelings about him. While she also had intentions of currying ties, Aofeng felt he was much better than other people.

People had to have scheming, but it depended on how they used their skill and where. Aofeng could not muster any dislike for Lu Feng’s method of forming a relationship.

“I accept Old Brother Lu Feng’s offer. If I refuse, wouldn’t it just be pretentious?”

Aofeng smiled slightly. Her tone was calm, but Lu Feng who understood this person’s personality felt extremely satisfied inside. Even though it was just an appellation, this meant this person had put aside the conflict with Lu Lan and Wolf Pack.

Now, he could finally rest his heart. He took out blue token from his spatial ring with a serious expression and handed it towards Aofeng.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, I know that you do not intend to join a faction. Don’t worry, this matter does not require you to join our mercenary company.” Lu Feng waved the token in his hand and glanced at Rong Luo with a smile. “Young Captain Luo must also recognize this. This is the visiting official token of our Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. This will not limit your freedom, or stop you from joining other factions. As a visiting official, you will receive the support of the local mercenary companies affiliated with us. Only when the mercenary company is in great danger will we request your aid. I believe this will be of some help to you as you move around the continent. Young Brother, if you do not mind, accept this.”

“Visiting official?” Aofeng was shocked at the powers of a visiting official that Lu Feng described. Freedom to move, and the help of the second-ranked mercenary company on the continent. This was a great temptation to anyone.

She looked at the simple token. A wolfhead was carved on the surface. Aofeng’s mind shifted and she suddenly thought of the Crimson Forge Token that Rong Luo had given her. She was astounded. Was the token that Big Brother Rong Luo gave me also a visiting official token?

At Aofeng’s side, Rong Luo felt happy for her and reminded, “Zhui Yun, accept this. This is a once in a hundred year chance!”

Hearing his confirmation, Aofeng accepted the heavy blue token. She curiously rubbed it a few times before putting it into her spatial ring. She nodded and smiled at Lu Feng and Qiu Ran in thanks.

Qiu Ran chuckled, “Congratulations, Zhui Yun Daren for become a visiting official of our company. Zhui Yun Daren, please keep the token in a safe place. We only recognize the token, and not the person. If you lose it, there are no replacements.” He was joking in this case. The great majority of visiting officials had their own spatial rings. How would something be so easily lost?

“Let’s go, Young Brother Zhui Yun, we are going in to discuss the magic beast siege tomorrow. The Castellan is most likely impatient by now.” Lu Feng was in a good mood. He patted Aofeng heavily on the back. The four passed through the garden towards the small room where Luo Li was.

On the way, Aofeng was extremely curious. “What kind of people are visiting officials? Are they very strong?”

“Of course.” Rong Luo said confidently. “Us three big mercenary companies each only have five visiting official positions. The Visiting Official group is not included in our numbers. Each of them is a powerful sky-rank expert. Only you and another person are exceptions!”

“Another person?”

“Yes, that Seventh Young Master from Qin City. Speaking of this, Zhui Yun, you and that person are really similar in personality. I always unconsciously think of you as Aofeng.” When Rong Luo said this, he shook his head and smiled. He said, “But how is that possible? Aofeng cannot even become a magister. I don’t know how he has been recently. When I gave him the visiting official token, I didn’t tell him about the matter of being a visiting official. I was afraid that he would feel he owes me and not accept it.”

“That Seventh Young Master Qin Aofeng?” Qiu Ran had a deep impression. Hearing Rong Luo say this, he nodded and said, “Yes, now that Young captain mentions it, I remember. That Seventh Young Master is a good young person, but slightly weak in power. Young Captain Rong, you only have the power to give one Crimson Forge Token if I remember? Now you are not able to invite Zhui Yun Daren. You must feel regret.”

“No, I’m slightly sorry I cannot invite Zhui Yun, but I also admire Aofeng. Even if I knew that I will encounter Zhui Yun, my choice would not change.” Rong Luo patted Aofeng’s shoulder and laughed trustingly. He said, “Also, Zhui Yun and I are good brothers, will the absence of the Crimson Forge Token affect our relationship?”

Aofeng stilled. Her heart suddenly heated and she felt moved. The emotions did not fade for a long time, not just for Rong Luo’s trust in “Zhui Yun,” but also because of his loyalty towards “Aofeng.”

“Big Brother Rong, don’t worry, Aofeng will be fine.” Because Qiu Ran was present, Aofeng could not reveal her identity. She could only impy by using these words as though to comfort him.

Rong Luo’s eyebrows moved slightly in shock. The familiar feeling rose again. The black-robed youth in front of him seemed to overlap with the person in his memories. Before he could think carefully about the origin of this feeling, the guards outside gave sudden exclamations of shock.

“Radiance Magus Church! It’s the Envoy Daren of Radiance Magus Church!”

The group stilled. They were startled. Radiance Magus Church also sent someone?

While the three big mercenary companies had significant influence on the continent, they were ordinary compared to the Radiance Magus Church and the four great magister families. The ancient families with their thousands of years of history and the Radiance Magus Church that ruled people’s beliefs were the peak existences on Radiance Continent.

Especially Radiance Magus Church. Their influence could be seen on almost all countries. When conflict occurred between countries, no matter how intense it was, no one dared to fight around Radiance Magus Church’s buildings.

When they spoke of Radiance Magus Church, Aofeng couldn’t help but think of Jun Luoyu. It had been many days since they parted. Due to the auditors, she didn’t have a good impression of Radiance Magus Church.

Aofeng and the others walked to the doorway and looked along that small path. A young male dressed in white priest robes slowly walked over under the moonlight. This person exuded a proud presence and his eyes when he looked at the crowd was filled with disdain.

“Move aside, do not block the way!” When the youth walked close, his brow proudly creased. He pushed forward, his body giving off a wave of sharp power. “Woosh!” He swept towards Aofeng who was standing next to the doorway.

The people present hadn’t thought this person would attack after suddenly saying so. They exclaimed in shock. Aofeng felt a strong wave of power press against her that almost made her stop breathing.

Spirit magister! And a spirit magister of a considerable sword-level!

“Zhui Yun, careful!” Rong Luo’s furiously voice sounded by his hear. He raised his hand and pulled Aofeng into his embrace. The verdant green magic formed a defense shield in front of him. Rong Luo who was slightly stronger than Aofeng took this youth’s attack for Aofeng. But because of the rush, that aftershocks of that gust of wind still cut a wound on his arm. The crimson blood immediately stained the surrounding cloth.

Everyone was stunned by this suddenly occurrence. Then the Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack mercenaries along with others became angry.

“F**k! Who is he? So pretentious because he’s from Radiance Magus Church?”

“He sneaked an attack on Zhui Yun Daren and also wounded our young captain, motherf**ker, go die!”

“What do you mean by this?” Rong Luo glared at the incomer. He wasn’t thinking of the wound on his arm. In that previous moment, his heart almost jumped out of his chest. If he had been slightly off, Aofeng would have been in danger.

“Young Captain Rong Luo is as strong as expected. However, this one called the youngest spirit magister on the continent needs the protection of others. You are just so. I actually thought you had the power to fight a seven-sword spirit magister. It seems that Young Captain Rong Luo went easy on you.” The young male had a disdainful smile as the seven-sword spirit magister badge on his chest glittered.

An initial show of strength!

Someone broke Jun Luoyu’s record. The people of Radiance Magus Church would not treat Aofeng well. The young male had done this on purpose!

Silent, Aofeng’s fists instinctively balled together. Her pupil contracted as her eyes flashed with icy light. This person ambushed her, and also wounded Rong Luo? Did he want to die?

Liao Ya and Ben Lei who had been following from afar felt their master’s fury. They sprint over and placed themselves in front of Aofeng. The atmosphere immediately became tense and hostile!

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