傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S10-C02 “Central Cloud City”

Last chapter: An envoy from the Radiance Church appears, and Ba Erbo and Ba Tuke schemes.

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Chapter Two – Central Cloud City

“What? You want to challenge me?” The young male smiled and raised his head. His pale face was full of disdain. “I urge you to not. I’m not Young Captain Rong. You benefited from the sacred beasts when you fight him. Pity, I do not lose to you in that regard.”

The seven-sword spirit magister silver pattern rose under the young male’s feet. An enormous circle of light flashed next to him. A magnificent motley-furred Saber-Toothed Tiger King appeared in the room. The enormous figure covered all of the moonlight from outside the room!

The sky seemed to suddenly turn black!

There was an enormous “king” character imprinted on the head of the Saber-Toothed Tiger King flying in the air. With a sky-shaking howl, it frightened all of the guests inside the mansion and out. The strong magus beast presence spread. Aofeng had to use magic and have Liao Ya and Ben Lei resume their normal forms in order to fight back. She could feel the trembling of her soul. Xiao Bing could barely maintain the armorized state.

As the silver light flashed, the Four Winged Silver Wolf and the Thunder Leopard appeared at the same time. Three enormous sacred beasts in their true forms filled the garden, and was a startling sight.

“Ah! Master, seven-star sacred beast!”

“Master, that sacred beast is a strong one! Ben Lei and I added together might only be able to prevent our defeat.”

Liao Ya and Ben Lei mentally communicated with Aofeng in grave tones. Their eyes were locked onto the Saber-Toothed Tiger King in fear that it would suddenly sneak an attack on Aofeng just like it had previously. Seven-sword and seven-star were levels where there were innate changes. Above seventh level and below were two different worlds. The slightest difference would be fatal.

Aofeng’s brow creased. She would not win against a seven-star spirit magister who possessed a seven-star sacred beast if they fought head on. But even so, Aofeng’s thin body under her black robe stood upright. She looked coldly at the white-robed youth.

The person that Rong Luo had protected was not a coward. Aofeng didn’t care about face, but the pride in her bones did not allow her to retreat in a situation like this!

“Saber-Toothed Tiger King?” When everyone saw the two people facing off, they inhaled in shock. Rong Luo said in a grave voice, “You are Li Qing, the second-strongest of the younger generation of Radiance Magus Church behind Jun Luoyu!”

“It’s Li Qing! It’s really Li Qin. How come he came here?” The people from the various factions in the room discussed in shock. Radiance Magus Church covered the entire continent and people were familiar with some of the famed people within the church. Li Qing was famed not just because of his outstanding talent, but because he was the only son of the Radiance Temple’s high priest.

Many of the people who had been planning just now to stand up for Aofeng became silent.

It would have been fine if it was an ordinary envoy, but no one was willing to anger a strong person. Li Qing’s strength was known. In comparison, Aofeng was a mysterious youth with an unclear background. Unclear meant people lost confidence in her. Ordinary families would not be a strong background as the Radiance Magus Church.

The people who wanted to form ties with Aofeng lamented inside, Zhui Yun Daren was really to be pitied. He had just risen up. Now he had great trouble coming from Radiance Magus Church. If this was not taken care of properly, the bright future might become a deathly grey.

Glancing at the silent crowd, Aofeng once again tasted the ruthless and cruel rules of this world. No matter where on the continent, strength was the basis for the right to speak. If one did not want to be bullied by others, they could only become stronger.

“One three-star spirit beast, one five-star spirit beast, tsk tsk, I didn’t think that your sacred beast’s power levels are not bad. No wonder you were able to earn a draw against Young Captain Rong. Pity, you are too weak!” Li Qing enjoyed the fearful and reverent gazes around him. He smirked coldly with amusement, “Little Friends, go home and eat milk for a few more years. The continent is very dangerous. When you enter this circle, you will find, that one-sword spirit magisters are at the bottom tier of second-rank professionals everywhere. When travelling the continent, no one will look at your potential, no one will care if you are the youngest spirit magister in history! Hmph, a one-sword spirit magister, what is there to be proud of?”

Aofeng’s gaze was locked onto Li Qing. Her lips suddenly curved into a disdainful smile as she said coolly, “Second-class experts are second-class experts. Where at the bottom or the peak, there is no difference in the eyes of first-class experts. So what if you are the strongest of the second-class experts. In the eyes of celestial magisters, you are also at the bottom! Are you the strongest of Radiance Magus Church, can you compare to Jun Luoyu? What do you have to be proud of?”

Li Qing’s expression changed. He raised his voice in anger, “What did you say? If you have the gall, say it again!”

Li Qing hated being compared to Jun Luoyu. Jun Luoyu constantly suppressed him with his greater strength. Both in terms of status and position, he could not compare to Jun Luoyu. How could this proud man tolerate his scar being revealed in public? He had only planned to give a display of strength to Aofeng. Now, he really was serious.

“I said, the one that should go home to drink milk is you!” Aofeng’s cold expression did not change as she shouted harshly.

After a short silence, gasps rose. No one had expected that this youth set himself against Li Qing Daren of Radiance Magus Church like a fearless newborn calf.

“I will! Very good!” Li Qing smiled in anger, his hands in fists as his eyes narrowed dangerously. “The youngest spirit magister on the continent, you have the gall! You really think you are a match for me?”

“He is not a match, what about me added on?” Rong Luo walked with determination to Aofeng’s side and released the Gold Marked Lion. He said coldly, “I protected him once, I can protect him again. Li Qing Daren, if you do not believe me, you can try. If you want to touch him, step over my corpse!”

“Young Captain Rong, you really want to meddle in this measly matter?” Li Qing who had accumulated his power forced down his anger and asked coldly. The first-ranked mercenary company of the continent, Crimson Forge Mercenary Company, was not as simple as it appeared. If Rong Luo participated, he could not act freely.

“It is not that I will involve myself, I am already involved!” Rong Luo pointed to the wound on his arm and said with a snort, “Also, this is not a measly matter. Li Qing Daren wounded me first, is it a surprise that I ask for justice from you?”

“Haha, include me as well.” The bearded captain Lu Feng slowly walked forward with his broadsword. “Young Brother Zhui Yun just became a visiting official of this company not ten minutes ago. As the captain, I cannot allow something that I just gave out be spat on.”

Li Qing’s pale face became even darker. While he had said the words easily, the reality was not so easy. It would take more than a few minutes in order to take the life of Aofeng who had two sacred beasts. Aofeng was a spirit magister in the end, and while Rong Luo did not have a sacred beast, he was a seven-sword spirit magister that could not be underestimated. Adding on this nine-star sacred swordsman, they were enough to match him.

One pair of fists could not win against two pairs. Three against one, that was more than enough to deal with him.

“And me as well!” Luo Fei came out of the room and said with a bright laugh, “I know my limits and I will not fight. However, Zhui Yun, I’m definitely on your side!”

“And us as well! Zhui Yun Daren, Young Captain, Captain Lu Feng, we support you.” After the captain and the young captain expressed their opinion, the mercenaries who had been feeling angered said at the top of their lungs.

“Think well, I am the envoy of Radiance Magus Church, becoming my enemy is becoming enemies with Radiance Magus Church.” Li Qing finally threw out the name of Radiance Magus Church in panic.

“Relying on your background after causing trouble, you think that we are afraid of you?” Lu Feng spat and then drew out his sword. He revealed his true rough appearance. “No mercenary is afraid of death, and none are dishonorable. Do not waste words, if you want to fight, be quick!”

Seeing Lu Feng and Rong Luo standing out, Aofeng’s eyes flashed, and she noted down this name in a corner of her mind.

Li Qing was young and spirited. When he was cursed like this, his pale face twisted. He jumped and shouted, “You want to die! Then I will satisfy you!” He raised his hand. Verdant green magic flowed from his hand and looked as though it was about to armorize the Saber-Toothed Tiger King behind him in order to fight.

At this time, Castellan Luo Li who walked out of the room suddenly snorted. He said coldly, “Li Qing Daren, if you want to attack Zhui Yun Daren, it is something that I, a mere castellan, should not ask about. However, someone has asked me to take care of Zhui Yun Daren in Neversetting Sun. You are sure you want to oppose someone who possesses this item?”

As he spoke, Luo Li raised his right hand. In the night, a blue silk ribbon swayed lightly in the wind.

That ribbon was made of a special material that gave off faint blue light in the night like a flashing light but also like blue flames. The ribbon was dazzling as it flickered.

Furious, Li Qing glanced over, and completely stilled when he saw the blue ribbon. His proud face finally showed a serious expression. His movements stopped and when he looked at Aofeng again, his eyes were filled with shock.

“Central Cloud City? He’s of Central Cloud City? How … … how is it possible!”

He was not the only one. The other people in the little garden stilled after they heard the three words. Their eyes were filled with shock, and their reaction was close to when they heard of Radiance Magus Church.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, you … … you are from Central Cloud City?” Lu Feng asked in shock. He felt a wave of puzzlement. If he was from Central Cloud City, why didn’t he reveal his identity? A great genius from Central Cloud City out to gain experience. Even if Li Qing had twice the courage, Li Qing wouldn’t dare to touch him!

Aofeng was confused. She didn’t know what Central Cloud City was as she looked at the fearful people. She looked towards Luo Li. The other gave her a small smile and moved his mouth silently in two words –“Su Ya.”

Mama Su Ya!

Aofeng’s eyes turned slightly hot. She suddenly missed that gentle and beautiful woman.

“The battle between Radiance Magus Church and Black Magus Church has never stopped. While Radiance Magus Church has the upper hand, it does not mean that Black Magus Church has been eliminated. Central Cloud City has been in seclusion for many years but it does not mean that their strength has deteriorated. If Central Cloud City and Radiance Magus Church have some slight disagreement at this time, I think that Archbishop Daren will not be very happy?” Luo Li said coldly. With every word, Li Qing’s expression went a few factions worse. He had not expected that dealing with a mere one-sword spirit magister would cause such a great deal of trouble!

At this time, Li Qing felt a hint of regret. Why did he poke this hornet’s nest! Central Cloud City, that was not something that Radiance Magus Church’s strength could intimidate. Radiance Magus Church would not easily offend Central Cloud City even for him.

The atmosphere was tense. No one on both sides retreat, but no attacks were started. This matter suddenly became troublesome.

Aofeng was silent and did not refute Luo Li’s words. She understood that this Central Cloud City was an extremely great faction that even Radiance Magus Church had to respect its power. If they really fought, there was no benefit to their side. It was extremely likely that one of the three people would be wounded. She did not want to drag down Rong Luo and the others.

“Aiya, this is just a battle of spirits between young people, why should we fight among ourselves.” In the silence, a loud voice suddenly came out. Ba Tuke walked out and clapped with a smile on his face. Light flashed through his eyes. He seemed like the peacemaker.

“Li Qing Daren, Zhui Yun Daren, I think that you should save your energies for the magic beast siege tomorrow. Isn’t tomorrow’s battle the best chance to measure your skills? And you will also be able to contribute to protecting Neversetting Sun! Zhui Yun most likely will join Young Captain Rong, and Captain Lu Feng. I, Ba Tuke, will not compete with you. If Li Qing doesn’t mind, how about joining our Flying Aspara Mercenary Company?”

Li Qing stilled. He felt good feelings towards this man who came out and gave him a way out. He responded, “Alright, I will join Flying Aspara! I came to Neversetting Sun due to receiving a mission from Archbishop Daren to help Castellan Luo Li defend the city. In the last two months, our Radiance Magus Church experts saw divine beasts appear in the nearby forest. Tomorrow, if there are no accidents, divine beasts will appear.”

Divine beasts! When they heard the news, each person’s expression grew slightly more solemn. A magic beast siege led by a divine beast. That would not be any normal magic beast tide! It would be greater than ordinary magic beast sieges in terms of the number of magic beasts and the occurrence of spirit beasts and sacred beasts!

In the past, the City of Neversetting Sun had encountered three sieges led by divine beast. In those times, they had managed through the help of heaven rank experts. While they had prepared this time, they did not have a heaven rank expert. Everyone immediately felt the heavy burden on their shoulders.

“How can there not be any prizes in a competition? How about we bet on who can kill that divine beast?” Ba Tuke said with a wide smile. “Castellan Daren, and everyone else here as witnesses, our Flying Aspara Mercenary Company coincidentally obtained a sacred beast infant Three-Tailed Charm Fox. We have not mentioned it to anyone else. I want to make a bet with Zhui Yun Daren. If Zhui Yun Daren wins this competition, than this Three-Tailed Charm Fox is yours.” If Li Qing accidentally wins the competition, Zhui Yun Daren will give up one of your bonded sacred beasts to the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company. Does Daren dare to bet?”


Translator Ramblings: Central Cloud City can also be translated as “city among the clouds” which I thought was too much of a mouthful.


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