傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S10-C03 “See Who Deceives Who”

Last chapter recap: Li Qing, the envoy from Radiance Church, and Aofeng exchange words.

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Chapter THree

Aofeng stilled at Ba Tuke’s question. Her gaze suddenly became strange. No one could see a thing from the deep pitch black eyes.

Pausing, Aofeng’s red lips turned into a beautiful curve. “You really want to bet with me?”

“Yes, Zhui Yun Daren is afraid I am lying to you?’ Ba Tuke stared heatedly at Aofeng. He suddenly laughed and clapped his hands. Outside the door, Ba Erbo walked in with a dark expression. Four males dressed in black-robes behind him came in carrying an enormous cage covered in black cloth to place in the center of the room.

Ba Erbo sneered at Aofeng. “Look closely, and see if this is a sacred beast!”

Father and son exchanged a look and both of them pulled at the black cloth covering the cage at the same time. The golden gaze immediately reflected a silver color in the candlefire of the room. At the center of the cage, a completely white little fox that curled up apathetically in there like a small meatball. Its three enormous tails were each bigger than its body. Its eerie deep green eyes flashed with light. Those that had slightly weak minds couldn’t help but want to go up and released its chains when they met its gaze.

“Such a strong mental attack!”

“Sacred beast! Definitely a sacred beast!”

Many of the second-rank professionals in the surroundings were in a momentary gaze before they woke up and said in shock. An infant sacred beast. This was something that they would not usually see!

This fox was small and its fur not yet fully grown, but it was already the size of an adult man. Its tails were enough to completely wrap around a large man. When sacred beasts were in their infant stage, they could not use mimicry. Only magic beasts that were sacred beast could reach such a large size.

Three-Tailed Charm Foxes were not uncommon among sacred beasts. Looking at the white fox’s shape and traits, Lu Feng nodded. “Yes, it’s a Three-Tailed Charm Fox. That gold cage is forged to block the presence of a sacred beast. However, it can only restrain an infant sacred beast. Captain Ba Tuke is so generous. If a Three-Tailed Charm Fox was auctioned off underground, it can be sold for tens of millions of obsidian. Even if you do not sell it, why do you not keep it for your son! You actually use it in a bet!”

Ba Tuke snickered. “So what if I waste money in order to increase everyone’s spirits? Zhui Yun Daren is the youngest spirit magister on the continent. If I give this magus beast to him, will this not be adding wings to a tiger? However, people do not treasure what they obtain easily. If Zhui Yun Daren wants this sacred beast, it will depend on you.”

Actually, this sacred beast had been prepared for Ba Erbo. However, seeing the increase in hostilities between Aofeng and the envoy from Radiance, Ba Erbo had a malicious idea. Since he aleady planned to lure the other in a trap, he might as well extract as much value as possible. As a result, he proposed this bet. In his eyes, after today’s arrangements, Aofeng and the others would undoubtedly lose!

An adult sacred beast, that was something that millions of magisters would pick up a knife and kill other people for!

“Hmph, I think that you want to benefit from this opportunity. Careful that you do not lose the rice you tried to lure the chicken with.” Lu Feng smiled coldly. He knew what Ba Tuke thought. He started to suspect hat Ba Tuke had some plan. Otherwise, why was he so confident? Giving Aofeng a sacred beast for free? He was not so good-hearted!

Aofeng looked at the little fox in the cage and then glanced at Ba Tuke and his son. He smiled coldly, “An infant sacred beast, and you want to trade for an adult sacred beast? Then the beast taming granding masters on the continent don’t have any value, no? It will take many years for an infant to grow into an adult. I am unable to accept your bet, unless … …”

Pausing, Aofeng looking challengingly at Li Qing. A smile appeared. “Unless Li Qing Daren‘s seven-star sacred beast is also involved, then I will bet my two sacred beasts. Otherwise, no deal!”

When the words were spoken, the room erupted in noise!

Many people felt that they could not breath. Their hearts trembled from the shock. Two sacred beasts! If this was exchanged for money, what terrifying amount would this be?

This was a grand bet!

“Zhui Yun, do not let your emotions make the decision!” Thetan and Vino had just finished bandaging up Rong Luo’s wound. Hearing Aofeng’s condition, he hurriedly grabbed her and urged, “Magus beasts are very important for magisters. Even in the big families, it is not so easy to find two sacred beasts. If we lose, it will greatly affect your future.”

“Big Brother Rong, don’t worry, I know what I am doing.” Aofeng patted Rong Luo’s hand and gave him a comforting look. “Also, the brave are fearless. If I cannot overcome this obstacle, I think that when I leave Neversetting Sun and walk onto the continent, what will I be able to accomplish?”

That determined resolve and the eyes that were like stars in the night once again shocked Rong Luo’s heart.

Rong Luo stilled and then patted Aofeng’s shoulder with a smile. “Alright, since you say this, Big Brother Rong can only support you.”

Compared to Rong Luo’s nervousness, Liao Ya and Ben Lei who had resumed their true formed were at easy. They laughed secretly as they talked among themselves.

“This idiot old man really think he can deceive Master? Those little tricks. Master can destroy him with a finger!’ Liao Ya glared disdainfully from where he was lying on the ground.

“I wish that spirit beasts will even claw his underwear off him.” Ben Lei waved his kitten tail as he sat on top of Liao Ya’s head. He laughed darkly but was slightly worried. “However, if something does happen, will Master actually give us up? I swore to always follow Master!”

“Don’t worry, Master is not the kind of person you are thinking of,” Liao Ya said confidently. “You have not followed Master for long and do not understand her well. While Master looks aloof, her mind and heart is gentle and attentive. Other people use us magus beasts like tools, but Master thinks of us as friends. Other than orders during battle, she is never imperious when she talks to us.”

Ben Lei swayed his head. “This is true now that you mention it. However, what will Master do against that old man Ba?”

“I don’t know what she will do, but I know that Old Man Ba and that Li Qing will have great misfortune.” Liao Ya laughed deviously. “I have understood some things after following Master. Every time, Master has an ambiguous smile like this, it means that she is scheming against someone. Let us watch … …”

At this time, the gasps inside the room gradually faded. Everyone turned to look at Li Qing and wait for his response.

Li Qing hadn’t expected that Aofeng would present a condition like this. His breathing unconsciously spread up. Seven-star sacred beast! This was not something that could be obtained by speaking of it! Even in Radiance Magus Church, the number of sacred beasts was low. He was just behind Jun Luoyu among the young generation which was the reason that the Archbishop had bestowed a seven-star sacred beast on him. If he lost it, even his father might not be able to get another one.

However, Li Qing felt heated up when he thought that he might get another sacred beast if he won. With two sacred beasts, his strength could reach another level! Also, no one could blame anyone else for losing the competition. Even Central Cloud City would have to admit it.

After fighting within himself for a moment, Li Qing finally nodded viciously, “Alright, I will bet against you!”

“You can’t just say it, you have to swear!” Aofeng raised a hand coolly and said, “I swear to the Heavens that the person who hunts the most divine beasts in tomorrow’s battle will obtain the other person’s sacred beasts. If the oath is broken, Zhui Yun will not exist in the world any longer.”

Li Qing saw this, and also raised a hand to say the same things. Ba Tuke did not dare to slack off. He immediately followed. When the three finished,a silver covenant formation appeared under each person’s feet and flashed away. The oath had been taken.

In Luska, this world where the rules were ultimate, oaths could not be taken casually. Once the covenant was made, those that broke the covenant would be killed by the rules. No one could escape the restraints of the Rules of the Universe.

Ba Tuke saw the establishment of the covenant and his oily face almost twisted together from smiling inwardly. He hurriedly coughed and said to Luo Li. “Castellan Daren, we will bid farewell and gather men to prepare for tomorrow’s siege. Li Qing Daren, please come with me.” No one had the interest to be entertained by this Castellan’s banquet at this time. Everyone’s eyes were gathered on the bet tomorrow. Luo Li did not force them to stay. He nodded and said, “Sirs, farewell.”

Li Qing snorted. He glared at Aofeng. “I will make you obediently hand over the sacred beasts!”

“If you have the ability, come and take them.” Aofeng shrugged her shoulders with her usual aloofness.

Ba Tuke and his group finally left. No one noticed that Aofeng’s two sacred beasts were collapsed where they were from laughter. Liao Ya was lying powerlessly. On his head, Ben Lei’s stomach was to the air, his paws in the air, as he twitched.

“Hahahaha! Master … … Master she … … she is too devious!” Ben Lei panted out.

“I said before that Master is not as innocent as she appears on the surface.” Liao Ya rolled his golden eyes as he almost convulsed from laughter.” “Old Man Ba is an idiot. He would never even dream that Master isn’t even called Zhui Yun? There has never been a person called Zhui Yun in this world. All this talk of existing, hahaha … …”

The rules and covenant were strict, but there were loopholes. Aofeng used the loophole that the covenant oath was bound to one’s true name. She fooled everyone, including Ba Tuke. No one called Zhui Yun existed in the world. This oath was ineffective.

In other words, Aofeng did not need to be responsible for any accidents. She was in an invincible position. If she did not hunt and kill the divine beast, she could just walk over and change her name. The gods were not able to find her and cause trouble.

But Ba Tuke and Li Qing’s oaths were actually effective. If they lost, they could only give up the sacred beasts. This grand bet was not a just bet. But who else knew about this?

“Let’s go back.” Aofeng coolly tightened her black robe as she rose and left with Rong Luo, Lu Feng and the others. There were many things to be done this night. Ba Tuke, let’s see who deceives who in the end!

Liao Ya and Ben Lei who were choking in their laugher hurriedly followed, and they felt even closer to Aofeng. Just now, Aofeng had actually made an oath mentally in order to create the silver covenant pattern under her feet. The cold voice that came from her soul was so moving and pleasing to their ears.

“I, Qin Aofeng, swear to the Heavens, I will never abandon any of my magus beast partners. If I break this oath, let me be struck by thunder!”


Translator Ramblings: A bit of a loophole. Aofeng can’t be the only one who ever thought about this loophole with names. Otherwise, everyone can have their own “secret name” and then go  “I swear I will walk two steps” and fake their other oath with their fake name.

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