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Last chapter recap: Aofeng leaves the City of Neversetting Sun, stealing away in the night.

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Section Thirteen “Those With More Beasts Bully Those With Less”

Chapter One – Travel Ten Thousand Miles

The Forest of Neversetting Sun stretched for tens of thousands of miles was rarely inhabited by people and full of danger.

Only powerful celestial rank experts could move freely within its boundaries. Ordinary adventurer groups would need at least one second-rank expert before they dared to venture deeper. If they were not careful, they would lose their lives. In the forest, encountering magic beast herds were a great trouble. The large herds of magic beasts in the center of the forest were existences that even lower ranked sacred beasts didn’t dare to provoke.

But these dangers did not pose a threat to Aofeng. She, who had a divine beast, could almost do as she pleased in any part of the forest other than Death Ridge. The aura of a divine beast was much greater than a sacred beast. Herds of magic beasts would stay a respectful distance away from divine beast. Unless it was a herd led by a divine beast, Aofeng did not have to worry about herds.

At the intersection of the Death Ridge and Forest of Neversetting Sun was a great river that stretched across half of the Radiance Continent, the Midorren River. To the west was Death Ridge, to the east was the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun.

The warm spring wind blew. Winter had passed. The ice on the river had melted. Green flora grew on the banks of the river. The sun shone down brightly. Everything appeared like a painting. If a ordinary person was here, they would want to lie down, lazily yawn and then take a nap.

Aofeng, still dressed as a male youth, in her exquisite long black robe was riding sidesaddle on a tall and handsome black horse. The hooves stepped on the green grasses as the horse slowly moved.

Her long fingers rubbed her white chin as Aofeng repeatedly inspected the red invitation in her hand. She spoke to herself, “If I travel from the edges of Death Ridge, it will take at least two months of time. There is still one more month until the deadline of half a year. There is enough time to get to the capital city of the Kaya Empire. I hadn’t thought that Teacher Lan Xiu’s Diguo School is at the Karroll. This saves me a great deal of trouble.”

From the invitation, Aofeng learned that the beautiful blue-eyed male was called Lan Xiu.

“Master, I don’t understand why you have to go on this path around Death Ridge. This will mean we make a great circle and travel a few tens of thousands of miles extra. If we had advance directly, we would have passed through the Forest of Neversetting Sun already,” Liao Ya who was running next to Aofeng asked in puzzlement.

“Yes, Master, we have left Neversetting Sun for a month and a half, and slowly travelled a third of the way. This is so slow. I’ve never been to Karroll. I don’t know how that compares to the Holy City of Radiance Magus Church.” A pleasing female voice sounded as Si Jian spoke while waving her tail from Aofeng’s shoulder. After the covenant, Si Jian became a nine-star sacred beast. The barrier to becoming a divine beast was too high, and difficult to cross. When one reached divine beast level, it would be even more difficult to level up. Even Meng Yan had only risen a level after forming his covenant.

Ben Lei had guessed correctly. The yellow kitten was really a female tiger … ..

“Yes, yes, let’s get to the capital quickly. I want to see what the capital of the Kaya Empire is like.” Ever since Ben Lei learned that Si Jian was a female tiger, his attitude was unusually good. He didn’t argue with Si Jian, and frequently went along with what she said. Aofeng wondered if “spring had come.”

“You want to go sightseeing? Please, you will only be put into the Inexhaustible Life Ring by Master,” Si Jian lifted her head and said disdainfully.

“Uhh … …” Ben Lei frowned. How could he forget. When they came to any place with people, Aofeng would hide him and Liao Ya away in order to not reveal her identity.

“Hee hee, don’t worry, we will tell you about the outside. Just stay in the Inexhaustible Life Ring,” a small young voice laughed. The white hand-sized fox that curled in Aofeng’s arms narrowed its eyes as its furry tail swayed adorably.

The Three-Tailed Charm Fox was called Mei Jun, but this was a male fox. After Aofeng formed a covenant, he left his infant stage, and grew several sizes bigger and learned to use mimicry. Right now, he was in mimicry state.

“Aright, I came to Death Ridge in order to reinforce my power that is rising too fast. Also, only this place has sacred beasts. I can’t just go with empty hands to visit Big Brother.” Aofeng laughed and then said regretfully, “Pity, I cannot form covenants with any more magus beasts.”

After forming a covenant with Mei Jun, Aofeng had a feeling that her bonded magus beast number was reaching a limit. If she could not level up, she would be able to bond just one more magus beast. However, she had to leave this spot empty in order to tame beasts so she did not plan on rashly bonding any more magus beast.

As her magus beasts increased in number, and the sacred beasts were sentient and could converse, her travels became busy. Even Xiao Bing would frequently pop out a head and squeak. While Aofeng hadn’t seen a human in almost a month, she didn’t feel bored at all.

They had travelled extremely slowly for the first dozen days. Through fighting with spirit beasts, Aofeng gradually reinforced her nine-sword spirit magister cultivation. Just with a “Cicada Wing,” she could defeat spirit beasts without any magus beasts.

Right now, Aofeng’s most frequently used weapon was not Vanquisher of Armies, but this thin and flexible sword. Just as Roth had said, this weapon could be soft and hard in use, extremely sharp, and astounding powerful.

As she moved away from the City of Neversetting Sun into the middle of the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun to near the deepest and dangerous regions, she would frequently encounter high star level spirit beasts. However, Aofeng, a nine-sword spirit magister, did not have any room to improve against these spirit beasts. She also didn’t have the time to hunt and tame each one of them.

Even if she was going to tame beast to make money, they would have to be sacred beasts or stronger. Otherwise, it would shame her, a regent beast tamer!

“We’ve used up most of our food, the food in the spatial ring cannot be kept for long. There are no supply spots in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. Eating magic beast meat all this time is really tiring.” Aofeng frowned and said depressedly. The roast magic beast meat was fragrant, but one would get bored eating it for every meal. Also, the meat of many magic beasts tasted of soil and was hard to swallow. Aofeng like bread better.

Meng Yan heard this and hurriedly said, “Master, you are searching for a supply spot? There are some here. Many adventurers would form small adventurer bases in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. Humans will trade all kinds of items there. Some merchant caravans would fill entire spatial rings with ice and transport all kinds of food from the empire to sell here. However, the prices are extremely black-hearted.”

He roamed all over the Forest of Neversetting Sun and knew all this.

Aofeng’s eyes lit up. “Adventurer base? Is there one nearby?”

“I remember there is one, but I’m not clear about the specific location.” Meng Yan paused and then reminded, “Master, those that roam in the Forest of Neversetting Sun are all experts. The adventurer bases are extremely chaotic and sometimes, celestial rank experts will appear. Many people will steal if they something good, there are no rules to speak of. Too many people die in this forest, and no one will pursue the murder.”

Aofeng nodded. She knew very well that in this land, Luska’s law of the jungle was magnified. The degree of cruelty and bloodiness was astounding. However, she did not fear this and said with a smile,

“My complete set of partial armorization has preliminarily taken shape. Ordinary celestial magisters are not a match for me. I want to see who will try to stop me. If some unlucky person finds us, I will use them to test out the power of the new partial armorization!”

Meng Yan suddenly shouted, “Hey, Master, there really is a fearless one up ahead! It’s a one-star sacred beast!”

“Sacred beast?” Aofeng was overjoyed. Her eyes showed a flicker of fighting spirit. She took out the thin Cicada Wing from her waist and said, “The heavens have finally come to give me money. Do not act, let me handle this.”

As she finished, Aofeng jumped off Magus beast’s back and indicated for Meng Yan and the other magus beasts to put away their presence and aura. She moved forward steadily.

Aofeng had desired to test if she could fight a sacred beast on her own. She wanted to increase her technique through fighting with a sacred beast and then tame a few sacred beasts to sell at auction when she lacked money. Pity, after walking for so long, she hadn’t even encountered one sacred beast. It seemed that other than great events such as the magic beast siege, high level magic beasts were as rare as expected.

She was walking along the river on Death Ridge’s side. The magic beasts on this side of the river were relatively stronger, and she would frequently encounter some small hills on this side. Meng Yan’s divine beast strength meant his perception was extremely precise. He felt that sacred beast from several miles away. Aofeng ran for a while before she saw an enormous magic beast using its sharp teeth to chew on the body of a human.

This was the first time Aofeng saw human traces after entering the deeper parts of the forest. She hadn’t expected this person to not even have a body left.

The ground was covered in blood. A terrifying battle had clearly occurred here. Regretfully, this adventurer squad was not strong enough so they were all killed.

An earth dragon type magic beast turned around and stared at Aofeng with its small and vicious eyes. This beast had a row of spikes up its back, and sharp teeth tinged with blood.

Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon! One of the most savage magic beasts that liked to tear living beings and gorge on their organs. They would sometimes even eat those of their own species. They were a branch lineage of earth dragons and had some drop of dragon blood. Their defense is strong. Master should be able to defeat it if she is careful.” The knowledgeable Meng Yan warned from the side, his tone filled with dislike towards this kind of savage being.

Magic beasts also had emotions and feelings. They didn’t dislike killing, but many magic beasts would stay far away from those that would even kill those of their kind.

People dying would occur often around Death Ridge, but Aofeng couldn’t help but frown at seeing a magic beasts chew a human into a puddle of blood with her own eyes. A hint of anger appeared in her eyes as she shot forward, the Cicada Wing’s sharp edge cutting quickly towards the enemy!

“Animal, die!”

Aofeng felt disgust towards such a vicious magic beast. She decided to not tame it, kill it, and dig out its magic crystal!


Translator Ramblings: The magic beasts still have the most uncreative names. Liao Ya’s name means Fang, Meng Yan is Nightmare, Mei Jun is Charming Gentleman … … and Chi … … is just red.

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