傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S14-C02 “Qin Family, Lan Family”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and Lei Yufeng reach the adventurer base. The base comes under attack.

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Chapter Two – Qin Family, Lan Family

“Oh, Heavens, seven-star sacred beast Giant Agate Python!”

“Quick! Flee!”

The terrified shouts caused people’s faces to pal. “Boom!” “Boom!” came in bursts from the gates of the camp. The wooden stakes more than three meters high collapsed when struck by the tail of the enormous python. The ground over by Aofeng and Lei Yufeng trembled from the impact.

The blue-green python that was dozens of meters long shot into the air, its green eyes were like two balls of ghost fire that released terrifying light. A bloody-red tongue flickered. The python blocked all light from the base, and the people in the adventurer base had paled in terror.

“Your Excellency Lei Yufeng!” Milin’s face turned ashen as she looked pleadingly at Lei Yufeng. The Leysin Caravan’s many assets were in this base. If the base was destroyed, they would suffer great losses!

An ordinary spirit magister could not face a seven-star sacred beast. Only celestial magisters could match them.”

“I hadn’t expected to find a chance to pay back the favor so soon. Aofeng, wait for me for a bit.” Lei Yufeng smiled at Milin, his sharp eyes focusing on the enormous python. He gently floated off into the air. Blue magic spread out of his body as he moved. The silver light was blinding as the two-sword celestial magister’s five celestial star pattern appeared under his feet. The enormous Gold Winged Roc appeared!

The gold roc with a wingspan of dozens of meters caused the people in the base to cheer when it appeared.

“Great! It’s His Excellence Lei Yufeng is taking action, we are saved!”

“ We are fortunate His Excellency Lei Yufeng is here today. I praise his bravery.”

While his opponent was a seven-star sacred beast, Lei Yufeng did not use magus beast armorization. The gold roc, like the eagle and the hawk, were a natural bane of serpents. When the Giant Agate Python Saw the divine beast level gold roc, its malicious attitude vanished and it became terrified like a mouse seeing a cat. It panickedly turned and tried to flee.

However, no matter how fast the giant python was, how could it compare to the Gold Winged Roc which could fly for thousands of miles in a day?

Tun Xiao’s eyes showed a tinge of disdain. He shouted coldly, “Little Snake, where are you going!”

His enormous wings moved. The gold roc chased ferociously, its hard beak pecking at the reptile’s head. The burst of blood sprayed meters in to the air!

The enormous python’s body twisted furiously in pain as it fought back. However, that nimble tail could not touch even one of Tun Xiao’s feathers no matter how it thrashed about. Tun Xiao pecked it dozens of times in the meantime. The serpent’s green body was covered in blood. The mixture of red and green was extremely eerie to see.

Tun Xiao waited for an opportunity and then viciously delivered the fatal blow. The latter was unable to keep afloat when its weakness was struck. The snake wailed and landed on the ground with a “boom!”

“Yufeng, do not kill him, leave him alive!” Aofeng saw Tun Xiao dive down as though it was about to give the Giant Agate Python a final attack and shouted towards Lei Yufeng in the air. Lei Yufeng stilled and didn’t understand. However, he mentally gave Tun Xiao the order.

Tun Xiao changed the charge into a grab when he received the order. His enormous claws grabbed the beaten snake and flew back up. The crowd hurriedly parted to make a large empty spot next to Lei Yufeng. Tun Xiao threw the weakly breathing Giant Agate Python on the ground with a “bam!”. Then Tun Xiao turned into a hand-sized gold skylark to land on Lei Yufeng’s shoulder. He didn’t want to return to the boring magus beast space.

Maybe it was because of their large bodies that these divine beast mimicry states were each cuter than the last.

“Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, thank you for your help.” The surrounding people bowed and thanked Lei Yufeng. No matter how chaotic the place was, as long as it was in the world of Luska, the respect towards the strong was an unchanging rule.

Lei Yufeng was numb towards this kind of praise and ignored it. Just as he was about to ask Aofeng the reason the sacred beast was kept live, a burst of even louder sound came from the gates of the camp. Then, a large group of people around twenty years old or so slowly walked over through the path made from the separating crowd.

At the front was a middle-aged man with a harmonious smile. He looked scholarly and weak, but he had a focused and pressuring presence. He told people that he was not as fragile as his appearance implied. The young men and women behind him were mostly high star-level second-rank professionals, and there were a few rare third-rank professionals mixed among them.

A group of less than fifty people but they were all magisters. These young men and women were dressed in similar robes, giving off an aura of nobility and pride, a completely different presence than the adventurers around them who lived on the edge of a blade.

The surroundings were silent because everyone could guess their identity. On Radiance Continent, other than the top four great magister families, no one else could have a training squad with so many magisters.

The training squads the four great magister familie sent out this year finally arrived! The teacher leading at the front, the middle-aged man, was definitely a powerful celestial magister.

A youth following the middle-aged man closely observed the enormous python on the ground and said in shock, “Hm, Teacher Qin Jian, we tried to hurry here, but why is this sacred beast done for? Us spirit magisters were preparing to fight him together to train ourselves!”

Another spirit magister with short hair snorted and said, “Yes, which bastard meddled and dared to steal our Qin Family’s thunder, they don’t want to live!”

So this was the second ranked of the four great magister families, the Qin Family! No wonder their tone was so arrogant!

When Aofeng heard the surname “Qin”, her heart moved slightly. She searched among the crowd and after confirming there was no sign of her big brother, she was slightly disappointed, though it was expected.

“Alright, Qin Yang, Qin Liu, didn’t I tell you to not underestimate any sacred beast deep in the Forest of Neversetting Sun? You should thank that friend. If not for him, you might have been serious injured by this seven-star sacred beast now. Near Death Ridge, you cannot underestimate your enemy. High star-level sacred beasts can appear at any moment, did you forget?” Qin Jian reproached the two and glared at them in displeasure.

“Seven-star sacred beast?” The two hissed when they heard this, their necks shrinking back. Even though they were not weak, they were frightened hearing this. They might be able to fight ordinary sacred beasts together, but high star-level sacred beasts were not something they could match.

“Yes, remember the appearance of this giant python. Seven-star sacred beast Giant Agate Python. They are not rare in the bogs of mountains, their skin is completely green, and their fangs poisonous. A spirit magister will die in the span of a few breaths if bitten. The python is full of strength, if the python catches its prey, even high star-level sacred beast can be strangled to death. The skin of the giant python is extremely soft, but ordinary weapons cannot break through the defenses. If you want to kill it, you can only attack its vulnerable spots.” As the teacher, Qin Jian’s knowledge of magus beasts was vast. He spoke to the family members behind him of the attributes of the Giant Agate Python. The surrounding people listened intently with admiring expressions.

What systematic training did ordinary magisters receive? Most of them didn’t know about the great majority of magus beasts. They wouldn’t ever have a chance to be taught by an expert like this. With such teachers, no wonder those that came out of the four great magister families were all elite magisters.

Aofeng rubbed her chin and thought, did Big Brother receive this kind of teaching in the past. It appeared good. Since Big Brother could be called a super genius even in the talented Qin Family, he must be stronger than she was at present.

“Teacher Qin Jian, where is the best part of this giant python? Why don’t I see a magic core?” the only female among the spirit magisters asked.

“Haha, the magic crystals of python type magus beasts sacred beast level and above are special. They are not in the head, but in their snake gall. Or rather, the snake gall is the magic crystal.” Qin Jian was pleased with the young woman’s desire to learn. He smiled warmly and said, “Magic crystals like this are extremely valuable. Crafters can forge them into magic mediums which can repel poisons. Of course, if it is a divine beast poison, it will not be effective.”

“Ah, repel poisons … … isn’t something like that extremely rare?” the young woman covered her mouth and exclaimed. Her gaze heated up when she looked at the giant python. “Also, isn’t the Chief Elder a crafter?”

Qin Jian nodded when he heard this and said with a smile, “Yes, so we will buy this giant python. The fangs and the skin are good materials for forging. My old friend will be pleased with such a great gift. Oh … … he hasn’t passed away yet.”

Qin Jian had thought that the magister who had acted wasn’t strong enough to kill the magus beast. He shook his head, blue shamanic power gathering on his hand as he was about to wave at the giant python.

“Wait a moment!”

Aofeng was about to speak and stop Qin Jian when an urgent cold shout came from the distance. The one who shouted was a cold and proud youth who looked about twenty seven or so. He flew rapidly as the magister badge at his chest shone with silver light. His badge and his ability at flying astounded the crowd. Five celestial star pattern! Another young celestial magister!

“We want this Giant Agate Python. Your Excellency Qin Jian, please generous!” The youth flew rapidly in front and said to the Qin Family group. His attitude proud and so unyielding that people were discomforted looking at him, and his tone even more unreasonable. The people of the Qin Family frowned in anger.

“What attitude is this, why should we let you have this!”

“You must be the Lan Family’s Lan Cheng? I hadn’t thought that you are the one leading the squad this time. Weren’t you jealous that our family’s genius Qin Aotian is younger and stronger than you, you are jealous but do not use public station to avenge private wrongs!”

The lively discussion revealed the male’s identity. Aofeng thought, so this person is like Big Brother, one of the geniuses in this generation of the four families, Lan Cheng. Big Brother is the genius of the Qin Family, this person was the genius of the Lan Family. The other two prestigious families, the Xiao and the Liang Families didn’t have such terrifying people in their younger generation.

Qin Aotian was both younger and stronger than Lan Chen. It was normal that Lan Chen held enmity towards people of the Qin Family.

“Your Excellency Lan Cheng, my apologies. If your Lan Family had killed this magus beast, we would of course nor interfere. However, that is not the case. There is the matter of who came first, you are a step late.” Qin Jian said coolly towards Lan Cheng with slight anger in his voice. The four great magister families competed among themselves, but he hadn’t expected Lan Cheng would publicly not give the Qin family any face.

This Lan Cheng really didn’t understand how to behave!

“Your Excellency Qin Jian, you are incorrect.” Lan Cheng sneered and said coldly back, “A magic beast should be used to its greatest value. If you kill it, you may obtain a certain amount of spoils, but is it as valuable as a living magic beast? Our squad this time coincidentally has a spirit magister whose magus beast just died, and needs a magus beast. Your Excellency Qin Jian, you don’t feel it is a pity that a seven-star sacred beast is a waste to kill?”

Needs a magus beast?

Qin Jian’s face changed as though he thought of something. He asked in amazement, “Did your family’s His Excellency Lan Xun come with you?”

“Your Excellency Qin Jian is correct. This old man has come with the Lan Family’s younger generation this time.” An old sonoros voice suddenly sounded. Another group of young masters hurriedly flew through the gates of the base. This must be the Lan Family’s training group this year. They had hurried over after hearing the roar of the seven-star sacred beast.

When this group arrived, the two groups faced off. The Lan Clan and the Qin Clan usually competed fiercely, no side willing to lose to the other. The meaning of the spoils this time was extraordinary.

After seeing the old person dressed in blue robes with sharp eyes, Qin Run’s expression immediately became ugly.

“Lan Xun! Ah, it’s the master beast tamer of the Lan Family, His Excellency Lan Xun!”

Hearing the name, people with at least some knowledge exclaimed in shock. Master beast tamer! The greatest reason that the Lan Family had always been above the Qin Family was because they possessed Lan Xun, the master beast tamer.

This old person had provided many high star-level sacred beast and even adult divine beast for the Lan Family throughout his life. He was definitely one of the pillars of the Lan Family. Also, he himself was a celestial magister, and possessed two adult divine beasts. His strength was also astounding!

“Your Excellency Lan Xun, there are many high rank magic beasts in Death Ridge. Why do you have to compete for this seven-star sacred beast with our Qin Family?” Qin Jian asked. He was extremely discomforted. He alone was not a match for two celestial magisters, even more so when Lan Xun had a divine beast. This old man had one foot in the grave but was still running about. The best case would be attracting that super-divine beast from Death Ridge that would kill this old person!

Lan Xun rubbed his goatee, and spoke while taking advantage of his senior status, “Before entering Death Ridge, it is important to increase the strength of the entire squad. With this seven-star sacred beast, our strength will increase greatly. The young’uns will have less pressure on them. Your Excellency Qin Jian should also understand that a living sacred beast is much better than some spoils of victory? How about this, this old man promises you to tame an adult sacred beast after entering Death Ridge. What does Your Excellency Qin Jian think?”

An adult sacred beast? Qin Jian’s eyebrows moved. An adult sacred beast was much more valuable than the spoils. While the Qin family would lose face, if he didn’t agree, the other would try to steal this sacred beast. Qin Jian used this as an excuse. “Since Your Excellency Lan Xun has promised so, then alright … …”

Before he finished, a cold voice suddenly interrupted him. “What alright? Not alright!”

The Qin and Lan Families jumped in fright. They looked over in shock — which daring bastard? They dare to sweep the face of the two great families? They didn’t want to live?

When they looked, they saw an extremely young and handsome youth slowly walk forward. The youth swept the group with an aloof look and said, “Why are you dividing the spoils? Did you ask the master of the beast who killed this python? When did we say we were selling this giant python, don’t dream!”

Everyone was almost frightened to death. Was this youth mad? Saying such things to three celestial magisters, and one was even a master beast tamer!

Qin Jian, Lan Xun and Lan Cheng hadn’t expected someone like this to come out. The three pairs of eyes bulged out! In their view, the four great magister families ruled the world. Even celestial magisters had to give the face. Some even had came to the door with spoils to curry favor with them. They had never expected someone so daring too give them such a slap to the face publicly!

The three were first shocked, and then their faces became cold as though they had eaten arsenic.

“Damned boy, who do you think you are? You dare to talk to us in a manner like this?” Lan Xun was the most angry as he was the oldest, and his status and reputation had always been high. Even the patriarch was respectful to him when they met. When had he heard a tone like this before?

“I don’t care who you are, but if you want to steal my spoils, I will have to care!” Aofeng swept Lan Xun with a cold glare, her cold and harsh tone unchanged.

Lan Xun almost exploded in anger. He glared at her with sunken eyes. “You seek death, don’t blame this old man for bullying the young!”

“The four great magister families only knows to bully the young, and steal from them? So many eyes are watching right now. If word of this spreads, Your Excellency, better consider who will be worse off.” Laughing scornfully, Aofeng shrugged her shoulders carelessly and retorted. She knew very well, so she had no fear. The four great families were not bandits in the forest. Other people could steal, but they couldn’t for the sake of their reputation. The Qin and Lan families thought more of their reputation and authority. They would not attack. Even if they had to do some unscrupulous thing, they would do it behind people’s backs. They would not allow any damage to come to their family’s honor!

As expected, when Aofeng said this, the faces of the three grew blacker. They had to swallow this and negotiate with her.

“You said you were the one to defat this giant python but I see that you are around fifteen. Where do you have the power? Do not lie!” Qin Jian, who had a relatively gentle personality, couldn’t help but let his anger burn. It could be seen how difficult it had been to swallow this.

“I defeated it. Aofeng and I are partners, what is mine is his, he has the right to decide.” At this time, Lei Yufeng did not hesitate to stand by Aofeng’s side and said loudly.

The surrounding people shouted, “Yes yes yes! His Excellency Lei Yufeng defeated this magus beast, rescued our adventurer base. We all saw this!”

While they didn’t dare to openly oppose the four great magister families, they were still grateful to Lei Yufeng. Also, the Qin and Lan families were too arrogant in attitude. All of the adventurers felt discontent looking at them so they helped Aofeng and Lei Yufeng oppose them.

With the shouts in the surroundings, the matter could not be false.

When Qin Jian and Lan Xun heard Lei Yufeng’s name, they stilled, and their expressions changed greatly.

“Lei Yufeng, so it’s you!” Even Lan Xun’s expression was slightly ugly. Lei Yufeng’s background was not one to offend easily. That person favored this grandson the most. If he remembered this, and then said a few words in the future in the ears of that person, he might have bad days in the future.

The great majority of people were astounded at hearing Lei Yufeng’s name. And in the Qin Family squad, one of the strongest youths in the front wearing a three-sword spirit magister badge suddenly lifted his head. He shouted, his eyes filled with shock and locked onto Aofeng,

“Aofeng? Is it you?”

This loud shout once again pulled people’s attention back to Aofeng. Qin Jian had not paid attention when he first heard this name, but when he repeated it, he looked over with shock as though he thought of something.

Ugh? Aofeng turned her head in puzzlement and examined this handsome youth.

Around twenty or so, and he wasn’t extremely strong, he shouldn’t be Big Brother! Then he was … …

“It really is you! It is you, Aofeng!” The handsome youth gave a joyful smile, running over to hold Aofeng’s shoulder. He laughed and said loudly, “Aofeng, did you forget? I’m Aohai! In the past, we built snowmen together, we had snowball fights, we haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. If I didn’t hear your name, I wouldn’t have remembered!”

Aofeng tried to search through her memories. A light flashed. She clapped and said, “Aohai? Ah! You are Uncle’s son, Qin Aohai?”

“Yes yes yes! That’s me, haha!” Qin Aohai was more joyed at confirming Aofeng’s identity seeing her say this, and became even happier, “Of all the cousins in childhood, I liked you the most! I went in secret to see you off when you left the capital. I even cried. I hadn’t though you grew up so much, and became such a beautiful youth. If Cousin Aotian sees you, he would go mad in joy. He talks about you daily in the capital.”

“Big Brother? Is Big Brother still alright?” When Qin Aotian was mentioned, Aofeng asked in response with some excitement.

“Of course he is alright, he is the top genius of our family. Grandfather thinks highly of him.” Qin Aohai laughed, paused and then he asked in bewilderment, “Right, Aofeng, aren’t you supposed to be in Qin City? Why did you come to the Forest of Neversetting Sun?”

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