傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S14-C03 “You Are Qin Aofeng?”

Last chapter recap: Qin Aofeng and the others encounter the Lan Family after defeating the giant python.

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Chapter Three You Are Qin Aofeng?

Qin City? Qin Aofeng?

When he said this, the members of the Qin and Lan family had expression of realization, and then their eyes turned scornful. Ordinary people may not have heard of this name, but the Qin and Lan family members were unusually sensitive to this name.

Because of the great genius Qin Aotian, Aofeng was also known far and wide. No one in the four families did not know of the name. When they spoke of the Qin Family’s glory, of course it was His Excellency Qin Aotian. When they talked about the Qin Family’s greatest embarrassment, it would be the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master Qin Aofeng.

As one of the main branch members of the four great magister families, this person inherited the first-rate blood of the family yet wasn’t able to become a magister. Was there a joke funnier than this?

However, these people only knew the name Qin Aofeng that they could laugh at, they didn’t actually understand Aofeng’s recent situation. Qin City in the south was far and remote. Information did not flow freely with the north. Under Lan Xiu’s obstruction, Aofeng was still an useless “good-for-nothing” in everyone’s eyes.

“You are that useless Qin Aofeng? Hmph, it is so laughable that the great genius Qin Aotian has a younger brother like you!” Lan Cheng stared at Aofeng disdainfully and laughed eerily. He disliked Qin Aotian and would not pass on any chance to attack his opponent.

Aofeng looked coolly in his direction, and ignored this madman talking to himself. She thought of the other as air, and said to Qin Aohai, “Actually, I am going alone to the capital to find all of you because I miss Big Brother and Youngest Uncle too much.”

“What? You … … you want to pass through the Forest of Neversetting Sun?” Qin Aohai couldn’t help but shout out loud. His soul almost flew out of his body. He had a cold sweat as he stared at Aofeng and said reproachfully, “Nonsense! You are too wilful! How could you come alone to the forest. If nothing happened, you would be lucky. It’s fortunate you encountered us, my father and His Excellency Qin Jian are old friends. We will take us back with us back to the capital.”

“Yes, Seventh Young Master.” Qin Jian did not feel too much dismissiveness when he heard it was Aofeng. He said with a harmonious smile, “The friend that I was speaking of just now is Chief Elder Qin Run. He has been missing you in the days he returned to the empire. Since you have gotten this far, there is no need to be afraid. No matter what, I will take you back to see him.”

Qin Jian saw Aofeng was “one of their own” so there was no problem of losing face. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng’s appearance subdued the Lan Family, and their stifled spirits turned pleased.

With Lei Yufeng present, Lan Xun didn’t have the daring to threaten them.

This Qin Jian was Youngest Uncle’s good friend? Aofeng stilled. Her impressions of the Qin Family members had not been positive. When she heard this information, her feelings changed slightly.

Qin Jian might have had ideas on her, but that was because he was influenced by the thinking of the family. As a teacher, he was relatively gentle, and did not discriminate against her. He was not as dislikable as she had imagined. She gave him face immediately by nodding and saying, “So you are Teacher Qin Jian. I had originally planned to give this giant python to Youngest Uncle, so I did not want to give this up to anyone. I hadn’t known that Teacher also thought the same. It really is a conflict between two people that don’t recognize each other.”

“So that’s how it is. Alright, he would be even happier when you give it to him. Child, I have a spatial ring here, your Uncle Qin Run made this magic medium recently. The space inside is enormous and they have the added magic medium ability to hid all adornments on your hands. When you wear it, other people will not see them and have malicious intentions. I think that my old friend will want greatly to give this to you.” Qin Jian smiled in satisfaction as he handed over a purple diamond ring. He thought inside, this Seventh Young Master doesn’t have any strength, but has much cunning. No wonder Qin Run misses this person.

Aofeng naturally wouldn’t refuse something of Youngest Uncle. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she reached out with a hand out of her robe. She lightly spun the magic medium around her finger. When she reached out again, the three rings on her other hand as well as the purple diamond ring on this hand along with the ancient magic ring to hide her gender had disappeared.

Aofeng tsked in wonder. She used her mind to put the giant python into the Inexhaustible Life Ring. Ordinary spatial rings could not contain living beings. The crowd saw the giant python being put away and assumed that it had already passed away, but hadn’t entered rigor mortis yet. The Lan Family did not have any more reason to fight.

Whie the two celestial magisters of the Lan Family were simmering in anger, they could do nothing in this situation.

“Aofeng, didn’t you say you are not a member of the Qin family? How did you become a main branch member of the Qin Family?” Lei Yufeng asked with irritation. He did not care about the spoils, but he was angry that Aofeng had lied to him!

He had extremely positive feelings towards Aofeng which was why he felt even more heartsore.

“Ha, does this person even qualify to be called one of the Qin Family’s direct blood? It’s normal he doesn’t flaunt himself as one of the Qin Family!” Lan Cheng found an opportunity to talk and said disdainfully.

“Your Excellency Lei Yufeng is not a member of the four great magister families, you may not know that this good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master is a member of the Qin Family’s direct bloodline, but is unable to gather even one bit of magic to become a magister. He was thrown out of Karroll and the main Qin Family base by the Qin Family’s old patriarch, and even caused Qin Aotian to be demotivated as well. Qin Aotian was summoned back due to his genius. A person who was thrown out the door by the patriarch can still be called a member of the family?”

Lan Xun snorted and said, “Yes, everyone in the four magister families knows this. I heard that this good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master lived like a worm these years. This time, his daring has grown, and dares to explore the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun alone. He probably could not keep still in Qin City.”

The old and the young worked together, and their scorn caused the faces of Qin Jian’s group to flush red. They felt angry but couldn’t argue back.

Other than Qin Aohai, the other young members of the Qin Family looked at Aofeng with even more dislike. They clearly disliked being tainted by this good-for-nothing who damaged the reputation of their family.

Aofeng’s eyebrow jumped slightly. From the beginning, she had been puzzled. Did they not know that she had become a magister already? These people still thought of her as a member of the Qin Family, and as the “good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master” as well. Had Qin Lian not spoke of her matter?

Looking around slightly, Aofeng was even more sure of this matter. Her eyes flashed and she had a plan.

“Good- … … good-for-nothing? Thrown out of the main Qin Family base?” Lei Yufeng’s shock was great, and his eyes were wide.

Heavens! What kind of great joke was this? This frightening super freak was called a good-for-nothing? If this person was a good-for-nothing, what were they?

Lei Yufeng had to doubt the old Qin Family patriarch’s eyes. He wanted to ask this old person, has your eyesight degraded in old age? To throw a super genius whose talents were above Radiance Magus Church’s Jun Luoyu out of the family door? Honored old person, you really did such a thing!

“Yes, because of being a good-for-nothing, I was bullied from a young age by Qin Aoluo. A few months ago, Qin Aoluo and his brother gave me a great beating, and I almost didn’t wake up. After that, I was not willing to stay in Qin City. However, I have to thank them for that beating. Otherwise, I will not be the present me.” Aofeng smiled coldly. She changed topics, and then said as she looked deeply at Lei Yufeng, “I left and followed an adventurer squad to the forest. A few days ago, I was fortunate to encounter Yufeng. After chatting we felt like old friends, so he agreed to accompany me for three months and see me out of the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun.”

Her tone when she first spoke had been grave. Lei Yufeng perceptively heard the sincere and serious anger in the voice. While it was fantastical that this person had risen from a good-for-nothing who was not a magister to this level, he could not distrust this person. No matter how laughable it was, he instinctively believed the other person was not lying to him!

Looking at the black, deep and cold eyes, Lei Yufeng felt a strange wave of hurt. Did this person used coldness as a weapon due to being treated from a young age as a good-for-nothing and was ignored by others? After interacting, he knew that this was a detail-minded person who would think on behalf of every person that treated them well!

Only by constantly living under pressure and scorn would a person try to do all they could to become strong, to create this terrifying miracle of becoming a nine-sword magister in a few months.

Lei Yufeng saw the dismissive and disdainful gazes of the Qin and Lan family members. His anger burned. He pulled Aofeng behind him, his tall body shielding her from the gazes. He looked around and aid angrily, “What are you looking at? Is a friend of mine someone you can scorn? I’m warning you, I will dig out the eyes of anyone that dare to look at Aofeng like this!”

The furious Lei Yufeng gave everyone a fright. They moved their eyes away and wondered inside, did the wires in His Excellency Lei Yufeng’s mind get crossed? His judgement was this bad? He was brothers with someone like this!

“Qin Aoluo and Qin Aoxin, those damned bastards, dared to treat you so!” Qin Aohai who had been calm previously was also furious. “Next time I see them, I’ll beat them until their father won’t recognize them.”

The two men’s “overreaction” caused Aofeng’s heart to heat up. She patted their shoulders gratefully. “Don’t worry, I’m fine now. Oh right, Teacher Qin Jian, you came at the perfect time. Yufeng and I just heard the news that a seven-star divine beast Candia Giant dragon’s strength has greatly decreased after laying an egg in Death Ridge. This high-ranking magic beast has wounded it severely. This is a one in a thousand chance!”

Aofeng sighed loudly as though she was worried other people didn’t know. When she said this, the two groups around her were stunned. When Qin Jian heard this, he almost fell to the ground. He wanted to stamp his feet and bellow.

Seventh Young Master, why are you saying such a thing out loud! Tell me in secret. Then we could go first and steal the dragon egg? Even with Lei Yufeng, our actual strength is weaker than the Lan Family. No one cares about deterrences with things like divine beast eggs, they used strength! I just praised you for being clever, why are you suddenly so stupid!

Lei Yufeng who knew Aofeng’s actual strength looked at Aofeng and his eyebrows moved. His eyes twitched as he looked at Aofeng’s expression which was the exact same as when he had been conspired against in the forest. He swore inside, damn, he thought Aofeng had changed when Aofeng hadn’t made trouble for Lei Yufeng. He hadn’t thought this freak was scheming again!

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