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Section Fifteen – Divine Sword Tian Ya

Chapter One – Great Battle Between Super Strong Expert

Meng Yan gave a terrified shout mentally.

“Master, … … super-divine beast aura! It’s Oslin Daren, Oslin Daren has come!”

The words super-divine beast caused Aofeng’s eyes to widen. Shocked, she wondered, what was a super-divine beast doing here? This was the on the outer regions of Death Ridge, when would a super-divine beast have the idle time to come here to make trouble? Even if she had tamed Meng Yan, Meng Yan was just a divine beast subordinate. Was this because of Chi?

As she thought of this, Meng Yan had calmed down greatly and said mentally, “Ah! Master, Oslin Daren is not here for us, he’s pursuing a someone!”

When he finished speaking, a cold and pleasing voice sounded.

“Oslin, you, cannot keep me here! Death Mountain Range needs a super-divine beast in control. I do not want to fight you. Leave.”

Aofeng remembered this familiar voice well. Her gaze moved, and she blurted out, “It’s him!”

A thunderous roar sounded in the sky again like a large bell being struck from within the mountain range. Aofeng’s ears rang. She swallowed unconsciously. Just the sound could frighten someone’s knees into weakening.

Aofeng sneaked to the mouth of the cave and looked outside through the bushes. Two energies, one blue and one white, flew into the air and each covered half of the sky. They turned the black night into a beautiful painting. High above the small mountain valley stood two figures on opposite cliffs.

One was an handsome male with blue hair that fell to his bare feet. The other was dressed in plain hemp robes, his feet were in wooden clogs, a black belt, and he was wearing black gloves. This was a handsome male with shoulder-length hair and a black flying sword floating in front of him.

As expected, it was him!

Aofeng’s gaze showed realization. She had a deep impression of this male. He was Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya who had appeared at the last moments of the siege of Neversetting Sun. After acting that day, he had entered the Forest of Neversetting Sun. She hadn’t thought that he had come into Death Ridge to make trouble for Oslin.

Aofeng could not even participate in a battle of super-rank experts. She immediately put all of her magus beasts that had collapsed due to Oslin’s aura into the ring of life. In any case, they could not muster any fighting power against a super-divine beast.

“Human, I know you are a high star-level venerable swordsman, and you are famed on the continent. However, that fame is just in the last two hundred years. This king was an adult super-divine beast a thousand years ago. Who knows where you were then! Leave behind the horn you stole, and this king will not pursue this matter any further!” Oslin shouted with a harsh expression. Dark green light shown out of his eyes, and his hair became even more eerie.

“Oslin, strength is never judged by age. Also, this venerable one went to openly to take it, and also left behind things of equivalent value in trade. How is this stealing? If you really want to block my path, then try!” There seemed to be a wave of pride behind that prince-like presence. Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s expression did not change. He tapped the black flying sword. With a presence that covered the sky and earth, multiple flying swords appeared in the sky.

“Those spirit fruits of yours are not of any use to this king. This king only sheds a horn every five hundred years, how can this king give it so easily to you! This is Death Ridge, not your human City of Neversetting Sun. If you want to behave badly, ask this king whether or not it is permissible!” Oslin’s expression darkened as he shouted angrily. With a wave of his hand, a long snake-like whip appeared in his hand. That horn was extremely important to his advancement, he would not easily give up.

“If that is so, then let’s use our strength to settle this matter.”

His clothes flying in the wind, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya sighed. He pointed casually, and the ten thousand flying swords that had been floating silently behind him seemed to be given life in an instant. They seemed to come alive and grow eyes as they shot ferociously towards Oslin’s head!

“World’s End — Ten Thousand Sword Extermination!”

Due to the rapid speed, the sound of the sword edges cutting through the air was piercingly high pitched. Ten thousand swords moving at once gave off frightening wails.

Coldness flashed through Oslin’s eerie eyes. The long dark green whip in his hand suddenly turned into one hundred nimbly-moving long whips. At the tip of each whip was a small green snakehead. They met the incoming flying swords. Their fangs evenly matched the flying swords of Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. With each bite, the hard flying swords that could easily kill a sacred beast would snap!

But other than the fangs, the other parts of the snakes were much weaker. Under the attack of the flying swords, many places were cut and sliced, Green blood dripped over the ground. This whip seemed to be alive.

The two people gave off dazzlingly light. These could be called the domain of the experts, something that only the experts of fifth rank such as Magus scholars and venerable swordsmen would possess. While divine beasts like Meng Yan had their domains, they were too small, and lacking compared to the human magus scholars and venerable swordsmen.

“So strong, both of them are so strong! This is the power of the high realms!” Aofeng didn’t dare to breath as she watched from her hiding place at the cave entrance. She was positioned midway between the two’s domains. The auras clashed and cancelled each other out. Otherwise, it would be difficult to just watch from afar.

If she was affected by any aftershock from a great battle like this, she would be wounded.

After a wave of flying sword attacks, Oslin seemed to feel that he was on the losing end and extremely angry. He shouted. The long whip suddenly gathered together, growing multiple times larger. He ignored the flying swords attacking his body and whipped towards Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya!

“Lowly tricks!” Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya glanced down slightly and then pointed in front of him. Hundreds of flying swords gathered into a ball and formed a flying sword of similar shape but hundreds of times larger. This large sword flew towards the vicious snakehead flashing towards him!

“World’s End — Celestial Sword Extermination!”

The snakehead and the flying sword collided. The wild power twisted the nearby air. The air currents uprooted all of the plants in the mountain valley, exposing the deep yellow soil. After a muffled sound ended, and the twister settled, the two figures appeared again.

Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya was still standing expressionlessly in the air. However, Oslin had retreated a dozen paces from his original position. From beginning to end, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya had just idly moved his fingers. The victor could be seen.

“Bastard!” Oslin looked at his whip which had almost been destroyed with a dark expression. He hadn’t expected that this human was so strong. Up to now, the dignity of the super-divine beast did not allow him to retreat!

“Human, I admit you are strong, you qualify for me to use my full power!”

Oslin slowly spoke in a cold voice. His dark green eyes suddenly gave off blinding light. The green domain suddenly exploded with power. A terrifying and enormous shadow expanded. The bright moon in the sky suddenly trembled and was completely covered by dark clouds.

The blinding green light forced Aofeng to close her eyes. The light only faded after a long time. Aofeng stared at the enormous figure the size of a mountain outside the cave and clutched at her robe in front of her chest.

She had never seen such a large magic beast before!

Liao Ya was as tall as a small tower, but this magic beast was a hundred times bigger than Liao Ya, the size of a skyscraper! In front of him, a human was less than an ant.

When she saw this, Aofeng became speechless remembering that Chi had once judging Oslin as a “tiny super-divine beast.” She really didn’t know just how vast Chi’s true body was.

Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya finally narrowed his clear eyes and said coldly, “True form?”

Webbed wings on his back, a single horn on his head, Oslin’s enormous body was coiled together. Oslin’s true form was a three-headed Lightning Horned Celestial Snake. After several thousand years, his super-divine beast body had reached a terrifying size. Lighting circled around the enormous horns on his heads. The air rippled with astounding power.

Lightning attributed magic beast were the strongest offensive beasts of the natural type. Just like Chi’s fire domain, Oslin was born with the understanding of using lightning. The lightning he could control was much stronger than ordinary lightning.

Muffled sounds came from the sky. Dark clouds covered the moon. A clear blue lightning pattern appeared above Oslin’s head. The light of the lightning covered his entire body. The enormous dark green snake focused on the Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s still carefree figure. His red tongue flickered out, “Human, today is your last day!”

“My last day? I’m afraid not.” Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s hemp robes spread slightly as he casually threw back his shoulder-length hair. He said coolly, “Since I stopped travelling around the continent, I have not used this move. Since you do not know what is good for you, do not blame this venerable one for being impolite!”

His hand pointing at the sky, a white sword-shaped pillar of light shot into the sky. That white light dozens of meters tall almost rivalled Oslin’s enormous body. Under that enormous sword, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya was almost so small as to be dismissed.

Oslin looked over, and his eyes showed unspeakable terror. His presence immediately declined, and even the lighting dimmed.

“This … … this is impossible! Damn it, you … … you are not a venerable swordsman!”

The terrified shout did not stop Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s actions. Millions of flying swords gathered into the enormous white sword of light in the sky. The light receded from bottom to top to form an enormous black sword appeared in the sky. Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya coldly waved his hand, and the sword struck directly at Oslin!

:World’s End — Divine Sword Extinction!”

“Bastard, I will kill you!” The three-headed Lightning Horned Celestial Snake knew that he wasn’t a match. He decided to gamble it all. He flew upwards on the lightning, his dark green eyes flashing with viciousness. An enormous lightning horn forcibly left his head, swerving around the enormous sword, and flying towards Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya in the sky.

“Ah!” Aofeng exclaimed. She clearly saw Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s unchanging brow twitch. He did not have the protection of his divine sword, and he was in a dangerous situation!

This man had once saved her life. Aofeng naturally did not want anything to happen to him. She mentally called, “Chi! Come out, Chi!”

Translator Ramblings: I’m pretty sure that taking something without permission, even if you left something else behind, is not actually a moral thing to do. Still stealing. Tian Ya is in the wrong here.


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Section 14 Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2

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