傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S15-C02 “Heaven’s Inferno”

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Chapter Two – Heaven’s Inferno

After Aofeng called Chi’s name, she found to her shock that Chi did not show himself. She was astounded.

As she burned with urgency, Chi’s familiar voice suddenly sounded next to her ear.

“Aofeng, Chi Xue full-body armorization!”

Aofeng did not have the time to think why Chi did not show himself. Aofeng knew that Chi would not harm her. She immediately climbed out of the cave, and called softly, “Chi Xue, full-body armorization!”

The long-waited crimson-red four point spirit star flashed. The blinding Heaven Fire that always surrounded Chi flew into the sky from the pattern. In the blink of an eye, the fire surrounded Aofeng. The burning fire turned the surrounding ground into a deep hole. However, standing in the midst of the fire, Aofeng didn’t feel any heat, but felt as though the flames around her were a part of her body. They were so close and comfortable to her.

Oslin giving up a lightning horn was akin to giving up on five hundred years of cultivation. The lightning horn was the most valuable part of him. If he did not naturally shed it, his strength would be greatly reduced. And after he gave up that lightning horn, the enormous divine sword firmly impacted his body. With a scream, noxious green blood sprayed through the air. The giant snake wavered, and was completely defeated by this blow!

But, after paying such a heavy price, that strange lightning horn flew towards Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya who had not recovered his divine sword!

“Human, today, do not think you will end well!” Oslin howled angrily, glaring with hate-filled eyes at Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya in the sky. He wanted to use this horn to kill this person!

At this time, a star pattern suddenly lit up in the mountain valley below the two people.

The crimson red fire formed a beautiful third faction in the dark knight, reflecting and causing Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya and Oslin’s eyes to shine red.

Those flames enveloped a figure that flew urgently towards Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya.

The burning flame slowly faded during the flight, revealing a magnificent set of armor of glowing red fire. Each detail on the armor was refined. Light flowed from the patterns as though it was a lamp. What was even more blinding were seventeen bone spikes behind the armor that seemed like wings. These enabled Aofeng to successfully fly many times faster than when she relied on the Silver Wolf Wings.

The flames did not completely fade. Scattered flames still burned around the red armor like there was a domain. While the flames were not concentrated, even the stones turned to steam where the flames passed!

What stunned Aofeng was that Chi’s armorization was so powerful. The effect of the magic medium ring had disappeared. It would be better if she used Chi’s armorization less in the future.

Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya looked at the beautiful young female leaping towards him with astonishment. Flaming red hair, flaming red eyes, a curvaceous and seductive body that seemed to burn. She was so dazzling!

“Heaven’s Inferno! Something only fire-attributed emperor magus beast could possess, is this … …” Oslin had resumed his human form already. Heavily wounded, his already pale face turned a few shades whiter in fear.

From when the horn left Oslin to when Aofeng shot out to block in front of Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya, everything happened in the blink of an eye. The terrifying presence of a super-divine beast’s attack by sacrificing five hundred years of cultivation was suffocating. Aofeng did not fear any terror when affected by Chi’s domineering and body emotions.

In this moment, Aofeng looked similar in mannerism to when Chi appeared previously. Cold, proud, arrogant, decisive. She shouted and gathered a burst of Heaven Fire at her fists that collided with Oslin’s enormous lightning horn!

“Bang!” An apocalyptic collision. The earth split from that location, and spread outwards like an earthquake.

The mountains shook, rocks rolling off the sides. The air vibrated. The world seemed to be splitting apart.

Using the Heaven Inferno Armor, Aofeng successfully stopped that enormous horn. However, the powerful momentum caused her vision to darken. Her body was not externally harmed due to the armor Chi manifested as, but her meridians and organs shook violently. She spat out a mouthful of blood as her body was thrown towards the mountain.

Just as she was about to hit the rock, a strong hand reach out from the side, and gently grabbed Aofeng’s waist. A cool pine-like scent entered her nose. Aofeng felt reassured, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Aofeng opened her eyes. She had come to an unique place. The surroundings were an endless fiery red. She only saw a figure shrouded in fire appear in front of her and say softly, “Aofeng, your consciousness finally woke up. I’ve waited for you for a long time.”

“Chi.” Aofeng called back in a similarly soft tone. When she heard this slightly aloof voice, she felt reassured. She smiled slightly and looked around curiously. “What is this place?”

“This is your magus beast space. Your consciousness protected itself by sealing itself in here after Oslin wounded you. Fortunately, the recovery abilities of the Magus Divinity Power Source are strong, and there are no major problems.” Seeing Aofeng, Chi was happy. “I brought you here to tell you that I will fall into dormancy in the next while. I cannot appear and help you. You must be careful.”

“Dormancy? Chi, are you injured?” Aofeng stilled and said worriedly.

Chi said with some pride, “Rest assured, my wounds have completely healed under the Magus Divinity Power Source. The domancy is a good thing. The dormancy period is an evolution period. It may take four to five months. After I successfully evolve, my human appearance will reach sixteen years old. However, I cannot be disturbed during my evolution period so I am unable to show up. When fighting the little snake, I was in this state. Fortunately, my consciousness had not completely sealed so I could lend my armor to help you. I summoned you in hear so you will not worry.”

“Enter the growth stage? Great!” Aofeng was astounded. She said happily, “Congratulations, Chi. You are so strong now, I don’t know how strong you will be after you grow up.”

“Not as strong as that sword deity. However, I have no problem fighting that little snake that now lacks a lightning horn.” When he spoke of this, Chi’s tone changed and his usual cold and arrogance appeared. He sneered, “That damned little snake dared to inure you. I will beat him until he regrets being born into this world!”

Being used to Chi’s usual overbearing dominance and pride, Aofeng smiled helplessly and shook her head. She caught another term and said thoughtfully, “Sword deity? Oslin said that Venerable Swordsman is not a venerable swordsman, so he is a sword deity? Radiance Continent doesn’t seem to have the appellation of sword deity!”

“The divine rank is extremely difficult to reach, but it is not completely unknown here on this continent. It’s just that Radiance Continent is a tiny place in this world and cannot support any divine rank experts. The divine beasts and super-divine beasts that you speak of have the word divine, but they correspond to the celestial rank experts of humans. They can only count as celestial rank magic beasts. True divine rank is far greater that little snakes like Oslin. That human’s strength is not stable. If his strength was stable, Oslin is not a match for him at all.” Chi explained and continued, “Aofeng, this world is large, do not limit yourself to this continent. When you reach that rank, you will be able to touch things of that level.”

Aofeng nodded. She thought inside, so there was a divine rank, no wonder Chi looked down on super-divine beasts, he might be a divine rank magic beast.

Her thoughts moved. Aofeng suddenly asked, “Chi, I have wanted to ask you this. You found me and made the lifebond covenant because of the Magus Divinity Power Source in my body?”

Chi paused slightly and then simply nodded, “Yes, I need the Magus Divinity Power Source to help me grow. However, Aofeng, do you really think anyone will do? If our souls do not fit after the covenant was formed, or you had any thoughts at all about ordering or using me, I would be able to feel them. To me, my dignity cannot be violated. In a situation like that, I will chose to die.”

High ranking magic beasts had extremely strong pride and self-esteem. Chi, a king among them, had even stronger self-esteem than they did. Rather than being ordered about, it would be better to kill him.

Aofeng’s summons were different. Chi thought this was helping friends because Aofeng never ordered him as though he was her magus beast. Aofeng did not use the other bonded magus beasts as tools, but as partners.

“When I detected the existence of the Magus Divinity Power Source in my hopelessness, I didn’t feel even a thousandth of a hope because I knew that nearly all humans treat magus beasts like tools. Their attitude towards magus beasts are not one of equals, so divine beasts and those more powerful are not willing to form covenants with humans. And even if I formed a lifebond covenant with you, I still worried about your advantages in the contract. But the truth proved that I worried for nothing. Do you know how happy I was that day when I heard the oath you swore?” Chi sighed gently. His usually cold voice was extremely gentle. Aofeng could imagine that he was smiling in this moment.

“Aofeng, no one is more suited to be my partner than you. Encountering you, you being the person holding the Magus Divinity Power Source, that is my greatest fortune.”

Aofeng couldn’t help but laugh carefreely. She felt a gentle pushing force in front of her. She understood that Chi was sending her out of the magus beast space.

“Chi, I will strive to become strong. Do not worry.” While she would not have Chi’s help, Aofeng didn’t feel any terror. She knew from the start that true strength depended on herself.

Chi’s voice came from afar, “I believe you, my friend. While I cannot help you in my true form, I have left behind some power of my infant stage. As my bonded, your body has been transformed by the Heaven Fire. You can summon and use some Heaven Fire. This kind of flame is one even celestial rank experts will fear. If you can use it well, it will be of great help. Aofeng, farewell … …”

The voice grew more and more distant. Aofeng felt her consciousness leave behind that red area made out of flames. Hear ears moved. She seemed to hear the sound of fire snapping.

Her brow furrowing, Aofeng opened her eyes and sat up. At this time, she was still wearing her black robe. The armorization had faded. She looked around and found that she was in the small mountain cave she had been staying in. But now she laid on a large and soft panther skin. A white handkerchief with fruit and some fragrant pieces of meat were laid out by her head. The meat was still hot.

Feeling her hunger, Aofeng was not polite. She grabbed the food and started to tear and eat. She looked at the dark sky outside. Night again, she just didn’t know how many days had passed.

The bushes at the entrance moved, and a beautiful male dressed in hemp clothing walked in. When he saw Aofeng, his brow raised and he smiled gently, “Awake?”

Looking directly at him, Aofeng found that his eyes were blue, just like Lan Xiu. When she saw him, Aofeng felt as though she saw Lan Xiu but their presences were completely different.

Aofeng swallowed the piece of roast meat in her mouth, licked her fingers and nodded. She said aloofly, “Do not thank me, you saved me at Neversetting Sun, I should do this.”

Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya stilled and then laughed lowly, “Is this the so-called “extremes will develop in opposite? Qin Shuo is as fiery as fire, Yun Fengqin is lively and cheerful but their daughter is strangely aloof. If you stood next to them right now, I think they would not recognize you, oh … … of course, if not for your face being so similar to your mother’s…”

Aofeng almost jumped up. She stared hard at him and said, “What did you say? You … … you know my parents? Aren’t they dead?”

While she said that, Aofeng had felt that there was something secret about her past. The mysterious Magus Divinity Power Source, the so-called Holy Maiden of Black Magus Church. She had wanted to ask Big Brother about these events. When she heard that her parents were still alive, her shock was great.

“Did the Qin Family tell you this?” Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s brow tensed slightly. He made a rare display of emotion and said disdainfully in a cold voice,

“Yes, of course they would say this. Who would admit they sold their own family member to protect the status of their family? Qin Shuo is the most accomplished genius magister in the last hundred years, but was labelled a criminal with the crime of harming the family. He disappeared, and no one knows anything of him. Who would have thought that the famed youngest magus scholar on the continent a few decades ago offended a terrifying enemy in a faraway country due to something everyone wanted. Possessing treasure is a crime. He was pursued by many experts, and then disappeared. But I’m sure he did not die so easily … …”

Aofeng focused on listening and disliked the Qin Family even more. No wonder Old Man Qin drove her and Big Brother out of the capital. So there was a reason besides her being a “good-for-nothing!” Venerable Swordsman did not say who the “enemy” was. Aofeng knew that he would not tell her at present. Even if she asked, he would not tell her. She was slightly disappointed.

“Let’s not speak of this. Take this sword.” Venerable Swordsman’s expression was slightly bitter and helpless. He smiled faintly and handed over a short black sword. This immediately attracted Aofeng’s attention.

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