傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S15-C03 “Divine Weapon”

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Chapter Three – Divine Weapon

“Ah, is this … …” Aofeng received the short sword and then looked to her waist. She said in shock, “Cicada Wing? How … … how did it become like this?”

This was the thin blade Cicada Wing she kept at her belt. While its shape had not changed, the body had become strange, covered in a faint azure glow. The blade was so razor sharp a hair falling on it would be cut. Aofeng sliced randomly towards an enormous stone behind her, and the hard granite was cut clean through.

“So sharp! It most likely is hard to find such a sharp sword in this world. Thank you, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya.” Aofeng took a deep breath in shock and then said with a grimace, “However, this sword is used to catch people off guard. After being reforged, its advantages are gone.”

Last time, she had heard that Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya was a celestial fire crafter. Aofeng understood that Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya must have reforged her weapon for her when she was sleeping. Of course, he had good intentions in repaying her for her help, but Aofeng liked Cicada Wing’s original flexibility better.

“You can call me Tian Ya,”. His personality was a casual one, and he never held much regard for social order. Aofeng had blocked that attack for him, he owed her a favor, and was not willing to put on the airs of a venerable swordsman.

As though he understood what Aofeng was thinking, he pointed at a dial mechanism on the handle of the sword. “I have forged countless mediums, how could I have not considered the advantages of the magic medium? If I destroy the original advantages of this sword, it is not a successful work. Drop blood on it to have it recognize you as its master. Try to activate the magic medium, and then use your thoughts to turn the dial to the left.”

Aofeng stilled and then immediately understood. How could she have forgotten? Magic mediums were usually in an activation state. She sliced at her finger, dripping blood onto the sword. Her consciousness immediately permeated the sword in her hand. A connection formed between her and the sword.

Her thoughts moved, she turned off the effect of the magic medium. The light around Cicada Wing faded, and the sword became flexible again. The quality was even a level higher than before.

“Hard and soft, no wonder everyone wants magic medium weapons, such a great sword! And so powerful!” Aofeng blurted out praises, her pitch black eyes shooting out light. She caressed the body of the sword lovingly.

Just like the swordsmen in love with their sword, as a fighter, Aofeng liked her favored weapon.

Tian Ya looked at Aofeng’s happy expression and knew she would treat the weapon well. As a similar lover of swords, he felt a sense of empathy with her. Pleased, he reminded her, “Try to activate the other attributes.”

Aofeng noticed that this sword was not like the magic medium she had which only had one setting with only one magic medium attribute. This sword had five gears on its dial. The leftmost one was the present normal state, the second was that hard and sharp sword, and there were three other attributes!

“This is a … … divine magic medium!” Aofeng was completely stunned. She really hadn’t thought that Tian Ya would gift her a divine magic medium like this!

Even though she was inexperienced, Aofeng had heard of the categories for magic mediums. A basic magic medium had one attribute. For example, the two magic medium rings she had were invisibility and hiding one’s gender. Slightly better magic mediums had dual attributes, sacred magic mediums had triad attributes, and a quad-attribute magic medium was a divine magic medium.

A quad-attributed divine magic medium! Even a celestial fire crafter could not easily make one. This depended greatly on luck. For example, some sculptures only had a few masterpieces in their lifetime. It was a matter of chance.

Her thoughts moved, and she activated the third ability. Cicada Wing suddenly trembled as though it was alive and floated into the air. A blue light formed an impenetrable cold energy field.

“Flying sword?” Seeing this, Aofeng was even more overjoyed. Seeing Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya fight had left a deep impression of the power of flying swords as well as the ease of commanding hundreds of swords with a finger. She also had an affection for weapons like flying swords.

Her thoughts moved, her finger moved, and Cicada Wing flew into the sky with a “woosh”. It inserted deep into the mountain, even the hilt disappeared, leaving behind a small black crack. With a slight wave of the hand, the sword flew back out and floated in midair.

Tian Ya was extremely happy seeing Aofeng so satisfied. He stood casually with his sword and explained with a faint smile, “It has two more attributes, replication and invisibility. Your sword is made from ferrotungsten, an extremely rare material. I added Oslin’s lightning horn which you blocked and some of the materials I use when forging my own swords to make this divine magic medium. The horn of a super-divine beast is a top material for crafting. This sword is as a sharp as my own swords. Pity that I did not have enough materials to enhance the replication attribute further, so this can only split into nineteen flying swords. Your luck is good. This sword is one of my best works in recent years. Even among divine magic mediums, it is top grade.”

His expression was proud but this was only pride as a crafter for making a great work. Such a valuable item, and he didn’t even frown at giving it away. Aofeng looked serenely at him, her eyes swirling with light as she admired Tian Ya’s generosity and open mind.

Great graces could not be repaid just by words, Aofeng did not say any words to refuse. That would be insulting Tian Ya’s work. She only noted down Tian Ya’s name in her mind.

“Right, how is that Oslin?” Aofeng had fainted that day and didn’t know what happened next. She looked outside the cave and found Oslin was gone.

“He has fled back into Death Ridge, do not worry, he has lost a horn and temporarily will not make a fuss, he will not gather divine beasts to make trouble for me. There are many that want to replace him as the ruler of Death Ridge. He won’t dare to speak of his injuries to anyone,” Tian Ya said coolly. He tightened his black belt and said, “Now that you woken up, and I obtained a lightning horn so I have to hurry back to save my friend.”

Aofeng’s eyes flashed, and she said softly, “You have roamed so many years in order to save your friend?”

Tian Ya nodded. His shoulder-length hair swayed gently under the soft wind coming through the entrance. He gave off a cleanliness like that of a great pine tree, but also with tinges of sorrow. “My comrade entered an unconscious state after that battle. He is a lifelong friend , so I will do everything I can to wake him up. Even if I have to go to the ends of the world, even if it is a hundred years, I will still continue.”

She hadn’t thought that this man who appeared so indifferent placed such importance on friendship. He travelled all over the continent for his friend. Aofeng’s heart shook. She thought of her friend and asked softly, “So many years have passed, and your friend hasn’t woken up. Have you ever thought of giving up?”

“Some things, even if you know that it is not possible, you will still try.” Tian Ya smiled with some bitterness and said to Aofeng, “Just like you. Maybe it is too early. I also hope that you will grow strong and face the enemies of distant lands together with us. I helped you with this hope as well as to repay the favor.”

Aofeng’s expression became alert. She nodded, “I will try.”

Aofeng’s determined attitude comforted Tian Ya. She knew that she might not be ready to learn of somethings and resisted asking. The intelligent and tolerant mind was admirable. At this time, he started to believe that one day in the future, Aofeng might really grow into someone who could help them resolve those people.

After thinking, Tian Ya said, “Right, you will be able to control a flying sword to do as you wish, but you will have some difficulty in controlling nineteen flying swords. How about this, I will teach you a part of the World’s End Sword Spell. One of the moves, the World’s End Sword Extermination, is extremely damaging and suitable for an attack with small groups of swords. Practice it well, and the power will be equal to a celestial magic technique of a celestial magister when you master it. But I do not accept students, and you do not have to call me Teacher.”

Aofeng said with a smile, “No problem, and I already have a teacher. If you want to take me as a student, I will refuse.”

They had a great difference in age, but their personalities were similar in many aspects. On the outside, they appeared indifferent, but they placed great importance on friendship. Their method of interacting was somewhere between friends and one of a student and teacher. After teaching Aofeng the spell, Tian Ya went back to try to wake his friend with the lightning horn.

The morning was about to arrive. Aofeng came out of the mountain valley. She practiced the World’s End Sword Spell with the nineteen flying swords as she travelled.

From the clumsiness at the start until she could manipulate with skill, it was only a work of minutes. Soon, Aofeng found the wondrous uses of this divine weapon.

Not even mentioning the spectacular sight of nineteen swords attacking at once, the attributes of the divine magic medium could be used together. When she activated the attributes together, it was extremely powerful. The flying swords formed a boundary around her that could block attacks. The greater the number of flying swords, the stronger the defense boundary was.

The flying swords could turn invisible. If she kept the flying swords in midair protecting her sides, nothing could be seen. The flying swords would only appear when she was attacked or if she attacked others.

Also, as long as she had four swords around her, she could fly with the help of their support. The more swords there were, the faster she flew. It even matched the Silver Wolf Wings. Of course, if she also used the Silver Wolf Wings, she would be even faster.

Aofeng flew in the sky using the swords with great comfort and freedom.

Along the way, she suddenly heard a wave of panicked shouts below. She looked down and found a three-star sacred beast, a Leviathan Orangutan attacking a group. Aofeng’s eyes flashed and she intended to test the power of the flying swords. She used the flying swords to dive down and stopped above the group and the Leviathan Orangutan. She pulled out four flying swords to maintain her flight and gathered the other fifteen swords above her head.

Aofeng moved her hand, her eyes flashing, and shouted coldly, “Go, World’s End — Sword Extermination!”

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