Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 17 “This Is Not True”

Last chapter recap: Kong Hou visits a prison.

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Chapter 17: This Is Not True

The others saw Jin Yue’s black expression and thought that something had happened to Splendid Cloud Sect. “What happened to Splendid Cloud Sect?”

“Splendid Cloud Sect is fine, but we have something!” Jin Yue was so angry he slapped the letter onto the table. He looked at the gathering. “Who is the new sect master of Sky Sect?”

“The last sect master is preparing to advance to Projection Stage and stepped down last year. The new sect leader seems to be his *shidi*?” The hall master of Management Hall remembered that Sky Sect had opened a shop in Harmonious City. “Has the shop they opened in Harmonious City made trouble?”

This shop had been open in Harmonious City for many years, and he heard the profits had been very good. Sometimes, when nomad cultivators with powerful high cultivation went to make trouble, Splendid Cloud Sect had taken care of it. Why would something have happened between them?

Radiance Sect had many sects under its jurisdiction. In order to strictly manage their conduct, each sect would have a peak master or supervisor to oversee matters. Something like an abuse of power almost never occurred.

“Splendid Cloud Sect has written the young brother of the new Sky Sect’s sect master came to Harmonious City, bullied the citizens and propositioned the apprentices of Splendid Cloud Sect.” Jin Yue was almost too ashamed to keep speaking. “They want the new sect master of Sky Sect to apologize in person. If this matter is not taken care of, they will have Sky Sect change sect masters. If he cannot even manage the members of his family, how can he manage a sect?”

“Zhong Xi.” Jin Yue turned and looked at the young peak master who hadn’t said a word from start to end. “In the future, you will manage Sky Sect.”

The young peak master bowed respectfully to the sect master, not even changing expression. However, his features seemed aloof. “Master, this apprentice’s mental state has been unstable recently, and this apprentice does not have the time to manage this.”

Jin Yue seemed to think of something. He sighed. “Never mind.”

The young peak master became silent again. He looked down at his palms like an emotionless statue.

“Sect Master, did Splendid Cloud Sect only send a letter to us, or…” The hall master of Management Hall had an awkward expression.

“With Sect Master Heng Yan’s personality, he will tell this matter to all ten major sects to show his fairness.” If not for that, Jin Yue’s expression wouldn’t have been so ugly when he read the letter. When he thought of this, he arranged for a peak master to go with the sect master of Sky Sect to travel to Splendid Cloud Sect to apologize. Strictly speaking, this matter had nothing to do with Radiance Sect, but they had been in a friendship with Splendid Cloud Sect for nearly a thousand years. How could they let something like this damage the relationship?

Jin Yue’s expectation was correct. After the other sects received Splendid Cloud Sect’s flying letter, they all responded with their endorsement. In secret, they investigated the new sect master of Sky Sect. This new master of Sky Sect, Zhou Cang, had good cultivation and a good personality. His only shortcoming was that he raised his younger brother like a son and spoiled him.

Originally, Zhou Cang worked in Sky Sect and supervised this wastrel younger brother every day so the other did not have the chance to make trouble. This time, his younger brother used the excuse of “patrolling the shops” to go to Harmonious City and then provoke Splendid Cloud Sect, stating that two of Splendid Cloud Sect’s apprentices should become his concubines.

While Splendid Cloud Sect ranked near the bottom of the ten major sects, it was still a major sect who had stood for many years in Lingyou World. Where did you, the younger brother of a sect master whose sect was under Radiance Sect, get the daring to ask apprentices to be your concubines? Even if you were spoiled at home, could you not know how the world is?

Splendid Cloud Sect was such a harmonious sect. This Mind Manifestation cultivator, Zhou Xing, really had skill to anger them so.

The responses of the major sects and their thoughts were the same. They expressed that they were already on the side of Splendid Cloud Sect being correct before the matter was even concluded. If not for the fact that Sky Sect had not done nefarious things in the recent years, they would have put words of criticism in their responses.

The person worst off was the sect master, Zhou Cang. He thought that his younger brother had finally matured. But then, he left home and caused trouble. And caused trouble for Splendid Cloud Sect, announcing he wanted to take the apprentices of Splendid Cloud Sect’s peak masters as concubines. Even though he treated his younger brother as a son, Zhou Cang wanted to ask his younger brother just how shameless he was to say such a thing.

Zhou Cang did not dare to think more. He prepared gifts and hurriedly travelled to Splendid Cloud Sect behind the peak master from Radiance Sect.

When they entered the land around Harmonious City, two apprentices of Splendid Cloud Sect came out to welcome them. He had seen the apprentice with Core Formation cultivation before, but that apprentice with Base Building cultivation was unfamiliar to him. However, the two treated them kindly and did not blame them due to Zhou Xing’s mistakes. This caused Peak Master Song He of Radiance Sect to feel much better.

“Welcome, Peak Master Song He, Sect Master Zhou Cang. This junior is the eldest apprentice of Splendid Cloud Sect’s Moon Perching Peak. This is my little *shimei*, Kong Hou.” Cheng Yi bowed to the two of them.

“*Shizhi*, do not be so courteous. Please lead the way.” Song He had heard of Cheng Yi before. This was supposedly one of the more talented disciples among Splendid Cloud Sect’s younger generation. He smiled at Cheng Yi and then looked towards the young female next to Cheng Yi. The young girl was about fifteen or so and of extraordinary appearance. News a few days ago had said that the new pentad spirit base female disciple that Splendid Cloud Sect had gotten had successfully reached Base Building. Was this the one?

“Peak Master is too polite.” Song He was looking at Kong Hou, and Kong Hou was secretly observing them as well. She had heard before that Radiance Sect was extremely powerful and filled with experts. This time, when they jailed that Mind Manifestation cultivator, she thought that Radiance Sect and Sky Sect would pressure them. She hadn’t expected that they would be so just and peaceful in their conduct, which caused all of her plans to die before they were realized.

Didn’t the storybooks go like this? The powerful sects were imperious and looked down on others. When one encountered a matter like this, they would argue, and the one with more power would have the upper hand. She had come specially with Eldest *Shixiong* today with the plan of understanding the enemy beforehand. She hadn’t thought… this was it?

“This *shizhi* is your sect’s new apprentice?” Song He took out an exquisitely crafted talisman. “Splendid Cloud Sect and Radiance Sect have been good friends for many years—you can call me *shishu*. I am travelling and do not have anything good to give you, but take this to play with.”

No provocation, and also a gift for her?

Kong Hou looked at Eldest *Shixiong*. Seeing that he did not object, she accepted the meeting gift and bowed to Song He. Then she saw that Mind Manifestation cultivator’s older brother reach for his storage bag. Kong Hou hurriedly said, “It’s late, Elders. Please come with me.”

If you benefit from someone, you could not do nothing. She accepted this peak master’s gift, but she did not dare to accept this Sect Master Zhou Cang’s gift.

Otherwise, it would be awkward when they would be sorting out his younger brother.

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