Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 16 “Warning”

Last chapter recap: Kong Hou gets in trouble and then gets rescued.

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Chapter 16: Warning

After two of the shixiong tied up the Mind Manifestation cultivator, Kong Hou went weak at the knees. “Ling Hui Shijie, please support me.”

“You’re injured?” Ling Hui helped Kong Hou jump onto the flying sword. She thought that Kong Hou did not want to embarrass herself and show her injury in front of the citizens. She asked in a small voice, “Where did that old bastard wound you?”

“Not wounded, just… weak at the knees.” Kong Hou was slightly embarrassed and covered her face with a hand. Even if that Mind Manifestation cultivator had been produced by consuming pills, his cultivation was much higher than hers. The other’s presence almost suffocated. But at that time, if she showed any timidity, would the citizens of Harmonious City who led unworried lives be afraid as well?

As a disciple of Splendid Cloud Sect, she felt she could not stand by and let this happen. Her father had failed the people of the world, but she, as an apprentice of Splendid Cloud Sect, could not fail the people of Harmonious City.

“Silly Shimei.” Ling Hui smiled and tapped Kong Hou’s forehead with a finger. Her smile became gentle. “While you just reached Base Building, and you are young, you already understand what kindness is. That is already astounding.”

Cultivation was to go against heaven, so Splendid Cloud Sect cared about cultivating their bodies and their inner selves as well. Little Shimei had outstanding talent, was just fourteen, and already had the bravery and kindness to stand in front of a villain for the people. This was much more valuable than her pentad spirit base.

She knew Wang Tong Shibo‘s personality. He was not a person that would constantly talk to his apprentice about kindness and morals. However, all three apprentices from Moon Perching Peak were outstanding, so much so that even her master was jealous.

Glancing at Wang Tong Shibo who stood at the front with two fish, one chicken and one duck in his hands, Ling Hui couldn’t help but smile. The people of the city had given him this, and would not accept Wang Tong Shibo‘s refusals. Shibo‘s clothing had almost been torn off.

“Quack, quack!”

The fat duck being held upside down gave a discontented quack. Wang Tong shook it hard until it fainted.

Kong Hou looked at the fat duck. Should it be made into soup or be braised?

Wang Tong took the Mind Manifestation cultivator to the sect master. Sect Master Heng Yan saw the disheveled Mind Manifestation cultivator, and then asked Kong Hou and Ling Hui who stood behind Wang Tong, “What happened?”

Ling Hui narrated the events.

“Yes.” Heng Yan nodded and looked with gentleness at the Mind Manifestation cultivator. “This path friend, our Harmonious City puts peace first. Your conduct has troubled all of Splendid Cloud Sect.”

The Mind Manifestation cultivator saw the sect master had a gentle expression and talked to him with a smile and felt some hope. “Sect Master Heng Yan, I was not right to do what I did today. Let me down the mountain, and I will make it up to those people.”

“It is good to learn from your mistakes and change. I’m comforted you have such awareness.” The smile on Heng Yan’s face grew. He turned and said to his apprentice behind him, “Wu Chuan, go get clean clothing for this path friend.”

The Mind Manifestation cultivator was overjoyed. It seemed this Heng Yan was going to let him go.

“Path Friend, do not worry. The jail cell I have arranged for you is extremely clean, the light is not strong, and it is peaceful. Nothing will affect your meditation or rest.” Heng Yan took a sip of tea. “I remember there is no one in the fourth cell right now. Please, Path Friend, bear with this for a few days. When your older brother comes, I will release you.”

“What, you are not letting me go right now?” The Mind Manifestation cultivator was shocked. If this person wasn’t letting him go, then why had he wasted so many words just now?

“The city has its rules, the sect has its bottom line. Path Friend, you thought incorrectly.” Heng Yan put down the teacup and looked up. “Wu Chuan, please invite this Path Friend down. Remember, it’s the fourth cell. Don’t forget.”

“Yes, Master, this apprentice understands.” Wu Chuan took out a rope from his storage bag and threw it around the Mind Manifestation cultivator, tying him up tightly. Except for his legs that could move, he seemed to lose all power.

The Mind Manifestation cultivator started to be afraid. He wanted to shout, but he couldn’t even make a sound.

The damned Splendid Cloud Sect would use such sinister means!

“Fourth cell?” Kong Hou had never been to Splendid Cloud Sect’s jail before, and did not understand why Splendid Cloud Sect’s Shibo emphasized this.

Ling Hui said in a small voice, “The fourth cell is slightly special. Inside, one cannot see any light at all times, and because there are sound formations inside, one cannot hear anything. So the light isn’t strong and it is peaceful.”

Without light and sound, this kind of jail was scary.

Looking at the smiling Sect Master Shibo, Kong Hou put her head lower and became even more respectful.

“You did well today, but there are also some mistakes.” Heng Yan looked at the apprentices. “Facing a Mind Manifestation cultivator for the people is brave, but you cannot just be brave in your conduct without any strategy. If it had been a more vicious Mind Manifestation cultivator, would you be able to guarantee everyone would have been able to escape unharmed? If your Wang Tong Shibo did not get there in time, what would have happened?”

The apprentices lowered their heads in shame. Sect Master Shibo was correct. They had been too impulsive today.

Seeing them listen to his words, Heng Yan nodded in satisfaction. “Although you did not have enough strategy, your conduct today is worthy of praise. Each of you can go get fifty spirit stones from Five Elements Hall as a reward. Go back and think of a better way to take care of this matter if you encounter a situation like this in the future.”

Wang Tong turned to look at Heng Yan. Did he get a share?

“We will abide by Sect Master Shibo‘s teachings.” The apprentices wholeheartedly accepted Heng Yan’s lecture.

“You are still young, and to have done this, it is already good.” Heng Yan ignored Wang Tong’s gaze and said to Kong Hou, “Kong Hou, you did well this time. You knew to notify your master first and delay for time. However, you were too rash later on. If your shixiong and shijie hadn’t taken out their talismans to protect you, your master may have been unable to block the other’s attack in time, and you would have been gravely injured. You have to remember that before the matter is completely finished, even if victory is in sight, you cannot be careless.”

“Thank you, Sect Master Shibo, Kong Hou will remember.” Kong Hou was thoughtful. Sect Master Shibo was right. She had not concealed well enough, and she had to do better in the future.

“Go and rest. You have all received a fright now.” Heng Yan had the apprentices leave, and then turned to look at Wang Tong. He said with exasperation, “It’s a reward for the young ones. You have the face to accept it as well?”

“If you give it, I will definitely not be too embarrassed to take it,” Wang Tong said. “Why should I not take what I deserve?”

“All right, I will have Five Elements Hall deduct one hundred spirit stones from what you owe.” Heng Yan waved his hand. “Out, out, out. I feel angry just looking at you.”

Shixiong, when Sky Sect ransoms this person…. Come for this person, you cannot let them take him for free.” Wang Tong coughed. “Don’t you think so?”

Heng Yan knew what he intended and said with helplessness, “Since you caught this person, of course Moon Perching Peak will be responsible for future matters.”

“Many thanks, Shixiong. Shidi bids farewell.” After accomplishing his goal, Wang Tong briskly left to avoid his sect master shixiong‘s eyes popping out of his head when he rolled his eyes.

Wu Chuan saw Kong Hou standing at the door to the jail after settling in the Mind Manifestation cultivator. He walked in front of her and asked, “Kong Hou Shimei?”

“Sect Eldest Shixiong.” Kong Hou smiled at Wu Chuan. “What kind of people are locked inside?”

Young teenage girls were always curious about things they had never seen before. Wu Chuan looked at Kong Hou stretching her neck to look and said calmly, “Inside are some people who have gone against the morals of the cultivation world, as well as disciples of the sect that have committed mistakes.”

“Our sect… also has disciples inside?” Kong Hou stilled. In her mind, everyone in the sect was a good person. She couldn’t imagine them having committed mistakes.

“Even the most strict and rigorous sect, Radiance Sect, will have disciples that made mistakes.” Wu Chuan’s expression was calm as he walked towards the stairs. “I will take you in to see.”

“Really?” Kong Hou was eager.

“Yes.” Wu Chuan nodded, his expression slightly strange. “We would have arranged for you to visit here in a few more days anyways.”

Splendid Cloud Sect had an unwritten rule that all disciples who reached Base Building would have to tour the jail. They would use the most realistic example to have the disciples understand what would occur if one committed crimes after obtaining their cultivation. The worse off the examples, the better the effect.

Originally, they had been waiting for Kong Hou to turn fifteen before letting her see. But since she was here already, then he would take her in for a visit.

The jail did not have the odor that Kong Hou imagined, but it was extremely cold. This kind of dark cold seeped into her bones and made her uncomfortable. Seeing them enter, the people locked inside didn’t dare to shout. The ones picking at their feet or cursing all stood up, as though they wanted to show they had been changed and would be good people when they left.

These small rooms were all carved with five element formations. Even the strongest of cultivators would be ordinary people in here.

The deeper they went, the stronger the cold. Kong Hou even saw some people being punished in certain rooms, their bodies covered in blood and no place left untouched.

“This person used children to cultivate. Almost a hundred ordinary children died by his hands,” Wu Chuan said, “so he is being punished with ten thousand knife cuts.”

Kong Hou was slightly unused to such a bloody scene but she wasn’t afraid. She said in a low voice, “He deserves it.”

“Our Splendid Cloud Sect has good pills, so that before the ten thousand cuts are done, he will not die.” Wu Chuan turned and saw Kong Hou’s reaction. His lips curved and he continued to lead her deeper.

Soon, Kong Hou saw a variety of outcomes for bad people. When she walked out of the jail, she only had one thought.

Being a good person was really very good.

Splendid Cloud Sect’s flying letters quickly reached the major sects, including Radiance Sect who Sky Sect was subordinate to.

Radiance Sect was the largest, most powerful, and strictest sect in the cultivation world. They had the most geniuses, the most talismans, the most disciples. They were the most vicious sword sect. They even had the most powers who helped author the books that cultivators had to read.

Seeing Splendid Cloud Sect suddenly send a flying message, Radiance Sect’s sect master, Jin Yue, asked everyone else, “Did something major happen to Splendid Cloud Sect recently?”

The other people shook their heads. Other than the fact they finally had a pentad spirit base disciple, there didn’t seem to be anything.

Jin Yue was even more puzzled. Splendid Cloud Sect who disliked trouble would send them letters. Had someone offended them? A few decades ago, a young sect master had gone to the lands under Splendid Cloud Sect’s management and made trouble. Splendid Cloud Sect cleaned him up and sent messages to all the other sects. This young sect master lost his face, and after sixty-something years, this young sect master still did not have face to come out in public.

Outsiders only know that Splendid Cloud Sect was easygoing and lazy. Actually, Splendid Cloud Sect was one that was fine if you did not anger them. But if you did, they would want you dead, and if you did not die, they would cripple you.

Given previous examples, no brainless person would go offend them.

Jin Yue held this thought and opened his letter with the attitude of a spectator. When he read it, his face turned black.

Translator Ramblings: Maybe it is the kind of cultivation novels I have read but none of them ever has a proper prison. There are the sect “basements” but not a prison for all criminals with a justice system. But justice systems seems lacking in general in these worlds considering powerful people can just kill as they wish.

Chapter 15 |Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 17

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